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Phoenix of Immortality

The Path of the Phoenix:
The Spiritual Road to Physical Immortality
by Robert Coon

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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Physical Immortality 31-36

31. What is meant by the phrase "Physical Immortality is the perfection of service"?

If you desire to be of the highest possible benefit to the universe, then you will seek to perfect the art of service. We all have many abilities. Physical Immortality is the pathway which allows us to master and use all of our potential. Death creates limitations in time and space. Immortality expands all possibilities.

Tell the universal life force that you want to be of the greatest service to it at all times, and in all places. Immortal service is forever. There is never a time where you retire. Mean what you say if you are telling the universe that you want to be of highest benefit at all times - for among all these times is eternity.

If an Immortal desires to be of the highest service, then circumstances in the cosmos may occasionally require one's instant physical presence at a distant location somewhere else on earth. This would result in bodily teleportation. Desire to be of the utmost use where you are right now, and also at any other place where your presence might be needed.

As an Immortal, dedicate your every thought, word, and action to being of the greatest possible usefulness to the efforts of every individual to discover and to completely manifest their own True Wills. Master this dedication, and you will grow to experience the truth that physical immortality is the perfection of service.

32. What is breatharianism? Is it a necessary part of the Immortal pathway?

Everyone who is alive breathes the air. As long as you are breathing, you can count yourself as being on the pathway of everlasting life.

As individuals advance upon their immortal journeys they almost always refine their diets as they go along. Some immortals eat food and sleep, others don't. Breatharians don't eat anything material, although they still drink water. Water is not a source of nutrition, but is like the oil you put in your car. Food is the gasoline, or petrol, and serves a function different from water.

If you are interested in becoming a Breatharian, there is no short-cut. Spend a few years being a vibrant, healthy vegetarian first. Then go to raw foods. After that, see if you can thrive on only fruits for a few years. It's really only at that point that you might begin to approach breatharianism.There are some people who are very advanced spiritually, but have terrible diets. There are other people who have very refined diets, but are totally unbalanced in their spiritual lives. Try to advance both aspects in a balanced way. Above all else, do not try to attract attention to yourself by claiming you are on a superior diet. It's best kept as part of your private life.

In recent decades many have tried to use breatharianism as a publicity gimmick in order to attract attention to themselves. If the circus comes to town, how many of us would go along to see the person who never eats? Yet, when you examine these cases, they rarely, if ever, stand up to investigation.

Instead of a real breatharian you find someone who thinks it's a good evolutionary idea, but is really eating junk food when no one is looking. It's the same with vegetarianism: Some vegetarians think that fish grow on trees, and are really fruits. There are real breatharians, it's just that they do not make a spectacle of themselves.

Your physical body is a temple, and is highly intelligent. Learn to listen to the message of your body. It will tell you what is the best nutrition for it.

Breatharianism is not essential to the Immortal pathway. You can be a breatharian and still end up dead. It is important to do your best to not contribute to the death of other beings, if you want to act from the Immortal point of view. So, at a minimum, vegetarianism is recommended. Whether you go on to learn to live off only the love, or only the prana of creation, is a personal matter solely up to you.

33. Can I eat meat, fish, chicken, etc., and still be Immortal?

Someone might think that physical immortality is a good idea, but, as long as it remains only a thought in the mind, it will not have the power to really change things. The Will is different from the mind. If you discover your True Will for Everlasting Life, then it won't be long before you stop eating all types of meat.

Philosophically, you can not make your own Immortality dependent upon the deaths of other creatures. None of these animals wants to lose its own life, in order to support yours.

There are universal Immortal laws. One of these laws is this: Every being has the right to live their lives for as long as they like. If you interfere with this right for another being, you interfere with this right for yourself.

All Immortals are working for the complete abolition of pain, suffering, and physical death throughout all of the creation. The very least they can do, at the start of this great endeavour, is to totally cease inflicting physical death, suffering, and pain upon any of their fellow creatures.

This is a minimum, and easy, requirement. It is only when you meet this basic requirement that you begin to have the possibility to function as a real Immortal.

34. Who and what is the Messiah?

In the various lists of the Jewish Immortals, Messiah is always last. The first eight or eleven names are of past Immortals, and the Messiah is seen as a future one. Elijah is supposed to return prior to the coming of the Messiah. It is important to understand that this future Immortal is best interpreted as a new development in the evolution of initiatory structure on earth, and not as an historical figure.

Overly zealous followers of Jesus tried to make a case for Jesus being the predicted Jewish Messiah. Some of them tried to say that John the Baptist was Elijah. If this was accepted, then it would be easier to say that Jesus was Messiah. But everyone knew that Elijah was an Immortal - something John the Baptist was clearly not. There should be no confusion about this: When asked in the first chapter of John (v. 21) if he was Elijah, John said "no." Jesus did not come to found a new religion. He only sought to reform the Jewish religion, and restate its deepest wisdom.

In the past, it has been the tradition to see physical immortality as something which only appears in human form. Because of this, it is easy to think that a future Messiah must also be a human. But what is new is this: We reach a new level of development when physical immortality appears on earth in non-human material structures. The Messiah comes in a form not expected. If a permanent foundation stone is recognised, which resonates Immortally, and is accessible in the present moment, then the Messiah is not in the future. Nor does the Messiah become a name in the list of previous, historical immortals. This non-human Immortal structure exists.

