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Phoenix of Immortality

The Path of the Phoenix:
The Spiritual Road to Physical Immortality
by Robert Coon

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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Physical Immortality 43-49

43. Are Immortals the only ones who can teleport?

Any unusual abilities, such as teleportation, can be exhibited by mortals and immortals alike. There are reasonably documented stories of devout, mystical monks in Europe a few centuries back who supposedly teleported to Mexico and back regularly. It's accepted that mortals can materialise and dematerialise objects. Physical Immortality should not be sought after because you want to gain certain powers. Strengthen the positive virtues of your life until all the frequencies of your body are raised to levels beyond the grasp of entropy. If, in this process, you develop any unusual talents, that's a side-effect, and not the goal.

Real teleportation has yet to be confirmed by science. It's not the same as having a vivid imagination. Evolution points towards greater mobility, so expect to see bodily teleportation become an increasingly credible theme in the coming decades and centuries. If an idea becomes popular in the media, in films, on TV, etc. then this often leads to greater cultural acceptance. Teleportation is a main theme on Star Trek. The Highlander is based on a variation on the Immortalist theme. 100 years ago, who would have seen as a realistic possibility TV? So what will everyday life be like 300 years from now? If teleportation becomes the standard way of going on holiday to Bali, it will mean we've had a major change in our concepts regarding passports and borders.

44. How does an Immortal maintain invisibility amidst other people?

If an Immortal doesn't want to be seen, it is easy for them to go unnoticed. Sometimes it takes no effort whatsoever, if people prefer to see only illusions, and not the truth. Immortal physical substance vibrates at a very high frequency. If people are thinking about tomorrow, or only give attention to things which are normally regarded as useful, then they may overlook the eternal. If we accept that some of the apparitions of the Virgin Mary are authentic, then we have an example of an Immortal who is invisible, yet is able to communicate. It is well known that we see only a narrow band of frequencies. So if a human body raises its vibratory rate sufficiently, it should disappear from sight. This high frequency person could perhaps be said to be expressing themselves as a light body. While in this state, then it would be possible to shift the physical body, quickly, from one location to another.

Occasionally you hear of a situation where an Immortal is visible to one person, yet remains invisible to others who are present. In these cases, it seems as if the ability to see is temporarily energised, or blessed, so that visual contact is established. Sight is quickened for the purpose of communication. If something utterly new appears, which does not fit into our concepts of reality, then it is possible for the brain to ignore, or block, this perception. Desire to experience the unknown. Look for the eternal in all things, including little objects and seemingly insignificant situations. It's easier to see Immortals if we accept them as being a part of our everyday environment.

45. Is being afraid of death a good motivation to seek physical immortality?

Fear of death is the motivating factor behind much of what goes on in the world. Overcome fear of death first. It should not be a part of the Eternal Will. Every action in life should be motivated by a positive, fearless reason. With trust and with faith, dedicate your purpose to being a force for the expansion of individual liberty, and for the establishment of everlasting life. Truth and beauty are much more powerful motivating factors than is fear. And one needs the most magickal reasons possible, if the overcoming of physical death is to be successful. Fear is not the Philosopher's Stone.

The True Will is fearless, expresses itself through correct actions, and is not dependent upon the consequences of any of its activities. If you are connected to your Highest Purpose, then you should be given a powerful vision of your potential. The brilliance of the vision of what is truly possible should dispel all traces of fear. If you have confidence in the power of life within you, then your actions will be based on healthy principles. Fear of death contracts awareness into an isolated and solitary point of view. Everlasting Life expands awareness into a realm where the fear of death, and death itself, have no power and do not exist. Love life, the earth, and this universe with a burning, joyous passion, and forever expand your awareness and vision as you deepen your Immortal resolve.

46. Are our cells or our bodies programmed to die?

The health of the cells is influenced by many factors. Once you focus your life to become a clear expression of your Immortal Will, then three things should begin to happen - all of which are salutary for the cells. You should begin a process of purification. This gradually cleans the cellular environment, so that all bodily communications and functions can operate at optimum levels. Secondly, you will develop better methods of nutrition, so that the energy used by your body is of the highest frequencies. Thirdly, the activities of your Immortal Life should expand and multiply eternal functions inherent within the cells. The human body is always willing to work in harmony with Immortal Purpose, and as an expression of eternal laws. There are no death genes, programmes, or urges built into the body. Consult the operating manual: The body is a temple and is designed to express physical immortality, if the manufacturer's instructions are faithfully followed. The warranty is forever.

The clear, conscious Immortal True Will also has an ally inside the body at the deepest levels. Mystics have always known this intuitively, and by direct experience. When they say that the Kingdom of Heaven is within you, they mean that there are real Immortal archetypes, laws, and energies inside the body that may be activated. There is a deep realm inside where the physics of eternity exists. The most basic realities of time and space are different in the body's eternal domain. To connect with, and activate, this level, we need to listen to places inside that are deeper than the cells and nerves. The twin spiral of the DNA pattern, with its 23 pairs of chromosomes, is a good place to connect with. For the DNA is able to act as a midway station between the sub-atomic world and the normal consciousness and will of the entire organism. It is in this sub-atomic world where eternality prevails. Inside every atom of your body is a constant voice proclaiming the joy and beauty of everlasting life. If the communications between this primal immortal domain and your own True Will are clear, in both directions, then all DNA structures act as broadcasting transmitters, permeating and delighting all cellular structures with the message and frequencies of everlasting life.

