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Phoenix of Immortality

The Path of the Phoenix:
The Spiritual Road to Physical Immortality
by Robert Coon

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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Physical Immortality 23-30

23. Are there any immortals who have abused their power, for instance - self service, world domination?

It is impossible for an immortal to abuse his or her power. The intensities of purification required for physical immortality are such that only the most dedicated can leap the Abyss and awaken fully possessed by only the eternal. Nature has built in dependable safeguards upon the initiatory pathway of immortality, so that it can not be abused.

24. Can an immortal be hurt or killed? If so, do they heal instantaneously or at the same rate as a mortal, and just continue to live no matter how serious the injury?

Immortals can not be killed. They have a power of regeneration which is optimal. If one is grateful for all things, then nothing ever needs to be healed. Immortals are in control of their own life, in every respect.

25. Do immortals feel physical pain?

The journey to immortality is a movement away from pain, suffering, and death. There comes a point in this process where these three conditions no longer have any influence upon the individual. The time at which this occurs varies, according to each person's personal experiences.

26. Can you explain the difference between "Ascension" and Physical Immortality?

Ascension, as an idea, has entered our spiritual vocabulary from the famous event in the life of Jesus, as described in the first chapter of the Acts of the Apostles, in the New Testament. The tradition is that Jesus, 40 days after his Resurrection, ascended from the Mt. of Olives, and disappeared into the clouds on his way to the heavens.

This first, and most famous, ascension is most accurately defined as a vertical movement which results in retirement from public life and activity. This idea of verticality creates much confusion at the present time. It leads to concepts of Heaven being above, and Hell at the heart of the earth. This creates a bias against the earth, and a desire to escape from the earth.

Physical Immortality reverses this anti-life tendency and says that the wisdom of heaven is within the heart of the earth, and that the realm of everlasting life is within you. All matter is sacred - don't try to transcend it by rising above it. Let matter materialise spirit.

If we choose to say that Ascension is identical to Physical Immortality, then we must clearly understand that it is about staying right where you are. It's not about going somewhere else. And, if we use the two terms as synonyms, then it is essential to understand that no one who physically dies ends up, after death, as an Ascended master, or Ascended being.

Ascension, or Physical Immortality, is the normal state of being. If we do not understand the operating instructions for life, then this normally immortal physical body becomes subject to entropy, energy loss, decay, and eventual death. So ascension is not about going anywhere that's elitist. Ascension is being totally present, where you are, at all times.

27. What about the existence of the devil; good versus evil?

We invent the devil to give meaning to the tremendous amount of cruelty, suffering and death in the world. As long as we blame these things upon the devil, we avoid looking deeply at the real causes.

There are a lot of illusions in the world which are created through lack of understanding Immortal principles. Intuitively we know that physical immortality is how things should be. But we show a lack of imagination whenever we think that the devil is the cause of death. The Immortal Imagination is free of hobgoblins.

Immortals are devoted to the preservation and enhancement of all life. Work for the increase of liberty, life, love, and light everywhere upon this earth, and what is evil will lose its influence and erode away. There is no organised hierarchy of evil, with a devil as its leader. All evil is created through a lack of Immortal Imagination.

The goodness in life is filled with creative intelligence, and will gain an ascendancy in society. Evil, lacking this creative intelligence, is destined to fade away. The purpose of evolution is greater life. Evil is not part of this purpose and will eventually become extinct.

Physical Immortality is a philosophy, or way of living, which works to alchemically synthesize all dualities. Through this alchemical process, concepts such as the devil and evil eventually disappear.

If you give no energy to the idea of the devil, then this unintelligent archetype loses its ability to exist. Always, the devil is unwilling to free itself from its addiction. Because of this unwillingness, it's easy to get rid of it. Then we can begin to address ourselves to the real task - the abolition of all pain, suffering, and physical death.

For all Immortals, the point of vision is arrived at where all creation is seen as it truly is - Immortal, beautiful, and sublime. Throughout all time and space, there are no devils.

28. If Enoch is the oldest Immortal, how did he learn about Physical Immortality?

In the Western Judaic-Christian-Islamic tradition, Enoch is clearly recognised as the most senior of the Immortals. In the Koran Enoch is called Idris. As he was the first, this question naturally arises: How did he discover physical immortality? While we don't know for sure exactly where or when Enoch overcame death, most estimates place his age at around 6,000. He was born before the Jewish religion existed, and before the time of Noah's Flood.

These days, it's popular to regard any antediluvian event, such as Enoch's Immortalisation, as having transpired in lost Atlantis. Wherever Enoch was born, it was a very long time ago.

