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Phoenix of Immortality

Books by Robert Coon

The Path of the Phoenix:
The Spiritual Road to
Physical Immortality

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The Path of the Phoenix: The Spiritual Road to Physical Immortality. This book is a collection of the author's best thoughts, essays, and techniques regarding the straightest and narrowest of all spiritual pathways - the road to Physical Immortality. Chapters include: Physical Immortality - History, Theory, & Techniques; Ten Pathways through Eternity; Immortals throughout History; Notable Immortalists; 13 Keys to Immortality; The Book of the Holy Grail - 23 Meditations on Everlasting Life; Breath Magick - Internal Circulation Techniques; Questions Concerning Physical Immortality; and Getting Started With Physical Immortality. The bible for Immortalists in the 21st century! 310pp.

The Art of Everlasting Life

Cover of The Art of Everlasting Life by Robert Coon

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The Art of Everlasting Life. Robert Coon has written and lectured on the spiritual principles of physical immortality for more than forty years. The Art of Everlasting Life offers the author's unique perspective on a subject both ancient and new. In this book, the cosmic theology of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin meets modern day mysticism. If we accept the premise that all life is continually evolving toward a point of optimum liberty, then the concept of a global immortal paradise where pain, suffering, and even death, have ceased to exist is a natural, though somewhat radical, conclusion to such a position. Through the perfection of many and varied virtues, the Immortal Pathway becomes available to the sincere seeker of Truth. The words written herein are a sublime introduction and guide to recognizing the reality of The Word made Flesh - the fusion of spirit and matter – and to living a Life Everlasting. 290pp.

Earth Chakras - The Definitive Guide

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Earth Chakras. Earth Chakras by Robert Coon is the definitive guide to navigating the Earth's energy system of Chakras, Sacred Sites, and Ley Arteries. It presents a dynamic and workable structure for improving the quality of life for all beings across all cultures and environments in the 21st century. This book’s contents form the original source-point for all Earth Chakras related material. Chapters include: What is an Earth Chakra?; Earth Chakra Locations; 2 Great Dragon Circles; Functions of the Seven Earth Chakras; 4 Great Spinner Wheels; 12 Foundation Gates of the World; Earth Chakras and the Lunar Calendar; 4 Great Time Cycles of Earth Activation; Beyond the 13th Gate; Beijing Cycle: 2008-2027 AD; Form Your Own New Aeon Gate Now; 156 Planetary Circles; Easter 2065 AD; Easter Island Cycle: 2027-2046 AD; Bermuda Cycle: 2046-2065 AD; Beyond 2065 AD; Sacred Sites in Europe; Temple Mounds of North America; Techniques for Planetary Activation; Work to do 2009-2027; and Sacred Sites: Healing the Earth and Yourself. 293pp.

Voyage to Avalon:
The Magick of Glastonbury -
Heart Chakra of the World

Cover of Voyage to Avalon by Robert Coon

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Voyage to Avalon: The Magick of Glastonbury - Heart Chakra of the World. This book is a thorough initiation into the magick of Glastonbury – the Planetary Heart Chakra – in England. It illuminates the sacred landscape and living mythologies of Central Somerset. Geomythics, Enochian Cabala, Immortalism, Crowley, Planetary Ley Arteries, The Rainbow Serpent, Earth Chakras, the Holy Grail and many other forces vitalize and advance the Voyage to Avalon. This new edition includes a section on the Glastonbury Zodiac, containing the author’s many innovations, which have been widely adopted and worked with by many over the last quarter of a century. This material offers the definitive presentation of the landscape Zodiac. It is based on the first complete on-foot survey and mapping of the Zodiac - carried out from 1981 to 1984 - since the groundbreaking researches of Maltwood in the 1930’s. This book is an essential companion for those who are on a Voyage to the Heart of the World – Glastonbury: Ancient Avalon and inspirational centre for the expansion of the New Aeon. Chapters include: Elliptical Navigations through the Multitudinous Aethyrs of Avalon; The Enochian Cabala – The Millennial Tree of Eternal Life – Angelic Attributions of the 13 Spheres; Glastonbury 1984; Crowley and Powys; Thoughts on Glastonbury; Alpha Avalon; An Immortalist Welcome to Glastonbury; The Ultimate Manifesto of Surrealism: Physical Immortality; Gleanings from Somerset Star Fields: Glastonbury Prophecy; A Message from Shambhala Concerning the Birth of Aquarius; The Outpouring of the Cosmic Grail: Prophetic Visions of Past, Present, and Future; The Discovery of the Glastonbury Eagle; The Glastonbury Zodiac; The Method of Constructing the Glastonbury Zodiac; The Cairo Working – The Stele of Revealing Rediscovered; and The Chalice of Life. 288pp.

Uluru and Kata Tjuta - The Ultimate Guide

Cover of Uluru and Kata Tjuta - The Ultimate Guide by Robert Coon

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Travel to Uluru (Ayers Rock) - spiritual heart of Australia, home of the Rainbow Serpent, and solar plexus of the world - in this Ultimate Guidebook to Uluru and Kata Tjuta by Robert Coon. Learn about the significance of the Uluru-Kata Tjuta World Heritage area both as an Australian icon and as an international spiritual mecca for tourists. 109pp.

The Rainbow Serpent and the Holy Grail -
Uluru and the Planetary Chakras
Revised Edition

Cover of The Rainbow Serpent and the Holy Grail by Robert Coon

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The Rainbow Serpent and the Holy Grail: Uluru and the Planetary Chakras. The Earth is alive, with its own chakra and circulatory system. Great ley arteries transmit vitalising forces around the world through major sacred sites, advancing the evolution of all life. This book reveals how the Rainbow Serpent ley artery is distributing the sacrament of the Holy Grail – located within the planetary heart chakra - throughout all cultures and to all species during the 21st century. The world solar plexus chakra, Uluru-Kata Tjuta, is described in relationship to the greater global earth chakra structure. The world earth chakra structure originated with the author in 1967. Prior to that year there was no unifying system available. This book is an historical document, revealing the original world chakra and ley artery structure. It provides an essential blueprint for cultural evolution and change during the coming centuries. Chapters include: Planetary Increase Sites - The Major Earth Chakras; Uluru and Kata Tjuta - The Planetary Solar Plexus Chakras; The Pathway of the Rainbow Snake; Kakadu - Structural Solar Plexus Centre; Gathaagudu - Creative Solar Plexus Centre; Ainslie Roberts and Creative Vision; and Ancient Australian Wisdom. 261pp.

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