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Phoenix of Immortality

The Path of the Phoenix:
The Spiritual Road to Physical Immortality
by Robert Coon

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Herein are contained 13 keys to Physical Immortality by Robert Coon

Mastery of each key will Build a Foundation that is Eternal...

Key 1

The Entire process of Initiation is set into Motion by your sincere Invocation of the Spirit of Truth...

Establish a powerful and loving relationship with The Spirit of Truth. Pray to be guided by the Living Spirit of Truth, and the Truth shall set you Free. The most sacred Truth contained within you is that of Everlasting Life, Physical Immortality.

With breath and meditation, fill your body, spirit, heart and mind with Light and Joy ...Then invoke the Spirit of Truth to fill you with the wisdom and illumination needed at the present moment of Life. Speak your invocation aloud.

All truth is contained within your own Heart. The Living Spirit of Truth is that creative intelligence which is able to spotlight the perfect Wisdom and understanding of the Divine True Will that is needed at every step of growth. Breathe, meditate, pray, Invoke ... Do this as soon as possible - and frequently!

Key 2

Discover that you have The True Will to attain Physical Immortality. This True Will is contained within each of us. It becomes conscious to you in a unique way and at the perfect time.

There is only one thing to do when you have discovered that you have the True Will to be Immortal: Devote your every thought, action and word to the full and perfect manifestation of that Will. Pray every day that all that you think, do, or say, contributes to the manifestation of the True Will for Physical Immortality within every Being!

Once you have discovered that you have the True Will for Physical Immortality, then you will never doubt or waver - your Flame will shine Eternal!

Key 3

Proclaim your Body and Spirit united as one in Everlasting Peace! Blessed are the True Creators of Peace - for they are the Immortal Sons and Daughters of the Divine! Only the Immortals who have created this inner Wedding of Matter and Spirit are able to establish Everlasting Peace upon this Earth!

Pray to know that the Divine Will of Gaia, this earth, is for All matter to be uplifted, vitalized, and transformed by Light, Love, Immortal Life, and Liberty.

You are at Peace when you are clearly expressing your True Will for Physical Immortality through the activities of your daily life. Be Still - And hear, feel, see the Word of Everlasting Life, Physical Immortality, resonating throughout the Temple of your Being.

Key 4

Bless the Birth of every Being. Begin by radiating Thanksgiving for your own Birth as a baby and for all circumstances connected to your Birth. Make the source or Foundation of your present incarnation a wellspring of Joyous Life. No one can attain Immortality if they regret their own birth.

After you are clear about being grateful for being absolutely, totally Here Now, then pray forth with Light and Joy your Thanksgiving for the Birth of every Being throughout time and space without exception.

Key 5

Trust the Word of Everlasting Life within You. Give all Trust and power to this " Christ " within - and this inner Word will come forth to establish itself throughout your Flesh.

After you clearly Trust your Immortal Self, then practice Trusting the Immortal Nature within every other Being. If you see only the Christ within every being you meet, then you are nourishing their Immortal growth.

Key 6

Dedicate your Creative Energies to the Glory of the Divine! To "Glorify" means to make visible the Immortal Nature. Make sure that your True Will is clearly dedicated to Acts of Creativity that enhance the vitality of all Life.

Begin to express your Immortal experience and Vision through Creative Art. This is very important. Poetry, music, painting, dance, or any other Art Form - Create regularly through at least one of these mediums. The actions of Creative and artistic expression help immensely to root the Great Truth of Everlasting Life within your Flesh.

Key 7

Unite and direct all your spiritual powers Through The Open Heart. Through breath and Inner Vision, develop a warm, radiant and tender Compassion that Opens your Heart Centre. Be forever willing to give and receive the Immortal Fullness of Life through your Open Heart.

The Way of Everlasting Life is the Way of Total Compassion. The Truth of Physical Immortality is the only power able to rid this world of pain, suffering, and death. The Open Heart is able to respond to the cry of all Life for Liberty, Light, Love and Immortality.

Work to create a Life-style that does not contribute to the suffering or death of any Being. Compassion is rightly called "the ultimate ethic". If you have not already done so, begin to evolve your diet toward Vegan (no animal, fish, dairy, or eggs). We cannot build our Immortality upon the death of others.

Key 8

Purify your Body, Mind, Heart, Spirit, and all Relationships with the Sacrament of Touch. Meditate upon and Master this Great Truth: "At the point of Touch we interchange the Sacrament of Everlasting Life!"

Train your senses to give and receive the Full Blessings of Immortality through the Touch of your Being with any and all phenomena. The Flame of Divine Praise illuminates the Highway to Physical Immortality!

The Divine Image of Immortal Form comes forth from within you. The Spirit of Purity continually recreates you until your entire Being manifests into full visibility this emerging Immortal Form. This is Purification.

Disciplines such as physical exercise, yogic breathing techniques, fasting, the refinement of diet, and many others are useful for purification. Purify your thoughts! Be an Alchemist of Thought. Fill Every Thought Form with the vitality and Will of Everlasting Life! The Fire of Praise is the Most Powerful form of Purification.

