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Phoenix of Immortality

The Path of the Phoenix:
The Spiritual Road to Physical Immortality
by Robert Coon

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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Physical Immortality 37-42

37. How do Immortals view heaven and hell?

Heaven and hell are both here right now. They have nothing to do with possible residencies for the afterlife. Not only is the Kingdom of Heaven within you, but it is also all round you. If you think that it might be within you, then work to externalise it. Then it can contribute to the enjoyment of others.

Heaven should never be seen as an attractive destination in a travel brochure. You look at the price, and it says you have got to give up your life in order to get there. Traditionally, heaven has been used as a very anti-life, anti-earth concept. Immortals take the opposite stance: Heaven can only be found while you are alive - fully, completely alive. Heaven can only be found on earth.

Ideas of the earthly paradise, or the New Jerusalem, are consistent with Immortal philosophies. Immortals never try to escape from reality. They do their best to create changes which improve the quality of life on earth for all beings. Sometimes, it may seem easier to give up and escape from life and all its problems. Immortals never do that. They are fountains of heavenly substance.

If someone is not doing their True Will, or Highest Purpose, then they are probably feeling a sense of restriction, or limitation, in their life. If the deviation from True Purpose becomes large, then the restrictions mount up until they become unpleasant. If no way out of this situation is seen, then it's easy to feel that hell exists. There are no dualisms in Immortality. Hell is an illusion, and, like all illusions, can be banished and abolished. Heaven is the only reality. As William Blake said, if the senses were cleansed, we would see the truth and beauty of all things, at all times.

38. Does the type of work I do affect my Immortal pathway?

When you discover your Will for Physical Immortality, then you release an energy and a directed enthusiasm into your daily life which begins to alter and change every aspect of your experience. Your point of view shifts from death to life. This process begins to affect your work, your relationships, your health - it changes everything. If you are in a job that causes stress, and you don't think is perfect for you, you have two choices: Either continue the job and try to transform it with the creative force of your own conscious immortality; or change your work. Either strategy can be productive.

Whatever you do, let your Immortality affect your work, not vice versa. Always strive to make your work the clearest and most creatively powerful expression of your unique Immortal True Will. Express this Will, and you will begin to make the changes in the right directions. For some, the changes may come slowly, for others, the pace of change may leave them breathless. But, one thing is certain, change will occur. With an illuminated, or conscious True Will for Physical Immortality, you have the opportunity to be a primary source for positive change in this world, no matter who you are, or where you are in society.

39. How would I recognise an Immortal in a crowded street?

If you are walking down the street, you can't be certain of recognising an Immortal. What you can do is recognise the presence of an Immortal quality or trait within everyone that you see. It might be beauty, serenity, health, vitality, innocence, self-reliance, - or any of the virtues that an Immortal has. If you focus on these positive qualities, then you encourage the full eternality of everyone you meet to come forth into greater more visible expression in society.

All Immortals are filled with vitality and health. They may appear young or ancient or any age in-between. If an Immortal walking down the street does not want to be recognised, then no one will be able to spot them. Even another Immortal would not be able to pick them out of a crowd. This is an example of another liberty which is discovered along the road to Everlasting Life. All Immortals have the right to privacy. Immortals don't need to be noticed. They are signposts which point you in the right direction, they are not the destination.

40. Is there an organization the Immortals belong to?

No Immortals are members of any special clubs or organisations. Some of them might belong to book of the month club, or chess clubs, for example. But there are no organisations which are for Immortals only. This would be elitist. Occasionally, people who are not Immortal try to imagine and impose structure and organisation upon things they don't have any experience of. Always, it's neat and tidy: Groups of ancient ones sit around in robes and unanimously proclaim decrees. Life, even Immortal Life, is much more organic and spontaneous than this. Immortals even have the ability to disagree with each other.

There is a certain Magick in the universe which draws individuals together for the purpose of collective activity. This kind of Magick is not dependent upon meeting halls, telephones, or publicity. Concentrate on totally doing your True Purpose, and if you are meant to associate with Immortals, then that will naturally happen. You don't call each other up and make appointments.

There are teaching structures, such as the Cabalistic Tree of Life, which are used by some Immortals, but these patterns should not be mistaken for organisations. We each have to find our own pathway, and no two pathways are the same. It's best to regard the Immortals as representing an anti-order, as they are much too varied and diverse to fit into any limitation. Look in a good dictionary: Anarchy is defined as a harmonious condition in society where no laws are needed. Society needs laws because everyone isn't doing their True Will. All Immortals are anarchists, and are working to build a vibrant and creative harmony throughout the world. They are doing their Highest Purposes at all times. They are self-reliant. It is possible to be an Immortal and never meet another Immortal. The possibilities are vast within the infinite domain of eternal life.

