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Phoenix of Immortality

The Path of the Phoenix:
The Spiritual Road to Physical Immortality
by Robert Coon

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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Physical Immortality 12-22

12. How many Immortals are there on the planet? What do they do all day?

Physical Immortality is nothing new. There is a vast amount of literature available on the subject. In China, there is a library containing biographies of over 10,000 Taoist Immortals. The Jewish tradition recognises at least 12 individuals, men and women, who overcame death before the time of Jesus. The situation is the same in every part of the world: You can find information about immortal people. It's hard to give a precise estimate, as there's no census carried out among the Immortals. Perhaps 20,000 would be a good guess. That's not very many, when you look at the current world population, 6 billion, and add to that sum all the people that have ever lived on the earth. If there were 200,000 Immortals, and they were recognised as a small, minority sub-culture on the earth, then Physical Immortality would begin to have an obvious impact on society. Things have not advanced to that position yet, although I am optimistic that they will by the middle of the 21st century.

Historically, most men and women who have achieved everlasting life have done so in the midst of societies that are not designed to support such a choice. If the surrounding culture is hostile to immortality, which has often been the case, then the Immortal becomes invisible. In order to not attract attention to themselves, they either retreat to a remote location and lead a solitary life; fake their own deaths; adopt a disguise; or literally become invisible by raising their vibratory levels to frequencies above the visible spectrum. But it must be emphasised that the immortals, by and large, would like to re-integrate themselves into a global civilisation where Everlasting Life is recognised and honoured as a normal way of existence. This should happen over the next several hundred years: The immortals should start to come out of the woodwork.

The daily activities of Immortals are as varied as those found within the full panoply of human experience. There is no sudden and sharp dividing line between the activities of mortals and immortals. Certainly, Immortals are not self-destructive. By this, I mean that all Immortals are doing their best to lead positive, creative, and constructive lives. They are such individualists that I can say with confidence that no two Immortals are ever doing exactly the same thing at the same time. Whatever it is that they are doing, they are trying to make their activities into a blessing for all things and all beings, at all times.

13. How will I know when my body Immortalizes? Will it happen suddenly or is it a gradual process?

Confidence in your own Immortality may come suddenly, or gradually over a longer period of time. As soon as you can, develop faith in the laws of abundant, more vibrant life. As your True Will uses these laws to create changes, each of these changes will be an Initiation which will leave you in greater certainty of your own Immortal Life. Faith will lead to knowledge, and knowledge will lead to certainty. It is natural for the physical body to become younger and more radiant. As you master the laws of life, you perfect an alchemical adjustment within the physical body which maintains perfect health and unveils that mature expression of your highest purpose which is the spirit of liberty.

14. Will science ever create an "Immortality pill"?

In order to create an Immortality pill, science will need to first understand the causes of death. Only then can you concoct a cure. Eventually all the genes within the DNA structure will be mapped out and understood. This should result in a healthier human race that lives longer, but it wonít guarantee physical immortality. The principle causes of death are not genetic. If an immortality pill was available, to whom would it be given? Would it be freely available to millions of starving people? Or would it be restricted to global VIPís? Who would determine whether one life is more important to preserve than another? If science can help to build a healthy world civilisation, then it will be easier for individuals to blaze their own Immortal trails. Physical Immortality is not an elitist thing. Remember, social justice and liberty come first; only then can an Immortal culture expand and flourish.

While I welcome any contribution from science which improves the quality of life for all species on earth, I doubt whether a true Immortality pill could ever be possible. The science of Physical Immortality is very ancient, and it has clear principles and laws. So everlasting life is available now. No one needs to wait for some future discovery. All the immortal discoveries were made a long time ago. Anyone can begin to utilise this information now.

Our modern society likes to have a pill for everything: If you have a headache, take an aspirin, if you have the flu, get some antibiotics, if you have death in your physical system, take a pill and it will go away. We tend not to go to the doctor unless we are ill. Immortal doctors in the future will have a different purpose: They will remind us of the principles of vibrant, abundant life. Then we wonít need to take any pills to rid ourselves of any unpleasant conditions. Death is unnatural, and disappears whenever Immortal laws are practiced.

The primary cause of death is loss of the Will to live. Strengthen and energise the True Will for Greater Life at all times. If you do this, then the Will is able to create changes in the physical body, in the heart, and in the mind. Among the many physical changes you may provoke is the phenomenon of genetic alchemy. If you are born with any weak or defective genes, inherited from your ancestors, it is possible to purify, strengthen, and structurally alter these genes until you completely regenerate the body and arrive at perfect health. We are born with an "Immortality pill" already within us. When we discover our true wills for everlasting life, then the capsule begins to dissolve, and death begins to disappear from the physical system. When the elixir of the Immortal Will completely permeates every atom and cell of the body, then the cure is permanent.