Key 9

Develop your radiance of Gratitude: Actively send forth joyous, light-filled Gratitude for every experience of life. Every event of Life contains a Divine Blessing - you obtain that Blessing by embracing the event with Gratitude.

There exists a company of Physically Immortal human beings who have emerged from all times and cultures and religions and who are working to reveal the Truth of Physical Immortality. They are known by many names such as the Church of the First Born, the Rainbow Starhood, or - in Crowleyian terms - the Secret Chiefs of the A..A..

Begin to feel that you are a part of the Global Starhood - the collective body of Immortals and Immortalists who are truly dedicated to creating the New Jerusalem of Everlasting Life upon this earth.

Key 10

Devote yourself to the Mastery of the 3 spiritual laws of Praise, Love and Gratitude. Circulate the Immortal frequencies of these qualities regularly throughout every atom and cell of your physical body. Know and feel that your Body is being quickened toward incorruptibility through the practising of these virtues.

In prayer and meditation, radiate your highest Blessings to all Immortals and their Work. Name and visualise those that you know. Open yourself to the Blessings of Immortals that are being directed onto your Pathway. Seek to understand and express the Laws and Archetypes of this Aeon of the Immortal Child.

Key 11

The Great Foundation Stone of this New Aquarian Aeon is the Truth of Physical Immortality. Dedicate yourself to building a global culture of Life Abundant arising from this Eternal Foundation. Dedicate yourself through a written and spoken Vow. Commune with the radiant Wisdom within yourself and all Creation. Proclaim the Word of the Aeon - Physical Immortality, Everlasting Life - with your every thought, word and deed.

Key 12

Pray to be an Agent of Clear Expression for the complete manifestation of the Divine Plan for Creating Physical Immortality, Everlasting Life, upon this earth and throughout this Universe!

The Divine Plan is the sum total of all Highest Purposes. If you add the unique True Will of every Being together, then the sum of this equals the Divine Plan.

Do you Know that your were present at the Foundation of this Universe? Remember. Assume your full responsibility as a Co-Creator of this Reality we share. Know that the Divine Will for Everlasting Life was Proclaimed in the Beginning and is forever proclaimed by every Living Being as the deepest and most precious Word of their own True Will.

The Immortal Truth Has been made Flesh within certain individuals And within the Heart Chakra of the Earth. The individual and global Omega Points have been established. This permanent grounding of Immortal Life guarantees that, in time, the entire Universe shall be quickened to resonate in perfect harmony and in full enjoyment of this Everlasting Truth! Celebrate this spiritualisation of all matter - this Christing of all Flesh!

The Global Omega Point was activated within the planetary Heart Chakra at Glastonbury Tor at Sunrise of Easter in 1984. Pray to Know that this is so, and Honour this Truth. To acknowledge this Foundation Stone for the unfoldment of the Divine Plan for Immortality upon this planet empowers your own Immortal Work! Pray often to see clearly, and to support, this Divine Plan.

Key 13

There is a Certain proof of this Revelation of Physical Immortality. It is the only sure proof. There are exact Spiritual Laws, that when acted upon, lead you step by step into the vibration of Everlasting Life. Dare to take one tiny step upon this pathway; place one little toe within the waters of the Grail, and Your proof shall begin to unfold! The Law of gratitude is the most powerful beatitude or attitude of Being for rapid acceleration upon the Immortalist Way. Generate Heart gratitude for your own birth, for all things in time and space without exception until you automatically accept All experience as the most divine, precious and beautiful gift of a Jewel given personally from God to You. And at that moment when your Gratitude for the Divinity of all phenomena is perfect, this I promise - You shall be transformed into a physically Immortal human being! Your faith in this Way will Then be transformed into perfect knowledge. Your own Bodily Translation is the only absolute proof of Divinity. The Second Birth of Creative Fire awaits Thee! You are ready for the Liberty of Bodily Translation.

Have you fulfilled Every suggestion without exception that is contained within these 13 keys? Review each key very carefully and make certain that you have mastered each one. The entire record of your Mastery should be contained within a Spiritual Diary that you have been keeping.

One ability that an Immortal should be able to master before the age of 300 is that of Bodily Teleportation. Prepare yourself for this in the following manner: Sit in joyous and peaceful meditation upon a hill or site that you dearly love. Choose a second location within Visible sight, quicken your Flesh with the highest outpouring of Light and Joyous Thanksgiving you can generate, and Imagine that your entire Being shifts into the frequency of a Light Body and flies quickly to reappear at the second site. Sit at the second location and practice this exercise in the reverse direction. Teleporting Immortals are able to follow the Magnetic Pull of anyone who needs their physical presence for Healing.

Would you be impressed if someone appeared or disappeared before your eyes? It is very crucial to understand this matter. The strengthening of faith upon the Immortalist path is never dependent upon visual display. This maturing of Faith into Knowledge is always an inner affair of the heart. When we meet an Immortal we shall be as they - Joyous, Whole and Eternally Free! The proof of Physical Immortality is gained as you move fearlessly in right action upon the Way.

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