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Phoenix of Immortality

The Path of the Phoenix:
The Spiritual Road to Physical Immortality
by Robert Coon

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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Physical Immortality 1-11

1. Why seek Physical Immortality?

The short answer is that Physical Immortality is about total liberty. To have Total Liberty means that you have overcome all limitations, including death. Esoterically, it's the freedom to "come and go as the wind." In mundane terms, you'll help contribute to the death of the funeral industry.

2. What do you mean by "Physical Immortality"?

Physical Immortality means having a physically immortal body.

3. Where and when do Immortals appear?

Immortals choose to materialize their physical bodies in situations that advance the building of peace and immortality on earth. We who are presently working primarily on this visible plane are urged to create a matrix of relationships capable of absorbing, integrating and communicating the appearance of an Immortal. The spiritual impact of the Truth of Immortality upon the culture of this earth is greater than any other force in history.

Every appearance of an Immortal plants a Divine Seed that, in time, attracts a community of gardeners who cherish, nurture, and ultimately share with all others the Perfected Fruit. How would You react if an Immortal appeared to you? Rehearse this event in your Imagination. Make your home and life ready for such an event! Immortals have very sensitive hearts. They are able to detect a "disturbance in the Force field" from many miles away.

There are situations when an individual upon the conscious pathway of Physical Immortality may reach a crisis point that requires the healing presence of an Immortal. In such a case, an Immortal may hear your Voice within their Heart and respond. The Immortal allows the magnetic call of your need to act as a beacon that guides him or her to your presence. At the present time, this is a primary reason for bodily teleportation - a healing that furthers the conscious work of establishing physical Immortality as the normal way of Life upon this planet.

4. If my partner is not an Immortalist how will that affect me?

Immortalists appreciate the diversity of life. It is essential to honour and appreciate the uniqueness of every being, whether Immortalist or not.

At the present stage of cultural evolution, it is quite common for one person in a relationship to be on an Immortal pathway, and for the other person to be pursuing a route that eventually arrives at death. Such relationships can work if both individuals respect the True Will of each other, do their best to nurture the highest and most positive ideals of each other, and maintain a playfulness and sense of humour in their partnership.

Physical Immortality is not about being with like-minded people. Conformity breeds a weakness which is incompatible with the vitality and creativity which is essential for real everlasting life.

5. What if my friends, family or neighbours don't share my interest in Immortality?

It's more important to ask whether your friends, family, and neighbours are interested in life. If they are, then immortality will eventually, in its own time, take an interest in them. Don't try to be an evangelist. If someone someday notices the beauty, vibrancy, joy and health of your own life, and is curious, then you may choose to explain principles and laws which are producing these good conditions. Every being is a unique miracle, and is a radiant source of truth, immortality, and mystery. Every being and every phenomena is, equally, supportive of your own physical immortality.

You take a step towards death every time you make a determination that someone, or some experience, is more spiritual, or better, than another. All such judgements cloud the Magick of the Immortal Presence, which is operative in the most unexpected, bizarre, and humble situations.

6. Does my age preclude me from becoming immortal?

It's never too early or too late to begin experiencing life from the Immortal point of view. Younger people may have physical vitality and enthusiasm, an intuitive sense of their own immortality, and an openness to change and new ideas. Older people may have accumulated many decades of wisdom, and have often developed great strengths of many of the virtues essential for physical immortality. The journey of Everlasting Life unfolds in a different way for each of us. The important thing is to begin. Right now, no matter what the situation of a person is, they are equipped with precisely the right essentials necessary for the next step upon the Immortal Way, whether that step is the first or the billionth.

There is no age in everlasting life. See the universe from the Immortal viewpoint, and you experience the full force of Immortality ever present in each and every situation of your life. All Immortals are perpetually being born from out of the infinite ecstasies and possibilities of the Eternal Now. Because of this, no one Immortal is any older or younger than another. All are being born now.

7. Has there ever been an immortalist culture on this earth before?

Physical Immortality has been around for a very long time. Many individuals have immortalised from every historical civilisation, from every continent, from out of every preceding century. In almost every such case, this attainment has been made while living in the midst of a culture where death is predominant. Thus, the Immortal Adventure is often a very solitary and self-reliant experience.