15. Does Immortality involve having supernatural powers? Can Immortals fly?

Ultimately, nothing is supernatural. We need to make an experience repetitive before we can begin to domesticate it into our normal reality. Immortals activate latent capabilities, and begin to utilise them. Sometimes miracles are so subtle that no one notices that they have occurred. Immortals never make a public demonstration with any of their unusual abilities. The creative and artistic challenge is to weave your magick into normality in a way that creates changes which expand our appreciation of the potentialities of life.

Every act of pure magick should contain within itself operating instructions so that anyone who is touched by that magick is able then to perform that act of magick by themselves, with a clear understanding of what they are doing, how they are doing it, and why they are doing it. There is a vulgarity revealed whenever anyone "demon-strates" a supernatural ability in public. Always, such actions attract attention in the wrong directions. If you materialise an object, make sure that your action enables everybody else to do the same. Never attract attention to yourself. Gurus who show off in public are not artists, they are vulgarians. Concentrate on your Immortality, and you will perfect your artistry.

It is not unusual for a person to be given an extraordinary power at some point along the journey to Everlasting Life - but this power is always given while still within the limitations of mortality, and is a test, or opportunity for purification. After all the tests are finished, then Immortality ensues. Immortality is about the overcoming of all limitations. Can Immortals fly? Master your own Immortality, and spread your magickal wings.

16. Why do some saintly and seemingly very spiritual people die?

It is possible to perfect many of the Immortal virtues, or qualities, and still die. It's even easier to think you are an Immortal, and then die. In order to attain eternal life in the physical body, the complete alchemical formula must be mastered. Some people get part of the experiment accomplished, but they don't finish the final transmutations.

To begin with, it is highly unlikely that you will wake up some day and suddenly find yourself Immortal, without having a fully conscious, illuminated True Will for it. Your True Will, or Highest Purpose, is identical to your deepest animating spirit. It is creative fire. It's the pure, totally clued-in force which moves your life in the right direction. When you become aware of what your true will is, you become re-aquainted with an old friend - the most ancient and eternal aspect of yourself. When this force is awakened and energised and trusted, then it sweeps through every atom and cell of your body and recreates all things anew. The Immortal True Will is able to change and overcome all things. So there have been many saintly people, such as St. Francis, who have perfected Immortal virtues, but who have not consciously understood why someone who accepts their own death eventually dies.

It is easy to understand why someone who accepts their own death eventually dies. It is also important to understand why many Immortalists - individuals who do appear to have discovered their own Wills for infinite life - end up dead. The history of Physical Immortality is littered with such cases, so there are sufficient materials from which one can hopefully extract a little wisdom.

Virtues are like radiant diamonds. Immortals have developed and strengthened many of these radiant jewels in their lives. Within your self, develop peace to an incandescence which engulfs the universe. Amplify love until there aren't any traces of graves left anywhere within any memories to be found in any galaxies. As you open your heart, ignite a fire of praise within its centre. Let this praise cleanse your body and all of creation, and entice the utter devotion of every eye to the unfathomable eternal beauty which is thereby unveiled. This fire of praise is born within the heart at the instant that your True Will for Physical Immortality unites with Love. Immortal Will fused with Love resides within the open heart and flames its magick, beyond all boundaries, throughout this cosmos of infinite possibilities.

Master, balance and coordinate all of the most vibrant, positive virtues of life. Each of these virtues has a real frequency that is able to transform the physical body. Your body is the most sacred temple of truth, and you are either the high priest or high priestess who is in charge of it. If you perform your highest duty, then the immortal resonations of your magick shall unite heaven and earth, spirit and matter - thereby enthroning the child of perfect liberty within the vibrant core of all things.

Life is destined to be victorious over all things. If a saintly individual dies, celebrate their life, and absorb the wisdom of their experience. Then dedicate that received wisdom to the cause of universal life - the triumph over all things. All of us have many different individual challenges and initiations to face. Every pathway through the forest of eternity is different. Although each of our journeys is unique, we eventually arrive upon the shore where the final challenge awaits. This ultimate creative challenge is the overcoming of physical death. The fact that this has already been achieved by many individuals is a guarantee - a promise that the victory of everlasting life shall be achieved throughout all time and space. The creative, evolutionary will of the universe is firmly directed towards this consummation.

17. What is the True Will?

The most important task is to discover what your True Will is. There are no fixed techniques for doing this. Anything that truly helps you to understand your Highest Purpose, and to accomplish it, is valid. What is the True Will? It's the essential, pure expression of your individuality. If you know who you are, then you can use that unique knowledge to create change. The Will is the force which creates all movement. True movement or change creates the best of all possible results, given all the circumstances of the situation.

How can you tell that what you think is your True Will really is so? If it leads you along a pathway that arrives at Everlasting Life, then that's a good sign that you have been doing your real purpose. The True Will is not a highly detailed agenda, or itinerary. So it is possible that you can try one course of action, and then do something completely different. What will remain consistent through your different activities are the basic principles of your True Will. For example, is it your Highest Purpose to create greater light, love, life, and liberty for all beings? If so, then there are many different ways of going about this.

