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Phoenix of Immortality

The Path of the Phoenix:
The Spiritual Road to Physical Immortality
by Robert Coon

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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Physical Immortality 50 - 54

50. Could a 1,000 year old female Immortal have children? Or a 1,000 year old male Immortal father a child?

Yes. Physical Immortality is always an advancement into greater liberty and freedom of choice and action. All restrictions are overcome. Immortals, male and female, maintain Eternal youthfulness and are pure vehicles for creativity. To create new life, in the form of a child, is always a beautiful and available possibility. Some Immortals may choose to have no children, others might space children many centuries apart from each other. One of the beauties of physical immortality is that the choices available to you continually expanded multiply.

51. Where did death originate from?

At this instant, countless millions of beings are being born and millions are dying. If we look at biological life-forms, it appears that this has been going on since the time that life first appeared on earth. Mayflies live for only a day, while some trees and bushes are thousands of years old. Immortals achieve an equilibrium between birth and death, and then rise to a frequency beyond both. In other words, Immortals are being born and are dying in every instant of their experience.

Most cultures intuitively feel that death is unnatural, and is not part of the ultimate intention of evolution. Among all the Aboriginal tribes of Australia, this is so. And if you look at the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, the message is the same. From the philosophical-religious point of view, death is always the result whenever and wherever individuals deviate from Immortal laws. It is important to understand the difference between these eternal laws and the laws made by death-orientated societies. Mortal laws are laws of restriction, based on fear. Immortal laws are principles of positive, creative, and expansive activity. They are the laws of magickal change. Restriction, sin, and death are always related to each other in some way. But do your True Will, and you will eventually arrive at the place of perfect liberty where no restrictions exist and physical death is non-existent.

If we look at the phenomenon of non-biological life, we learn more about the laws of physical immortality. Animism is the philosophy which says that life permeates all things. The rocks, the wind, the sun, the stars - life is everywhere. This type of life recognises no restrictive boundaries, and is able to walk through walls. This universal life has self-awareness and absolute clarity of purpose. Yet this life is deeply rooted at the very heart of materiality. Divide the atom into its component parts. Continue this division until you arrive at the smallest units of structure. We can call these smallest possible units Iota particles. This conversation generates the energy and will of immortality. Without it, the universe would forever disappear. We find it increasingly reasonable to see the earth as a living being. The universe is also a living being - and it is physically immortal. Death originated when the first individualised entity developed the ability to not hear the message eternally being spoken by the immortal universe. The Kingdom, or Word, of Everlasting Life, or heaven, is deep within you. Listen, and live.

52. Is it essential for me to meet an immortal in order to be immortal?

It is a grave mistake for anyone to think that it is necessary to meet an immortal in order to become immortal. The key to your own immortality is never to be found in an external location. It is always present within you. There are countless cases of people who have claimed they met immortals, and have subsequently died. Trust in your own Immortality. Remember that the original doubting Thomas died. There are some Immortals who will absolutely refuse to meet you until after you become immortal yourself.

If you say that your own immortality is dependent upon you meeting another immortal, then - unless you overcome it - this dependency will kill you. You donít have to look for the elusive immortals, for immortality is everywhere present in all things at all times. It permeates your daily environment with an equal density of grace and magick. Donít idealise the immortals. They are no better, and no worse, than everybody else on the planet. Every individual, mortal or immortal, is equally a unique and beautiful expression of life evolving in accordance with its own Highest Purpose.

When you think it is important to find an Immortal, then you are making a judgement, creating a separation, and building a hierarchy. These are the three cardinal sins which create and perpetuate death in society. Look in the mirror - you are the Immortal. Itís essential to meet your own Highest Purpose, not another Immortal. So, not only is it not necessary to meet another Immortal, it is almost always detrimental to your own pathway to do so. The Age of the Guru is defunct.

53. Can Immortality be a solitary path or do I need to surround myself with other Immortalists?

Probably the worst thing you can do is to surround yourself with other Immortalists. This is a recipe for disaster. Whenever people who all think the same way are put together, countless plagues are released upon the world. Iím not exaggerating. If you want to be physically immortal, then strive to lead a normal, productive life in society.

When like-minded people are put together, they reinforce each otherís belief systems. This breeds elitism and lethargy. A state of utter debasement is reached when whenever a group says to you that you must join them in order to be Immortal, or that you are walking into death if you leave them. Unfortunately, as we all know, this is an all too common situation.

There is a time to be alone; and there is a time to be in society. Always, the attainment of physical immortality is a solitary initiation. Itís solely between you and the universe. No intermediary is involved. The great Initiations are achieved through solitary effort, and then tested and strengthened in society.

If you know other Immortalists or Immortals, bless and nurture their lives. But give the same blessing and nourishment to every other life form that is not yet conscious of its own True Will for physical immortality. Treat all people equally. Always embrace diversity. Youíre much more likely to learn something new from someone who is different from you, not from someone who acts and thinks and dresses the same way that you do. The wisdom of a mortal can be more profound than the wisdom of an Immortal. Always remember that, and you will find it much easier to stay on the right track.

54. Do Immortals ever get bored?

If you are passionately in love with all the various permutations of life on this earth, then it is extremely probable that you will never get bored. To be bored is to be tired of life, or to find living tedious and dull. Immortal Life is never dreary. Itís always an exciting adventure. Itís as if, at every instant, the universe is giving you the most rare, singular, and marvelous gift.

Every Immortal is like a star - radiating pure, creative life forces in all directions. Stars do not get bored. Only those who do not understand life can get bored. Obviously, if Immortals exist, they profoundly understand the laws of life. Life is the most exciting thing going in this universe.

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