Immortal Life generates waves of grace and power which are able to erode away all obstacles with ease. Simply live from the Immortal viewpoint. If you do this, then the magick of your life will overcome and transform all things into incorruptible creative dynamics. Live Immortality to the full. This is the only thing that is required.

47. How old was Jesus when he became an Immortal?

It is important to understand that Jesus was Immortal well before his crucifixion and resurrection. He immortalised at a relatively young age, approximately when he was 30. Hence, the theological interpretation of the subsequent dramatic events of his public career needs to be re-evaluated. Jesus became Immortal atop Mount Tabor, when two other Immortals, Elijah and Moses, suddenly appeared to him. This famous episode is known as the Transfiguration, and is a fixed feast day annually celebrated by the Christians on the 6th August. Coincidentally, this is also the day that Hiroshima was bombed - a different type of transfiguration.

When the two Immortals appeared to Jesus, his own body was transfigured by light, so that, visually, all three Immortals appeared equal. Three of Jesus’ disciples witnessed this unexpected event. They were almost literally knocked over by the impact and power of this initiation. As the Irish mystic, AE, says in his book, The Candle of Vision: “Seek for an evoke the greatest of Earth Memories...those which uplift and inspire, and give us a vision of our own greatness; and the noblest of all Earth’s memories is the august ritual of the ancient mysteries, where the mortal, amid scenes of unimaginable grandeur, is disrobed of his mortality and made of the Company of the Gods.” If you go to Mt. Tabor today, the Earth Memory of the Immortalisation of Jesus there is very much alive.

While there may be instances of individuals Immortalising at a younger age than Jesus, I have yet to find such information. So it is safe to say that Jesus was a Mozart, or child prodigy, within the world of physical immortality. Most people overcome death at a later age. The one disciple of Jesus who mastered Immortality, John, didn’t overcome entropy until after the age of 100. The Earth Memory of this Initiation is at Ephesus, in Turkey. Historically, most individuals have probably joined the Immortal Community between the ages of 40 and 80. In the future, we will probably see the average age coming down, as a planetary Immortal civilisation is developed and more extensively established.

48. Would an Immortal change sexes every few centuries if tired of being a male or female?

Immortals don't know the meaning of the word "bored." They are never tired with life. The marvels and magicks and mysteries of life are inexhaustible. Immortals are in harmony with their bodies. They are content with being in either a male or a female body.

If someone has a strong desire to be in a male body, when they are in a female body, or vice versa, it usually means they are feeling a lack of certain qualities which they identify with the opposite sex. Through the pathway of Physical Immortality an inner androgyny is developed, so that a person feels complete. Ultimately, there are no male or female virtues, or qualities. All are universal, and may be developed by anyone, regardless of gender.

There is an interesting novel by Virginia Woolf, Orlando, which tells of a person who lives for several centuries, and changes sex over time. Immortals are both male and female within. While the inner androgyny is developed, the biological body keeps its original gender. The Immortal Body is infinite and complete. It is not an item in the closet which can be changed every day.

In the 21st century, virtual reality may advance to a state where anyone is able to experience, temporarily, being in a body of the opposite sex. Perhaps such activities will hasten the development of a greater empathy for others and, also, the inner balance and wholeness which is an essential part of everlasting life.

49. What is the second birth?

The second birth is a synonym for the term "born again." These ideas are derived from a teaching on Immortality and teleportation by Jesus. This can be read in the 3rd chapter of John, where Jesus is speaking with Nicodemus, a wise rabbi. The first birth is of water - when a baby is born from the watery environment of its mother's womb. The second birth is of elemental fire - when the True Will for Everlasting Life translates the physical body into incorruptible substance. After being born again, it can be said that a person is born without mother or father. All Immortals originally had earthly parents, through their first births. In a direct sense, the universe is the parent of everyone who is translated as a result of the fire-birth of Immortality. Physical Immortality is directly inherited from the infinite possibilities of life in the universe when one is born again.

This phrase, born again, is much abused in contemporary Christian circles. Today, people run around eager to tell you that they have been born again, when all they mean is that they are enthusiastic about their new cause. The original concept, as articulated by Jesus, is far more powerful and sublime. To be born again, or to go through a second birth, originally meant only one thing - incorruptible, eternal life. Like ascension, born again is a much abused and overused term.

After you are born again, then it's like you are awake and breathing in a new world. A more profound experience of personal liberty is gained. You develop the ability to come and go as the wind, so that no one knows where you have come from, or to where you have gone to. Does this sound like the potential for teleportation? Through the immortalisation process of the second birth, a new universe of beauty and magick opens up before you. It is then that real life begins.

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