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"CHYVALRY": Part VI "Accolade"


The engagement between Link and Zelda was formally announced that same evening, bringing even more cheer to the good citizens of Hyrule. However they were required, by Hylian royal tradition, to each spend the night before they were wed in vigil, since she was to be crowned Queen of Hyrule, and he be made a royal knight by her. Link wanted nothing more than to pass the time on this last evening as an ordinary warrior with his arms around the woman he’d grown up with, to continue making her feel safe, warm and loved, especially after she’d been in hiding for so long, and had lost her father. This had to be excruciatingly painful for her, he thought, to be alone once more.

He had visited with the Sages on this last eve, discoursing on his responsibilities and duties of Hylian knighthood. He had been instructed by them to wear a white tunic, as a symbol of his pure and noble heart, and a cloak of red, as a reminder of the blood he may need to shed to defend his kingdom, his people, and his Queen. His shoes and leggings were the color of brown and black, as a symbol of the earth he stood upon and defended. The time he spent alone that night, among lit candles in the darkness of his tree house, was in quiet contemplation of the future, on being Zelda’s husband, protector, lord of Hyrule Castle, and someday the father of their children.

Children? He smiled to himself. The father of Queen Zelda’s children.

That thought made him want her with him at his side at that moment more than anything. He swallowed hard, and felt a tear go down his cheek. How blessed he had been in this life, to have the love of the one woman closest to him since he could remember. Then, he thought of Marin, her unfair death, and the love she had given him…

A feeling of peace overcame Link’s soul at that very moment. He was destined to be with Zelda from birth, and sadly, it took the death of Hyrule’s mighty King, and Marin, to allow that to happen. How strange it is, he thought, how a turn of events can change one’s life drastically forever….


Zelda read from the Hylian royal books, quietly in her library, in complete solitude by the fire, concentrating on her royal responsibilities that had been laid out before her. The Sages had visited with her that night also, each giving her their unwavering allegiance and gratitude. They gathered immediately afterwards, pleased with the results of their meetings with her. It had been whispered among Hylian society that Zelda would make quite a fine ruler, and indeed it would come to pass…

Zelda placed the velvet bookmark in the passage she was reading, and closed the book; her eyes weary with sleepiness. She knew that Link was in solitude, in vigil, per tradition and custom, yet she too yearned for his presence at her side. Her thoughts drifted to what he may be doing at that same moment. Was he thinking about her as much as she was about him?

She was still quite distraught over her father’s murder, but Link had avenged him, as well as Hyrule, and her. Link’s power of courage was the most awesome she’d ever seen, and she had witnessed some powerful knights in her young lifetime. He will be by my side, forever, as my protector, lord of my castle, my husband, and father of my children.

She felt a little giddy at that last thought, and suddenly couldn’t wait until tomorrow’s ceremonies were over….

She then went upstairs to her bedroom and prepared herself for sleep, and as she lay alone in her huge bed, peace came over her, as she realized that from tomorrow forward, she would never have to sleep alone again…


Morning came quickly; the sun’s rays peeking through Kokiri forest, slowly stirring it to life. Link had fallen asleep during the night, even though that wasn’t really allowed for a knight in vigil, but it was only for a little while. Royal squires sent from Hyrule Castle arrived shortly after he awoke to dress him in his regalia, and when it was all laid out before him on his bed, his mouth dropped open at the sight of it. Was this really all for him?

Brand new silver gauntlets, breastplate, helmet, chainmail, and deep royal blue tunic, bearing the Royal Family crest upon it. Again, he was being dressed in Zelda’s favorite color.

He shot a surprised glance at one of the pages. "What is this?" he asked.

The squire shrugged, not quite sure why Link was reacting this way. "Milord…you are to be the husband of Her Royal Majesty, the Queen of Hyrule, it is only right that you bear her family’s crest"…

Link blinked his eyes wide in amazement, then shook his head….