Enoch initiated himself into physical immortality by a direct contemplation of life, of nature, of creation. We debase the currency of life whenever we attempt to make our own Initiations and advancements dependent upon a teacher or guru-type figure.

Life isexquisitely designed so that absolutely everything that anyone needs to know in order to change and grow is present and accessible in both the internal and external everyday environment.

Creative consciousness permeates all things, and it can react to anyone desiring to master more completely his or her highest purpose. When this reactive intelligence wants to spotlight the truth and beauty of everlasting life, it is interpreted, by the Rabbis, as an angel called Metatron.

In the Cabala, Metatron is the archangel from the summit, or crown, of the Tree of Life. In other words, Metatron can transmit wisdom and information about the highest Fruit of Life - Physical Immortality. For this reason, the ancient Rabbis state that Enoch was initiated into his own pioneering incorruptibility by Metatron. So, if you like the idea of angels, try invoking Metatron for this specific purpose.

Over the centuries, there developed a confusion between Enoch and Metatron, so you may find some texts which claim that they are the same being. This is not correct. Angels are angels and humans are humans, immortal or not. An angel is an archetype representing a very specialised creative and reactive aspect of universal intelligence. For example, there are angels symbolising love, or trust, or peace. Immortal humans are individuals who have developed all of the essential virtues or positive qualities of life. Immortals are not specialists.

29. Does the environment I live or work in affect my ability to be Immortal?

Everything in the environment is a blessing, and is useful for the development of physical immortality. To the degree that people reject various aspects of their environment, do they separate themselves from life. Immortals embrace the full diversity of life with an open heart, curiosity, and enthusiasm. Do not limit the number of your magickal allies, for they are pervasive. If there is something in your workplace that you don't like, change it into something else by loving it and embracing it, not by hating it and rejecting it. The elixir, or sacrament of everlasting life is being offered to you through all phenomena, at all times and in all situations. If you chart a career of forming judgements and rejecting this and that in your environment, eventually you box yourself into a very limited space. Boxes constructed from limitations are called coffins. We need to extract the treasure of eternal possibilities from every experience, for that treasure is always there. Acceptance - not rejection - is a very important key. Immortals continually and passionately expand their embrace of, and appreciation for, the wonderful diversity of life and phenomena which exists on earth and throughout the universe.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that you are on a spiritual pathway, or have a spiritual lifestyle, for this is a type of thinking that creates hierarchies, limitations, separations, and dualities - all of which are agents of the death force. If the senses are clear of all distractions, then we see absolutely everything as it truly is - infinite and vibrant with sublime beauty. If you are the synthesis of all dualities, then you are physically immortal.

Magick is the art of creating beautiful changes. Don't worry about your environment having a negative effect upon your ability to be Immortal. Devote yourself to activating and energising your True Will for physical immortality and become an agent for change.

The only question is: How can your Immortality have its best effect upon your environment and your work? As a creative, immortal individual, conscious at all times of your own highest purpose, you will always be able to answer that question.

30. How do Immortals view time?

The solar system, through its basic rhythms, composes our structures of time. The revolution of the earth around the sun, the daily rotation of the earth, the 23 degree tilt of the earth's axis, and the revolution of the moon around the earth create, respectively, the year, the day, the seasons, and the phases of the moon. None of these patterns create ageing or death. Mortals are mistaken when they try to make a connection between time and death. The rhythms of the solar system create a dance which can be used to enhance and expand the triumph of life.

As time progresses, grow more youthful as you move from the limitations of linear time to the variations of eternity. The eternal now is a sphere of infinite radius which pulsates with all of the rhythms of the sun, moon, earth, and stars. These rhythms create perpetual change within the experience of the eternal now.

The present instant is unique, and should be appreciated as such. If your enjoyment of the present experience is deep enough, then you "see infinity in a grain of sand." In other words, your awareness expands to fill the infinite sphere of the eternal now. Immortals are always in this Eternal Time. They derive their Immortality from it, for the eternal now is a perpetual motion machine designed to generate the forces of Everlasting Life.

Don't let society, with its customs and habits, entrap you within the illusions associated with time. Use the natural rhythms of time to enter the timeless. Every Immortal is still able to enjoy the changing of the seasons, or the magick of a full moon. Just remember that these experiences of life, like all experiences, are opportunities to deepen your Eternal Life, your wisdom and your love. The universe is Immortal, and is expressing this quality in every aspect of its being, in all locations, in every instant of the eternal now.Immortality is the art of connecting with this eternal nature of the universe in all our individual experiences. There is a simplicity in this: Only the present instant exists. Reach out and touch eternity. The Holy Grail is here now... Timelessness is present at all times...

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