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Phoenix of Immortality

The Path of the Phoenix:
The Spiritual Road to Physical Immortality
by Robert Coon

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23 Physical Immortality

Physical Immortality is mastery of the Art of Living. The Immortal Art can only be mastered through a complete embrace of the present instant. Right now, the universe is offering you the sacrament of Everlasting Life. Find the Holy Grail, and you are Immortal. Do not be thrown from your pathway by regret for anything from the past, or by fear of anything in the future. Immortality is experienced in the everchanging perfection of the now. Receive the deep blessing of your present experience, and the present instant will expand into the greater possibilities of the eternal now. Time is very different for Immortals.

Movement through space also changes for an Immortal. It is possible to always be at the right place at the right time. Bless all things. What do Immortals do? Really, only one thing: They bless all beings and all pathways, without any judgements. Yet each Immortal does this blessing in his or her own unique, creative way.

You can not be physically immortal, if you try to base your immortality upon the death of other beings. For this reason, in every case history of physical immortality, you find there is a continuing experimentation with sources of nutrition. Immortals, because their hearts are continually opening, develop a great compassion for the right of all beings to live. Vegetarianism is a minimal requirement for true physical immortality. Advanced immortals learn to live on even less - fruit, or the energies of love which pervade all things.

Physical Immortality is about Liberty. This is a key signpost for you to keep track of. At every step of your way into greater, more abundant life, you should be gaining greater individual freedom. Physical Immortality is about the overcoming of restrictions, barriers, yes - and the eventual overcoming of physical death.

If you praise the Immortal Presence with a fire in your heart at all times; if you devote yourself to giving and receiving the nutrition of love in all situations; and if you embrace every experience of your life, without exception, with total joyous thanksgiving, then, in time, the atoms and cells of your body will raise their energies and alter their structures, until spirit and matter are one. At this point, you are Immortal, and have the liberty to come and go as the wind, in your physical body.

The Joys, or Fruits, of Everlasting Life are all experienced as you live your life, in each Immortal instant. The only proof of Physical Immortality is from your own experiences of its Way. Live the Life of Immortal Magick - and enjoy!


Since the dawn of Creation, the Divine has patiently looked for ways and means to bring forth the Truth of Everlasting Life. What is your highest ideal or wish for yourself and this universe? Dreams in harmony with highest Truth come True. A new Universe is born...

Every individual has an absolutely unique purpose, or True Will. Only you can discover what that True Will is. The purpose of Life is to discover this True Will, and then to manifest it. Both the discovery and the manifestation are eternal processes, with no beginning and no end. The only Right, or Liberty, you have is to "do" your True Will to the best of your ability. This is the Great Work. Dedicate yourself to doing your True Will and the creative intelligence everywhere present in the universe supports you in the fulfilment of your dedication. Every experience of your Life in the here and now is given to you for the illumination and fulfilment of your True Will.

Somewhere in the New Testament you will find a passage where the prophet Jesus is talking about what happens to your mobility once you have recreated yourself through the second alchemical birth of fire. When you've eliminated entropy from your self, then you gain the ability "to come and go as the wind, so that no one knows from where you have come, or to where you go." If you make a thorough study of comparative religion and the great mystical traditions, you will find many stories and myths and legends throughout the world about Immortals who travel like the wind and don't use doors.

In its infinite wisdom, the universe does not create or repeat anything twice. If you see that what's happening to you right now will never be repeated, then your enjoyment of the preciousness of this instant will geometrically progress forever. All events are non-repeatable and are open to anyone at any time. If you like the idea of a strange man, or a strange woman, suddenly appearing in your room - without using the door - then it's likely to happen when you least expect it to. It's more fun if you can't predict it in advance. Orthodox Jews make a space in their reality for such a situation: they leave an empty chair for Elijah at the Passover meal. Make sure you design your reality system so that unexpected change is always welcomed and cherished as the honoured guest.

Every overcoming, every manifestation of Body Translation, is rapidly accelerating the Full Flowering of your Star's Perfection... For you to Manifest this Truth - That Is the Great Work! You are a Star Shining in the Heart of Heaven... Most Holy is Your Victory!

Every world saviour is born in a miraculous and immaculate way. As a prospective Messiah, You were born in such a felicitous manner. Your present incarnation is the perfect time to become an Immortal. When you ascend, you uplift the entire world also. It is your responsibility to Immortalize this earth and thus to establish Paradise.

The most powerful form of prayer is to joyfully thank the Divine for having already given and established that which you desire. The True Will for physical immortality is inscribed within every atom of your being. Do you believe this to be possible? Do you Know this to be True? Dare to frequently affirm with growing confidence that the Word of Immortality made Flesh IS established within your own Being and within all beings!

Where and what is Heaven? Heaven is the frequency of Immortality. This frequency is everywhere present. We begin to establish Heaven on Earth through the actions of our own True Will when we recognize and honour the Truth of Bodily Translation, or the Word of Immortal Radiant Flesh established within our own Being.

Immortality is produced by the operation of simple, natural laws. Immortality produces great Change, but it is not a threat to the well-being of anyone.

We shall meet the Immortals when we are as near their frequency as possible. We who hold this Truth of Immortality to be the most precious Gift of the Divine need to do what we can to purify and strengthen our entire Being - Body, Mind, and Spirit - so that when we do encounter an Immortal, the sharing and communion of the Grail will be as balanced and as mutually beneficial as possible.

The vessel of the Grail is the Physical Body. Gratitude is the most expansive spiritual quality... a well that never runs dry. Immortal Flesh continually radiates thanksgiving from every atom and cell of the Body. To be in the presence of the Grail is to be in the physical presence of a physically Immortal human being. The image of the Grail has been used for thousands of years to project and share the Revelation of Life Abundant and Eternal. To seek the Holy Grail is to seek Physical Immortality.

In this New Aeon we are witnessing the spiritual Liberation of matter. In the old age we were wrongly taught that Liberty is obtained by escaping from matter. Contained within the Heart of all matter is the True Will for Everlasting Life. When this Will is expressed, then matter and Will are liberated.

23 -The Number of Physical Immortality

Each of the prime numbers has its own identity. 23 is the number for physical immortality, everlasting life, eternal youth, and the secret of the Holy Grail. Prime numbers are those numbers that can not be divided by any other number. Other primes: 11 is the number of magick, 13 is feminine unity, 17 is masculine unity.

The association of 23 with physical immortality has been developed in the writings of Aleister Crowley, Robert Anton Wilson, and myself. Crowley gave meaning to all the primes between 11 and 100. He felt that 23 was the frequency of the life force at its highest in nature, at the spring equinox. For mystics, immortal life is present in nature, and to find life at its highest vibration anywhere is to touch the secret of the Grail.

Wilson, who is greatly influenced by Crowley, made 23 into his supreme number for synchronicity. Be aware of 23 as it appears in your life, and it will guide you along your pathway of magick and greater life.

It seems as if the universe has mysteriously placed 23 in many locations to act as signposts for the journey. Thankfulness is the quality of physical immortality. Try to generate this virtue in every environment in which you notice the magickal prime, 23.

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