He allowed the squires to dress him from top to bottom, then he left down the ladder of his treehouse to go to Hyrule Castle, but not before grabbing something of extreme importance to take with him. When he got to the bottom of the ladder, his mouth dropped open again in utter astonishment.

"Your horse, milord"…

Epona’s reins were handed to him, and he could not even recognize her. She was absolutely beautiful, outfitted in her own armor from front to back. She looked magnificent.

"Did…Zelda…I mean…Her Majesty, do this?" he asked, again in complete amazement.

The squire nodded his head.

"Indeed she did, milord."


At Hyrule Castle, Impa was helping Zelda dress in her beautiful wedding gown for her special day; this day of all days. She had just been crowned Queen of Hyrule, and today she would knight Link "Sir Link of the Royal Knights of Hyrule," and then she would become his betrothed. It was her biggest dream come true, to marry someone she truly loved, and not somebody chosen for her…

Impa brought her gown into the dressing room where she stood waiting in her pantaloons and corset. It was a beautiful blush brocade dress with cap sleeves, low bustline, and blush shoes to match. It was a simple dress, but one that reflected Zelda’s beautiful personality; all she cared about was being the best ruler she could be, and the best wife for her soon-to-be husband.

She thought of that night at the ball, and how handsome he looked then; well he would surely top that today in the regalia he would be arriving in soon. Her heart went pitter-patter at the thought of her best friend showing up to marry her dressed as a royal knight, bearing her family crest.

Zelda’s face lit up with a rosy smile as Impa took her dress out of its’ protective wrapping.

"Here you are my dear, it’s all ready"…

Zelda’s impatient fingers ran along the brocade, undoing the buttons along the back, smiling the whole time.

"Where’s my headpiece, Impa?" she asked.

"On your bed," she answered. "I’ll help you put that on too, don’t worry, my dear."

Her hands were turning a bit sweaty, and she could feel her makeup running just a little.

"I’ve got to calm down; my people can’t see their Queen looking like a nervous wreck."

Impa had an idea. Normally she would not have endorsed this kind of thing, but seeing that Zelda had quite a full day ahead of her, and would need her composure, she had sent down to the castle kitchen to have something brought to her to help her relax.

When they heard the knock at the door, Impa opened it slowly, snatching the flask out of the servant’s hand and approaching Zelda with it. When she saw it her eyes grew wide.

"Oh Impa, I can’t drink that!"

"Just a little swig can’t hurt you; you are a nervous wreck, Zelda, it will help to calm you down. Don’t worry, I won’t let you overdo it."

Zelda hesitated a bit, then took the flask from Impa’s hand.

"I don’t want this affecting me so much that I can’t enjoy my wedding night"….she said jokingly.

"Oh, it will wear off WAY before then"…Impa reassured her.

Not even thinking of it anymore, Zelda took a big swig of the whiskey and handed the flask back to Impa, wiping her mouth.

"Okay"…she said, taking a deep breath. "Let’s get this going, shall we?"


As Link rode toward the Temple of Time surrounded by Hylian squires, he saw Malon, standing alone outside her ranch. He held up his hand, motioning for the squires to accompany him there.

He just wanted to talk to her for a moment. She stood with her back against the tree, looking at him with adoring eyes. He was the perfect picture of the hero she always wanted to sweep her off her feet. However, she’d heard the rumors about he and Princess Zelda. And seeing him dressed this way, she had no doubt in her mind who he had chosen to be his life mate. This made her sad, but she knew it made sense. There was a special bond between he and the Princess of Hyrule, now the Queen of Hyrule, that could never be broken. So romantic, she thought…an innocent young man from the forest, with no royal titles whatsoever, to be chosen by the Sages as the one to defeat Ganondorf and bring justice to Hyrule. Link had avenged the King’s brutal murder, and saved Zelda from the evil clutches of the one who had sought to destroy Hyrule, who almost forced her to be his wife…

Who else would he be destined to marry?

He stopped just short of the tree and removed his helmet; his beautiful tunic setting off those blue eyes. He was devilishly handsome; his facial expression one of complete conviction regarding his future.