41. Do I need to be intelligent to be immortal?

You don't need a high IQ in order to be Immortal. The principles of Everlasting Life are simple. If mental intelligence is integrated with clarity of will, openness of heart, and bodily health and vitality, then all is well. If the mind is more developed than other aspects of the self, then it may become an obstacle to physical immortality. Intellectual logic has its limitations. There are other forms of logic. We try to measure IQ. We should also recognize that EQ, PQ, and WQ are, perhaps, even more essential. EQ is the measure of emotional development. Is the heart open? How much are you motivated by compassion and empathy? How well do you give and receive love? PQ relates to physical health. Do you understand and practice the basic laws of health and vitality? Your body is a temple of life. The mind, however intelligent it may be, will cease to function if this temple is destroyed. Master the art of listening to the body. See the sacredness of all things physical. WQ is a measurement of how much you are in contact with your Will, or Highest Purpose. Is the creative fire of your True Will clearly motivating all activities of your life? Do your thoughts, words, and actions clearly embody your True Will? Does your work express your Highest Purpose?

The IQ, or intelligence quotient, is the ratio of a person's mental age to their real age. Thus, if we look at IQ, EQ, PQ, and WQ, it is clear that, by these types of measurement, all Immortals become less intelligent as time goes by, until an average standard is reached. In other words, the overall intelligence of a thousand year old Immoral should match his or her actual age. It should be emphasised that the average standard for thousand year old Immortals is very high. From an Immortal point of view, there are no child prodigies at these levels.

The interaction of mind, body, will, and heart is symbolised by the four elements of air, earth, fire, and water. If these four aspects are creatively interconnected with each other, then the overall intelligence and wisdom of the Immortal Self begins to emerge. Eternal youth is agility of mind, body, will, and heart. Take a keen interest in as many things as you can, as time goes by. Let your interest in the diversity of life in this universe generate springs of enthusiasm, joy, and eternal wonder. These waters are the Fountain of Youth.

42. Can any of the channelled teachings around be attributed to any of the Immortals?

Immortals do not involve themselves with channelling in any way whatsoever. Some strange ideas exist about the communicative abilities of people like Jesus, St. Germain, or Fulcanelli. If they do need to communicate, they can do so directly. It's very restrictive to think that they can't write, phone, or use E-mail, or appear in public if they want to. They don't sit around and pretend to speak for each other, nor do they scan the earth and choose individuals to speak through. Immortals have the liberty to represent themselves directly.

All of the "New Age" channelled literature will be forgotten in a few decades or centuries. Most channelled material is filled with spiritual clichés. Some channellers try to give a bit of character to their channelled entities by adding a quirky sense of humour. Perhaps the worst material is coming from the galactic star command groups. If this is what the aliens are like, it's time to get ready to fend off the invasion. Other writings claim to be Jesus. The trouble is he sounds much more interesting in the Bible. It's as if his literary skills have gone straight downhill over the past 2,000 years. Real Immortals should get better as time goes by.

If someone collected all of the thousands of channelled St. Germain messages together, from many different sources, then the contradictions and absurdities would become obvious. St. Germain does not speak through anyone. So why do so many people claim otherwise? It's a way of trying to magnify one's own self-importance in the great, cosmic, hierarchical scheme of things. The only trouble with this is that the hierarchy does not exist. Only mortals build such things. So run a mile in the opposite direction anytime you hear of greetings from the Great White Brotherhood, or anything calling itself the Hierarchy. None of the Immortals have any involvement with such rubbish.

Each of us has a beautiful and unique gift to develop and give to the earth. If we all do this, then the sum, or mathematical total, of all our True Purposes added together could be given some sort of collective label, like "Divine Plan." The point is, any such collective expression of cultural purpose is generated and created from the ground up, not from some elite council of Elders locked away in some etheric room atop the summit of some hierarchical structure.

In the past, people who claimed to hear voices from many different entities were locked up. Today, we pay them money to hear their clichés, and even regard them as ambassadors. Hopefully, this decline in spiritual discernment is only temporary. If you want to read something that's worth reading, try one of the great classical writers, from any culture. Or get a list of the Nobel prizewinners for Literature, and find some new interesting writer to read. There are many writers who have deep insights into the human condition. None of them are channellers. All of them are speaking directly from their own hearts and lives. Find your own unique gift. Do not try to speak for some real or fictitious being. What you have to say is far more beautiful and profound than any channelled message. Don't settle for imitations, be the real thing.

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