This non-human Messianic structure was established within the heart centre of the earth on Easter of 1984. Both the Holy Grail, and Teilhard de Chardin's concept of an evolutionary Omega Point, are archetypes which can be associated with this event. There is a physical aspect of the earth which is broadcasting immortal, incorruptible frequencies. It must be emphasised that this is an earthly, material concept of the Messiah. It is not a transcendental, anti-life, gnostic idea.

The key to Everlasting Life is in the earth and in yourself. Connect with the beauty and grace of eternity now. Do not wait for the coming of some future human immortal. The ancient rabbis urge us not to wait, for the Messiah will only come when he, or she, is no longer needed. In other words, the Messiah is the Master of Perfect Uselessness. Touch the heart of the earth. The Messiah is here now, albeit in a form which was not expected.

Historical recognition of this established non-human Messiah may take a long time. Perhaps we will look back to the 20th century someday and notice that something changed around 1984. And that this change led to the start of the construction of an Immortal culture on earth. It is not part of the purpose of this Messiah to seek recognition, as it doesn't function in this way. Right-brain, intuitive, and direct mystical perceptions have not gone out of fashion. They remain the best methods for connecting to the presence of the Messiah.

35. What is a person's Holy Guardian Angel?

The Holy Guardian Angel is a concept from the magickal tradition. The most important aspect to grasp is this: The Guardian Angel is not a being separate from your own being. It is a highly sensitive projection of the self which does act to guide and protect. People with highly accurate intuitions are on good terms with their guardian angel.

One of the main goals of initiation is to unite with your Holy Guardian Angel. When this union occurs, then the two become one. Duality is only useful for certain temporary dialogues. When illumination and consciousness are high enough, then the darkspaces which create the illusion of duality disappear. You are your own guardian angel.

The HGA is the most idealised, beautiful form of your True Will, externalised so that you can behold it more easily, to begin with. It is like a radar, and is able to keep you moving in the right direction in your life. After the initiation of union, you realise that this angel is your True Will, and that it has always been the guiding force within you.

It is useful to evoke the Holy Guardian Angel from out of your self. Try to externalise it. Talk to your angel about its functions, and listen to it. Draw it and paint it. All these are ways of becoming more familiar with your True Will. After you have become friends with the Guardian Angel, then recognise that it is your own ancient, eternal nature, and then unite with it.

Every person has a guardian angel. Obviously, some work better than others. Immortals have integrated their own individual angelic natures into their everyday eternal characters. Behold another person's eternal presence, and you see their angel.

36. Who is Melchizedek? What is the Order of Melchizedek?

The Jewish religion recognises at least twelve physically immortal beings before the time of Jesus. One of these is Melchizedek. He makes his first brief appearance in the Book of Genesis, where he meets Abraham. There is another brief reference to him in the 110th Psalm. Then, in the Christian New Testament, Paul talks to the Hebrews about Melchizedek more extensively. This Immortal has exerted a fascination for many centuries.

Abraham was initiated by Melchizedek on the summit of Mt. Tabor, in northern Israel. This is the same mountain where Jesus met the Immortals Elijah and Moses, and eternised his own physical body. Melchizedek is described as a king of peace, a king of righteousness, and as a priest who never dies. Paul regards him as an archetype of perfection. Jesus is said to be a High Priest within the Order of Melchizedek.

For people looking for the ultimate secret society, or cult, this mysterious Melchizedek organization is hard to beat. Imagine being a member of such an exclusive group. You, Melchizedek, and Jesus - pretty rarified company. Nowadays there are hundreds of groups and individuals all claiming to represent Melchizedek. None of them do. Immortals never ask other people to speak for them. Immortals do not belong to elite and hierarchical organisations. So why do mortals persist in trying to represent the Immortals?

There are many obvious reasons for this. If someone has a desire for power over others, then they may be tempted to impersonate supposedly powerful beings. If you are not in touch with your own creative gifts and abilities, then pretend that you are the spokesperson for famous, powerful beings. If an ego gets out of control, sometimes it tries to subjugate the rest of the universe to its own illusions. Such people usually take Satan as their role model, say he was misunderstood, and then think that they are making the Immortals into their slaves. Of course, the real Immortals have absolutely nothing to do with these shenanigans.

Imagine one Immortal meeting another Immortal. Do they regard themselves as members of some Melchizedek Priesthood? Do they carry membership cards? Of course not. The Melchizedek Priesthood, and similar concepts, are invented by mortals and imposed upon the Immortals in an attempt to place them into a framework of understanding. Eternity is a place where limitations don't fit. Even Melchizedek probably doesn't belong to the Order of Melchizedek.

At the most, what we can say is that the Order of Melchizedek is a cultural label attached to something. It is one of many names found around the world which have been invented by mortals in an attempt to define the collective body of all Immortals. The trouble is, Immortals always defy such definitions. They are all individuals. Immortals, in the best and most pure sense of the word, are anarchists.

So the next time you hear of someone claiming to represent Melchizedek, or even to literally be Melchizedek, or to channel a message from him, remember that all such activities have absolutely nothing to do with the real world.

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