"Hello, Malon," he said in a soft voice.

"Hello, Link…I guess you’re here to tell me that you’re off to be married, huh?"

Link nodded his head. "Yes, I am. But I wanted to say thank you, for believing in me. You’ll always be a very good friend."

"I always believed in you, Link"….

He slid down off of Epona and walked toward her. Her arms wound around the tree behind her even tighter.

"I have something I’d like to give you," he said. "Something very beautiful, and sacred to me. Please treasure it, as I have treasured your friendship."

He took her hand, opened her fingers, and she felt something delicate being placed against her skin. Then he slowly closed her fingers, giving them both pause.

"I’ll see you around, okay?" he said softly. "Take care of yourself"…

She nodded her head. "Okay"…

He mounted Epona again, swinging his leg effortlessly over her body.

Then he backed away with his squires, and they proceeded to the Temple of Time. It was then that Malon opened her hand. Inside it was the beautiful shell necklace that had belonged to Marin.

Malon did not know the history behind this necklace, but she knew it was obviously something Link had held very dear to him. Smiling, she placed it around her neck, hugging the tree a little tighter, watching Link ride away to marry his beautiful Queen.

"You’ll always be happy, Link, of that I am sure"….

Link was greeted by humble bows from the citizens of Hyrule as he entered the town Market. He kept his composure; not quite believing that this was happening. As he looked up the path to the Temple of Time, he swallowed hard. All his memories of childhood came flooding back; the innocent days he’d spent as a Kokiri in the forest; his destiny unbeknownst to him, the taunting he’d received from Mido, and the games he played with Saria. Then there was the day he’d won Epona in a race, and he remembered Malon’s fiery red hair and her temper to go with it, at seeing him leave Lon Lon Ranch with her horse.

Then….there was Marin. His first love. Where was she now? Was she watching him? Did she know what he was about to do? It really mattered not; the spot Marin held in his heart could never be filled by anyone else. But in reality, it was small compared to the spot Zelda held. Not that he loved Marin any less. Oh, this was confusing

The image of Zelda the first time he saw her was sticking in his mind now; those beautiful blue eyes that held a fiery determination equal to his own, her high graceful cheekbones, the beautiful blond hair he could spend hours running his hands through…

He remembered their first dance; how she’d been so patient and kind to him.

"Sir! Sir!"

Link was obviously drifting away, for he did not hear his squire talking to him.


He shook his head, and snapped out of his trance.

"Yes, what is it?"

"You should dismount now; I will keep your horse steady until you’re prepared to leave."

Before he knew it, they were at the Temple of Time. Music could be heard coming from inside.

Zelda would soon arrive by carriage; it was obvious that she wasn’t here just yet.

So Link dismounted Epona, and his soon-to-be squire led her away.

When he entered, he discovered red carpet laid out before him, leading a path straight to the altar. He clutched his helmet in his hand; his palms turning a bit sweaty. This was where he would soon marry his true love, and vow to protect her and love her as his Queen until the day of his death.

As he looked around the Temple, he was pleased that his orders had been followed. Roses of every shape and color had been delivered, and filled the entire room. Zelda would sure be surprised! That was why he was glad he’d arrived before her. He wanted to see the expression on her face when she came through that doorway.

In the distance, the carriage carrying Zelda and Impa began to approach. She was nervously clutching her dress and smoothing it, trying to make sure that it wasn’t wrinkling.

"Do you think Link is here yet?" she asked, as her carriage slowed down in front of the Temple of Time.

"I am sure he is, Zelda," answered Impa, smiling at her nervous young girl. "I’ll just bet he is waiting at that altar, just as nervous as you are!"

"I’m not nervous!" she quipped. Then she started laughing, and Impa laughed a little too.

She opened the carriage door, and got out; her eyes gazing at her Queen.

"Your majesty"….she whispered, holding out her hand. Zelda laid her delicate hand in Impa’s and the royal trumpets played the fanfare of Hyrule as she exited the carriage; standing in her wedding dress in front of her citizens. She cast a very elegant and regal picture; enough to give pause to those who were admiring her this day.