Occasionally, there have been exceptions to this. There are accounts of Immortal cities or communities. Around the world, archeologists have discovered the ruins of a few ancient cities which had suddenly and inexplicably been abandoned. Perhaps some of these communities were home to societies built upon Immortal principles. Tradition states that Enoch and the entire population of his city suddenly shifted into frequencies beyond the narrow spectrum detectable by the human eye. Perhaps dogs and other such sensitive creatures were visually entertained by the antics of these citizens long after the city appeared to be abandoned. Certainly, Palenque, the Mayan ruin in southern Mexico, has developed this Immortal mystique in recent decades.

There are major cultures on the earth now which have always accepted the existence of physically Immortal beings. The Jewish people have their Immortal Elijah, and ritually open their homes to him on an annual basis. The extensive Taoist culture which has existed in China for centuries supports the presence of the Immortals. Although the vast majority of individuals within both of these cultures have died, it is important to recognise that the cultural belief in Immortality makes it much easier for physically Immortal beings to interact with the normal institutions of society. Also, the Aborigines of Australia believe that death is unnatural and is only due to an ignorance of immortal laws and principles. So there are many cultures on the earth now which philosophically support the growth of a planetary Immortal culture. As the world's first global village is formed, it is likely that the collective interaction of such traditional wisdoms will significantly contribute to its immortal foundations. Every culture has a unique gift to give to the planetary civilisation. When all such cultural strengths are communicated, then the world's first universal Immortal culture shall be established.

8. If immortality is natural then why is there death in nature?

There is only one force in the universe that is unalterably opposed to death, decay, and entropy. Life is the opponent to entropy. Entropy is the tendency of structures to lose their energy. If this loss of energy is sufficient, then the form ceases to fulfil its function, and dissolves. Throughout the cosmos the purpose of life is to devise, through creative evolution, new species and expressions of itself in an attempt to overcome physical death. Gaia Immortalis - the immortal earth - is directing the course of this evolution here. We can assume that similar developments are transpiring in many places in the galaxy and throughout the universe.

At the present time we are living in a culture where the idea of physical death is accepted as part of the natural order. But if we look more carefully at reality, and understand more deeply the purpose of evolution, then it becomes clear that death is only a transitory phenomenon. Life is attempting to express a diversity of species, all of which shall someday be perfect manifestations of Immortality. Immortals have the ability to raise or lower energy levels at will, and to adjust their structures to harmonise with and to ideally utilise these shifting energies. If you can raise or lower your energy level at will, and alter your structural form accordingly, then death, decay, and entropy have no part to play in your reality.

Philosophers and scientists who believe in their own individual deaths often attempt to colonize the rest of the universe with their belief systems. If you state that you are going to die, then it is easy to say that every plant and creature on earth is destined to die also. These thoughts are extended to include the earth, the sun, and the universe itself. In reality, we do not know that all animals die. We only assume that this is the case. Perhaps there are immortal whales or birds or trees. There are bushes in Tasmania that are between 20,000 and 40,000 years old. We are wrong when we think that we are the crown of creation, and that all creative evolution is finished. There are Immortals on the earth now, and their numbers shall continue to grow. Eventually Immortality will be the natural state for all species. And after that, evolution and its concurrent positive changes shall continue.

9. Can immortals choose to die?

Immortals are the prime evidence for the idea that we are having progress in the universe. Once an Immortal, always an Immortal - one more being has eliminated entropy, or pollution, from one's small patch of reality. Theoretically, an Immortal can choose to die, but I find no records of this.

Total Freedom only begins when you have overcome death. You can not be free if some other force overcomes you. Death is limitation. This has been misunderstood by many mystics through the ages. Immortality brings perfect freedom of choice. You can exist as an invisible, light being or as a physically embodied being at Will. Often, spiritual pride captures the Will of those who think they have advanced significantly beyond the norm of humanity. These individuals begin to think they have nothing more to overcome and thus die. After death they begin to discover that the Great Work of Immortality, the Great Work of building New Jerusalem, can only be accomplished while incarnate in physical form. Then they begin to look for a Way to be born again of earthly parents.

