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Zelda Fanfiction

Adele's Fanfics'

Zelda the Novel I think this is the best Zelda fanfic other than Happy Mask's fanfics

Some of Happy Mask's fanfics' contain mature adult content. We will not be held responsible if you are under 17 and get caught reading them. We are protected under the 1st admendment. You HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Happy Mask's Fanfics'

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Defender Of the Crown Saga

The Love That Time Forgot

The Hall Of Infinity

Defender of the Crown


"Two if by Sea"

"The Awakening"

"Hyrule's Redemption"

"For the love of his Princess"

"The Duel of the Fates"


"Our bond will never be broken"

Zero's Fanfics'

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Zelda :Hidden Evil Saga

Party Night

Part 2

The Man Called Tassadar

Hidden Evil Awakes

The Fall


The Awakening

War of the Roses

Chapter 1 and 2

Candy's Fanfics'

A Love for all Seasons

Autumn Touch of Gold

Winter's Chill

Spring Time Shower

Summer's Heat

Another fic by Candy

Final Hope

Alan Chen's Fanfics'

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Poe man: A History The Early Years

Link's Dream Factory: Tour Number 1