At the altar, Link’s eyes suddenly looked up from his absent-minded gaze at the floor. She was here! His heart started to beat faster; his hands turning quite sweaty. Then he felt a steady hand on his shoulder.


He turned to face one of the knights who agreed to stand by him on this most wondrous of occasions. He gripped the knight’s hand in a manly gesture.

"Thank you, John."

Impa helped Zelda with her long train that would extend almost the length of the entire Temple of Time. As she gathered her skirts, she came suddenly came to a stop.

"Wait a minute, Impa"….

She closed her eyes, picturing her father beaming at her, so wishing that he could be here to give her away to the most perfect young man that ever lived. She took a deep breath, remembering the words Link had spoken to her intimately when she’d revealed herself to him as Sheik.

"Let me love you, Zelda, the beautiful queen that you are…my queen"….

Then she knew everything would be alright from now on….no more loneliness, no more pain…

"Okay, Impa, I’m ready," she whispered.

Link straightened himself as the trumpeters inside began to play the royal fanfare again. Two little girls preceded Zelda, carrying baskets of rose petals in their hands, and they flung them about, covering the red carpet with them. Link could not see Zelda yet; the crowd was so thick with those trying to get a glimpse of her.

"Oh, dammit, why can’t they get out of the way?" Link muttered to himself with urgency. "If only"….

Then it was as if a strange wind knew what Link had said….it parted the crowds right at that moment, revealing Zelda to Link, from head to toe…

Link thought he’d died and surely gone to heaven. Who was this most wonderful creature coming towards him? She was…absolutely breathtaking. There were smiles covering the faces of the crowd inside the Temple of Time; the only smile that mattered most to Zelda was the smile on her lover’s face, this knight of all knights, this man of her most intimate dreams and fantasies…

He certainly was handsome, dressed in everything she had sent for him to wear. Was she really here, about to marry him? She almost had to pinch herself to be sure. Her legs shook nervously as she walked to the altar. There were those gorgeous blue eyes, the private fire in them that he held only for her…

Those flowers! She saw every petal before her; smelled every sweet scent emanating from them…

She immediately knew this was his doing. What a romantic!

Before she knew it, she was at the altar standing right next to him. His hand closed over hers, and she hoped he did not feel the sweat coming from it. He looked even bigger wearing all of the armor she’d given him, and even more handsome up close. She thought she would faint…

"Hi," he whispered nervously to her, a big smile spreading across his face.

"Hi," she whispered back, just as nervous.

"You look absolutely gorgeous," he whispered again, this time much softer, meaning it for her ears alone.

Zelda blushed a little, looking away, and smiling…

At that same moment, Rauru came forward, joining them at the altar.

"Lords and ladies, we are gathered here today to witness the joining together of these two hearts, her Royal Majesty, Queen Zelda of Hyrule, lady of Ashford Isle, and Link, the young hero who has saved our kingdom from the evil hands of Ganondorf. Soon he will be knighted Sir Link, royal knight of Hyrule. May these two be blessed with eternal love and happiness. If there is anyone here today who believes that they should not be joined together in holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace."

The crowd was silent. Link and Zelda did nothing but look deeply into each others’ eyes.

Rauru continued, speaking that day of the importance of the marital bond, of the strength of the wedding vows, and the binding love between a man and a woman…never to be broken….

Link and Zelda then knelt together at the altar, hearing the beautiful voices of the children’s choir singing ethereal songs of love and enduring honor. Every once in a while, they would look at each other and smile nervously, squeezing each other’s hands.

After the choir was finished singing, they stood again, and Rauru nodded to them. "The rings, please"….

John came forth with Zelda’s ring, and Impa came forth with Link’s, taking Zelda’s bouquet from her hand.

"It is my understanding that this young couple has written their own wedding vows for each other," Rauru said, extending both his hands, stepping back, and smiling. "Go ahead, Link"…

Link knew this was his cue.