Illuminate your Purpose, and then act. Don't be dependent upon whether you appear to be given either support or resistance by other people or by the surrounding environment. There will always be resistance so long as one person somewhere is not doing their True Will. Every being is a star emanating a unique and beautiful purpose. When all stars discover and express their pure identities, then no one will feel restricted. Ultimately, all True Wills, are in harmony with each other.

The True Will is your essential, eternal essence. It is not a collection of thoughts. In the alchemy of the four elements, thoughts are on the mental plane, are symbolised as air, and may be represented by a sword. The True Will is different: Its element is fire, and it is symbolised by the magick wand which orchestrates change. You can always change your thoughts - they can arrive, and then disappear. Thoughts are like leaves blown by the wind. The conscious True Will is eternal. Once you become aware of it, you will never doubt or waver. Clarity of Purpose is the radiant core of Everlasting Life.

18. What about Angels?

Angels are the Divine in Action. Angels are prominent in the Jewish, Christian and Moslem religions. Angels ensure the integrity of the True Will communicating and in manifestation. For example, angels make sure that our prayers are received by the Divine and acted upon. In essence, a highly efficient spiritual postal system that sees to it that your letter does not resurface 30 years too late at the wrong address on the wrong planet...

Have faith that if you call upon the spirit or angel of any quality, that aspect of the universe will creatively respond to you. For example, if you need more courage and patience, then call upon these qualities to be with you. The universe responds by entering into a creative relationship with you that will strengthen your mastery of the required, invoked virtues. Angels are like a cosmic civil service. Instruct angels to carry out your Divine Purpose. Both activities of giving and receiving are enhanced by our utilising the creative aspect of the Divine through prayer and invocation.

Spiritually sensitive people often see the Light of the Divine in Action. In this scientific era, these lights are often interpreted as UFO's. While not denying the possibility of extraterrestrial life acting within our solar system and upon earth, I would suggest that much of this phenomena are angels and Immortals in action. The Fatima visions in Portugal are clearly the workings of the physically Immortal Mary, and not some UFO pretending to be Mary. There is a tremendous outpouring of resurrecting Light whenever and wherever an Immortal materializes his or her physical body on this earth. The appearance of Mary at Fatima and that of St. Germain at Mount Shasta are two such examples.

Angels are the most beautiful and artistic visual forms of spiritual principles. Your own individual Holy Guardian Angel is the most beautiful and Aesthetic Form of your inner True Will. This angel is the True Will exteriorized as an intelligent spiritual field of energy surrounding you. Thus your Angel is able to creatively relate to the outer environment in a Way that guides you upon the Ideal Path of your own Perfection. The Guardian Angel is much more than a passive force. More importantly, this angel actively Initiates you into the next phase of spiritual growth. Simply, your True Will knows what is best for you. Pray often in gratitude for your True Will to be Joyfully illuminated!

19. How would I recognise an Immortal in a crowded street?

If you are walking down the street, you can't be certain of recognising an Immortal. What you can do is recognise the presence of an Immortal quality or trait within everyone that you see. It might be beauty, serenity, health, vitality, innocence, self-reliance, - or any of the virtues that an Immortal has. If you focus on these positive qualities, then you encourage the full eternality of everyone you meet to come forth into greater more visible expression in society.

All Immortals are filled with vitality and health. They may appear young or ancient or any age in-between. If an Immortal walking down the street does not want to be recognised, then no one will be able to spot them. Even another Immortal would not be able to pick them out of a crowd. This is an example of another liberty which is discovered along the road to Everlasting Life. All Immortals have the right to privacy. Immortals don't need to be noticed. They are signposts which point you in the right direction, they are not the destination...

20. Do Immortals have accidents?

As infants, we tend to bump around against the furniture of the universe for a while. Aikido Masters get so good at self-defence that they never have to defend themselves. They magickally alter their relationship to the surrounding environment until the world becomes a totally safe place to be in. It's the same with Immortals. The further you go along your Immortal pathway, the healthier you will be. You will emanate a dynamic force of peace into your environment that will change lions into lambs. Don't worry if you bump into things for a short while. If you are dedicated to the Immortal pathway, you will notice that things are getting better all the time. Eventually, not only will you be able to keep yourself out of trouble, but your magickal radiancy will contribute to the safety and well-being of others. Every airflight should have at least one Immortal on board.

21. Is there a Council of Immortals? If so, where do they reside?

There is no inner council of immortals. They reside and move in places and ways which best serve the earth's evolutionary purpose. Each immortal is an individual who follows his or her own highly developed superconductive, far-reaching intuitive voice. If immortals need to temporarily work with others, then this intuition acts to structure the necessary result.

22. How is it possible to halt the process of cell death?

There are many functions in the human gene map which are yet to be understood. Immortals activate the right atomic, genetic, and cellular mechanisms in order to remove the slightest trace of entropy from the physical body.

Immortal instructions reprogramme and reformat specific genes. This is done by a transfer of information from levels (subatomic) below the genetic to the DNA region. It is wrong to think that this transfer is from higher levels down to the realm of genes. The movement of immortal information is upwards.

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