10. Can I listen to heavy metal music, drink beer, go to the football, watch T.V. and still be an Immortal?

Physical Immortality is always about Liberty, the overcoming of restrictions and limitations, and the expansion of possibilities and choice. Immortals are not conformists, all sitting around in white robes and listening to ambient music. Every Immortal is an individual, with a unique point of view. Diversity is accentuated in a civilisation which embodies the principles of Everlasting Life.

It is wrong to attempt to impose a universal condition on everyone that limits possibilities. There are an infinite number of valid pathways - all of which lead to the same place. Immortals enjoy life immensely. For some, that enjoyment may involve listening to heavy metal music, or drinking a beer. Individually, we each have to make decisions about which experiences enhance the quality of our lives.

There is no doubt whatsoever, that for some of us, watching T.V., drinking single malt whiskies, or listening to loud, energetic music does create greater life and happiness. For some strange reason, some people think that becoming an Immortal is like entering a monastery - abandon all the ways of the world, ye who enter here. To the contrary: Immortals are anarchists, in the most pure and friendly sense of that word.

If you are only and always doing your Highest Purpose, or True Will, then you are in perpetual harmony with law. You internalise all the great laws of life, and, as a powerful embodiment of law, radiantly and creatively extend the form and consciousness of law into society. You are the law. Perhaps the first corollary of this internal fusion of social adjustment and liberty is that you proclaim the absolute uniqueness of every individual's True Will and the inviolability of that Purpose. We profane another person's purpose in life when we attempt to impose our own prejudices, fears, and weaknesses upon them. We do not have a legal right to tell another person what their purpose is. This is something that each individual must forever and always determine for themselves. What we can do is contribute to the building of a cultural environment that supports and nourishes every person's ability to discover their Highest Purpose, and then to successfully accomplish that goal.

Without social justice for all beings, liberty can not flourish. And without the fruit of liberty being universally available to all beings, in all cultures, Physical Immortality can not be easily experienced. The first step is to contribute to social change. Do this first, and then liberty and immortality will subsequently evolve. It doesn't matter whether you regard yourself as a conservative or a liberal. At the present time, there are several Immortalists working creatively within governmental structures at local, national, and international levels. The number of such influences will only continue to increase. Immortals are optimistic about the future. They are also very patient and very tolerant. If an Immortal arrives at the checkout counter and wants to pay for a Slayer CD, are you going to tell them they can't have it? Or, if they do purchase it, that you will revoke their Immortality? Of course not. Concentrate on purely doing your own True Will at all times, and you will find that you are becoming more tolerant and more appreciative of people who are different from yourself. Do only your True Will, and you will cease to interfere with the attempt of anyone else to do their Highest Purpose. And then, the world's first truly global civilisation can form, in all its beauty and diversity.

11. If Immortals truly exist then why don't they show themselves?

Immortals exist, it's just that many people are blind to their presence. Many individuals choose to place their attentions in other directions, so they miss seeing what is right in front of them. Physical Immortality is about developing the ability to see the presence of Eternity in all things. Don't wait around for the Messiah to come and set right things you can't deal with. The Messiah only returns when there is no longer anyone in need of redemption.

All of the most simplistic fantasies completely miss the point. If we wait for Jesus to materialise upon the Mount of Olives, or for some Himalayan saviour to hijack all the world's media and give us words of wisdom; or for some beneficent aliens in UFO's to land at the U.N. and tell us how to run things better - then we are going to have a long wait. And while we are waiting, we will continue to lose the ability to save ourselves.

Belief in the existence of the Immortals doesn't guarantee positive social change. There are nations in the world where belief in the presence of Immortals is widespread. It is also known what spiritual, moral, and ethical principles these Immortals embody and exemplify. Yet some of these nations continue to have some of the most difficult and challenging problems. Immortality is here now. We need to open our eyes and see it. Begin to act as an Immortal now, and you will begin to contribute to cultural evolution. With clarity of vision, every doubting Thomas should be able to look at themselves in the mirror, and see only their own Immortality reflected. With clarity of vision, only Everlasting Life exists.

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