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Phoenix of Immortality

The Path of the Phoenix:
The Spiritual Road to Physical Immortality
by Robert Coon

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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Physical Immortality 55 - 60

55. How long will it take until there is a fully established Immortal culture upon the planet?

In time, the universal evolution of life will forge an immortal civilisation on earth. This global society will be constructed brick by brick. It wonít happen overnight. But I am optimistic about the process. If everyone who loves life and loves this earth works very diligently, then we should see the foundations supportive of a physically immortal culture completely in place by the latter part of the 21st century. That does not mean that everyone will be immortal by then.

At the present time, there remain a number of residual forces in the world which are antipathetic to joyous, abundant, more vibrant life. Fortunately, these forces are in a state of terminal decay. Most of them should lose their ability to interfere with the establishment of greater liberty, life, love, and light within the next decade. After that, then the ability of everyone to successfully manifest their own individual highest purposes will significantly increase.

It will probably take about 2,000 years for the global immortal culture to mature and deliver its most delectable fruits. Now is the time for each of us to plant and tend the seeds of this future delight.

56. How long would it take for an Immortal to teleport from the North Pole to the South Pole?

If an Immortal teleported from the North Pole to the South Pole, it would appear to happen instantaneously. There would be no experience of movement, no rush of wind. It would feel as if the external environment teleported, and not the Immortal. In a blink of the eye, you would find yourself in a new location.

Light can speed around the earth six times in one second. So, for the purpose of bodily teleportation, the speed of light would seem to be sufficient for any sudden movement around the planet. But Immortals have access to speeds faster then light, and they can use these speeds for teleportation also. If we accelerate through all of the higher Immortal frequencies, we progressively speed up as we shift through the gears of light, love, immortal life, and liberty. At the speed of liberty, we break through all dimensional barriers, and achieve complete mobility.

The first dimension is length; the second is width; the third is depth; and the fourth is time. At the speed of liberty, you master the first four dimensions, and are able to experience the universe from multiple viewpoints simultaneously. If you develop the ability to be in two places at the same time, then the question of how long, in linear time, does it take to travel from the one place to the other becomes a question of understanding the Immortal dimensions. Immortals exist in the eternal now, which is very different from linear time. Linear time is like a straight line. The Eternal Now is the present point of time expanded in all directions as an infinite sphere containing all possibilities. The physics of the Eternal Now are very different from the physics of the first four dimensions. Certainly, bodily teleportation utilises this physics of the first four dimensions. Certainly, bodily teleportation utilises this physics of the Eternal Now. Embrace the present instant with joy and thanksgiving, and the present instant will begin to expand into the Eternal Now. Within this expanded sphere, you will begin to discover the art and science of Shortening the Way.

57. What will we all do once there is an Immortal civilisation is established on earth?

Once a physically immortal civilisation is established on earth, then the fun begins. Such a culture will nourish and support the highest creative potentialities which are latent within each of us. This future society will be a place of excitement and dynamic change. As the result of everyone doing their Highest Purpose, there will develop a tremendous strength of peace worldwide. Peace is not about sitting still and doing nothing; itís about doing your True Will.

Think of ten things you would really like to accomplish. As an Immortal, you have both the time and the ability to fulfil these ideals and goals. If you would like to live in a society that helps you to fulfil your highest dreams, then begin now to contribute to the construction of an Immortal civilisation which will support all beings, on all pathways, in their efforts to accomplish their unique, and individual, true wills.

When the Immortal John had his vision of the New Jerusalem manifesting throughout the earth, he saw that there would be an end to three things - pain, suffering, and death. Daily life in the New Aeon of Immortality will be an ever-changing experience of three opposite things - pleasure, bliss, and abundant, everlasting life. Through a fusion of all planetary cultural wisdoms, the global village is destined to be an immortal culture wherein the beauty and diversity of life is deeply experienced and profoundly enjoyed.

58. Is it necessary to be celibate in order to be Immortal?

If an Immortal chooses to be celibate, then the internal intercourse between male and female principles should create a dynamic androgyny which continually generates a passion for this earth, and for all embodiments of life. Through an inner alchemical marriage, all male and female qualities vanish, and only universal immortal qualities, capable of equal mastery by all beings, whether male or female, remain.

Physical immortality is always about the advancement into greater freedom and choice. So there are Immortals who are not celibate, and there are Immortals who, through celibacy, develop an internal, self-contained sexuality. Either choice is equally valid. Whatever your choice is, dedicate the totality of your sexual energies to the glory of truth and beauty fully incarnate throughout all creation. This glory is the visible presence of everlasting life which is now present, and is waiting to be recognised, throughout all time and space.

59. Do any of the Immortals live amongst us, or have they all retreated to the mountain tops?

Your next-door neighbour may be an Immortal. Regard all beings you meet as Immortals. There are Immortals in all walks of life, in all positions in society. Because Immortals have a deep enthusiasm for the diversity of life, they are able to adapt themselves to any singular expression of this diversity. In other words, Immortals are adept at blending in.

Itís true that some do retreat to the sacred mountains, or caves, and lead quiet and solitary lives. As most Immortals have a bit of the nature mystic within them, this way of life is easy to understand. We can all do with a bit of eternity in the countryside.

All Immortals are cosmopolitans. They are true citizens of the world, and are able to creatively interact in all environments, from the remoteness of mountaintops to the frenetic hearts of the worldís great cities. All cultures and all places are equally appreciated.

60. What about children and Immortality? Can a child be an Immortal? Could a child teleport?

There are many childlike qualities which are quintessential to physical immortality. Innocence, enthusiasm, and an ability to live in the present moment are a few of these virtues. Children are naturally immortalists. Itís only after they begin to be conditioned by society that they accede to more restricted viewpoints. Once, someone asked: Who is the greatest of the Immortals? What a strange question! We will never master our own Immortality if we place importance upon such matters. Throughout creation, humility is inherent within the natural order of things. Only humans who pretend to be spiritual deviate from this humbleness. Children are wiser than adults - for they know when they are pretending. If you are an Immortal, you donít put forth spiritual pretences.

William Blake says that we begin, as children, in a state of purity, or innocence. Then we fall into the realm of experience. As a result of this fall, we lose contact with the Immortal principle. Then we gain wisdom from experience, and return to a more mature form of innocence, where we re-connect to Eternal reality. Activate the archetype of the Immortal Child, and let this child lead you, step by step, into the Realm of Everlasting Life.

As soon as a person becomes conscious of their True Will for physical immortality, then they are able to begin their true eternal journey. This can begin at any age. There are immortal children. And when physical immortality is taught universally there will be more and more of these young immortals. If your child can teleport, make sure you hire a baby-sitter who can also teleport, and is able to keep up with such precocity.

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