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Phoenix of Immortality

The Path of the Phoenix:
The Spiritual Road to Physical Immortality
by Robert Coon

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Immortality and Vegetarianism / Veganism

The goal of the Immortal Pathway is to see and appreciate the sacredness of all Life and to vow to protect that Life. We cannot underestimate the importance of anything on this planet, even the dust swept into the trash can. Every atom of every being - of every object - is permeated with the spark of creation. If we dedicate ourselves to seeing this spark within all things then we each make one of the greatest contributions towards establishing Heaven on Earth.

If a single blade of grass was found growing, or a single bug seen crawling across the rust coloured surface of Mars, then scientists on Earth would most likely applaud and be filled with elation. For where there’s Life – even the remotest sign of Life - there’s Hope…

Bearing this in mind, at some stage on the Immortal Pathway it becomes necessary for each of us to examine our individual relationship with the Earth and its creatures. Physical Immortality means Liberty for All Beings, not just humans.

A truly Immortal Culture can only begin to operate on this planet when we acknowledge the truth that all beings have the right and will to live. This includes the smallest ants, flies and mosquitoes, to the greatest elephants and whales. From the Earth’s point of view all forms of life are equally sacred. If you doubt this, then sit alone in Nature, either in a park, or garden, or in the wilderness, and sincerely contemplate the wind, the birds, the flowers and trees, the soil or sand beneath your feet, or the ocean or stream nearby. If you’re sincere, the Earth will show you how it regards every life-form as precious and irreplaceable. No two leaves are the same.

All Immortals take a conscious vow to honour and preserve Life. From an Immortal point of view there can be no excuse for depriving another being of its right to live. Much reverence is given to ancient cultures and their customs, often to the point of idealised romanticism, but none of these older civilisations perfected the Art of Immortality, or they’d still be standing today. Instead, we have abandoned monuments to remind us that they tried – and inevitably failed.

All Immortals dream of the time when the Truth of Immortality shall Blossom Eternally: A time when the Fragrance of Joy and Hope for all of creation permeates the air, rather than the stench of death. But this Rare Flower of Creation needs a fertile garden - one nurtured by hearts and hands of Compassion and Peace.

One of the great projects of the New Immortal Aeon is the transformation, among animals, of pain and suffering into happiness. Jesus suffering upon his cross was a great icon of pain during the Piscean Age. That image is now replaced by the reality of animal suffering. The suffering of animals, inflicted by humans, becomes the equivalent of - and replaces - the crucified Christ for the Aquarian Aeon. Existence should be experienced as pure joy by all beings, human and non-human.

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