Three days have passed since the Evil Sorcerer Quinn took over Hyrule. Scattered and broken Link and his men retreated from the castle as soon as they got the chance, he did not forget about his wife and daughter though. He bravely re-entered the castle and rescued them, Talon told Malon to go with Ben because her life would be in great danger, of course she protested. Ingo told her that he would take special care of them, this seemed to calm her down so as she gets ready to leave Moblins attack the ranch. Ben does not stand for this intrusion, he intercepts one of the spears, charges it up and hurls it back at the moblin. It blows the monster up on impact. The other three charge him, He balls up his fist and gathers energy, as the moblins get within ten yards of him, he launches a fierce counter-attack which vaporizes the Moblins in one shot. Seeing that Malon is all right he takes her to John's house deep within the Lost Woods.

"So that's it, we are just going to sit here and think up battle strategies," Zelda says. Link looks up from the table, "Zelda if you are not going to help, then leave this to us." Zelda give him a death glare but Link does not back down which makes Zelda even more mad. "How dare you tell me that," she says telepathically. "Damn it Zelda, we don't have the time for pointless arguments," he responds. Zelda tilts her head away and walks to her room.

Suddenly Nathan walks in the door with one of the Moblins at his side "Tell them or I will kill you now," he yells. "Master wants you and your army on Hyrule Field around 10am tomorrow." Nathan holds out his hand and vaporizes the Moblin. Everyone stares at him, "What," he asks. "I have some business to take care of, I will be there in the morning." With that said he walks out the door.

They decide to adjourn the meeting and spend the rest of their time with their loved ones. Link walks up to Zelda's door, and without second thought walks in and find Zelda crying on her bed. She tells him to go away but he sits down beside her and begins stroking her blond hair. She raises up a little and looks into Link's blue eyes, she then throws her arms around him and starts crying. "I don't want to lose you," she says between tears. He pull her close to him, "Look this might be our last night together so lets make the best of it." He lays Zelda down on the bed, leans over her and kisses her on the lips.

Ben walks to his room but pauses before he goes in. He clenches his fist, "I can't do this." He walks away from his room and heads outside. Malon opens the door to their room and looks down the hall, seeing Ben go outside. "Ben come back," she whispers, "I need you."

9:55am-Link and the army are on the battle field waiting for Quinn to show up. The wait is not long he and his men show up three minutes after they get there. Five men are chosen to fight Quinn: Link, who's courage has saved Hyrule once before, Q or Quinn; who is a very powerful Sheikah sorcerer, Marshal Frank; new comer to the hero business, the young leader of the Hylain Marshals, Tassadar; one of the Seven Wise Men who put Quinn away a century ago, he is here to do it again, Nathan; Link's double, he has now purged all evil from him and will do anything that is necessary to defend Hyrule from evil. These five men will defend Hyrule with there lives and if they have to they will pull out all the stops to do it.

"So you five think you can beat me," Quinn says laughing. He looks at the five warriors who have not moved on foot. "Fine," he says sighing, "who wants to go first." Link steps forward and pulls out the Sword of Truth. Link rushes Quinn, but he sidesteps him and pulls out his sword. Their swords clash releasing energy, suddenly Quinn steps up his attack and knocks Link's sword out of his hand. He sends Link back with a low beam off energy.

Marshal Frank hits him square in the jaw, sending him back twenty yards. Frank then stretches out his arms and gathers energy. He puts his hands together and releases the energy towards Quinn. Quinn appears from the smoke un-hurt. "Damn, I put everything into that shot." Quinn rushes him and kicks him into the air, flies up and hits Frank again, sending him strait to the ground.

Zelda, Crystal, and April rush over to Frank and pull him out of the battle. "Ha, is that the best you guys have....," Nathan cuts him off with a kick sending Quinn back 30 yards. Q starts to fight Quinn while Nathan helps Link up. Q stretches out his and shots a energy blast at Quinn. He dodges it and counter-attacks with a blast of his own. Q jumps away in time but the shockwave of the blast tears him up.

Link points his sword at Quinn, "We have not finished our fight." Quinn picks up his sword and rushes Link. Their swords clash sending out energy in all directions. Link cuts Quinn a little, which makes him up his attack. He cuts Link across the chest, Link responds by shooting a beam of energy at him. The fight drags on for about ten minutes, by this time Link is tiring and Quinn decides to deliver the final blow to this kid. Quinn jumps of Link, takes his arm and bends it back, then thrusts his sword into Link's back. Link's scream can be heard almost over all of Hyrule. He tosses Links body over to Zelda.

Zelda walks over to Link and drops down over him and starts crying. The other fighters just stand there not knowing what to do. Crystal tries to comfort Zelda, but she gets hurled back by an energy blast from Zelda.

"April, this is Rauru, go to the Temple of Time," he calls telepathically, "right now." She flies to the temple but Crystal intercepts her. April kicks Crystal in the face knocking her down. As April enters the Temple of Time, Rauru instructs her to head over to the case that holds the Ocarina of Time. As she pulls it out her Link's voice enters her mind. "Listen to me, you have to save Hyrule, I will teach you the Song of Time."
Link teaches her the Song of Time and tells her to play it in front of the alter. As the Door of Time opens, she notices the Master Sword in its glorious splender.

She walks up to the sword and pulls it out, but instead of walking out of the temple, she is trapped in the same blue energy that trapped Link when he was called on to save Hyrule from Ganondorf.

Raure contacts Ben and tell him what happened. Ben orders a retreat back to the Lost Woods, where Quinn can not enter. Now the main question for these people is, will they be able to hold out under Quinn's control until April wakes up from her sleep or will Quinn and his forces eliminate them all in one swift stroke? Only Time will tell............

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