He slowly bowed on one knee to Zelda, and took her hand in his. He swallowed hard, then began to speak, his eyes soft, revealing the opening of his heart to her.

"Zelda, my darling"…

He smiled up at her, making her feel butterflies in her stomach.

"Until you said yes, my life was so very different.

I once was a small child in a forest, with very little knowledge of you, or certainly of my destiny. Until you said yes, I never knew love the way you’ve shown it to me.

That was a fantasy I gave up long ago…until you said yes…

Yet…here I am, about to become your husband. I am humble before you, I am undeserving of the love of such an amazing woman.

Until you said yes, I was lonely, searching for something that was no longer within my reach"…

Link’s eyes teared up a little at that point, his voice cracked, and Zelda’s other hand closed over his, wanting to comfort him…her own eyes beginning to water.

"Whatever pain you have suffered, I should like to take it from you, if I possibly can.

I pledge to you that yours will be the name I cry aloud in the night and the eyes into which I smile each morning…I shall be a shield for your back and you for mine.

I shall look for the arms of no other in my lifetime, as long as I live."

He slipped the beautiful marquis diamond ring onto her finger.

"Let this be the beginning of our lives together, of my endless devotion to you….my darling, my best friend.

Ever since you said yes, I know there is nothing on this earth more important than you."

He lifted her hand to his and kissed it tenderly, letting his warm lips linger on her soft skin a little longer…

Zelda had no idea Link would say such words of romance to her. They had made the promise not to reveal their vows to each other until this moment…

He continued kneeling to her, knowing that she was about to speak. He dared not move.

"Link"….she began, her own voice shaking a little.

He squeezed her hand, letting her know that everything was okay. His gaze told her that they were alone, in spite of this crowd, and to shut out all other eyes but his…

"Who would have known, that you would be the one?

Who would have known, when we were children, our paths so clearly different, would lead to

the same place?

Who would have known, that two hearts beating in different rhythms, would suddenly learn to beat as one?

Who would have known, that I would become lost in your eyes, my soul intertwining with yours in a sea of destiny?

I would have known….

Who would have known, that when you avenged my father, you stole my heart

And won my undying devotion? And saved me from the torture of one with so evil a heart?

Who would have known, my dear Link, that your voice is the one I hear in my thoughts, in my dreams, and in my fantasies?

I would have known….

My heart is forever yours….my kisses only for your lips…my most intimate embrace reserved only for you…

You are my knight in shining armor; the one who has taken my breath away…

Please become one with me on this day, take my hand, come into my heart…

It is waiting for you, and only you, forever"…

She slipped the golden wedding band on his left hand, sealing their bond…

Link stood up slowly, not taking his eyes away from his beautiful bride. They took deep breaths, trying to keep themselves composed at this deep revelation of love in front of these witnesses…

Rauru sensed that it was time to conclude this part of the ceremony. He drew closer to the pair, wrapping a cloth around their hands, a cloth of unity.

"Let this cloth symbolize the shield protecting this union from anything harmful on the outside wanting to come in"…he spoke in soft words. "Let no man, or woman, attempt to enter this sacred bond between these two."

Link and Zelda looked into each other’s eyes again. Link wanted so badly to touch her face.

"By the power vested in me by the Sages of Hyrule, I pronounce thee husband and wife. Young Link…you may kiss your bride."

Zelda’s hands tightened in anticipation around Link’s wrists as he carefully lifted the veil covering her face.

He closed his eyes, opened them again, and moved his face toward hers…

"I love you"…he whispered.

"I love you," she whispered back.

A quiet sound escaped both of them as their lips met, caressing each other in deep softness.

Link’s arms encircled her and brought her closer, and her hands grasped the front of his tunic, clinging to him. They almost forgot that they were being watched, as their kiss deepened. Some snickers began to come from the crowd, and a couple of the knights standing near Link cleared their throats.

Zelda opened her eyes, and began to pull away, although she hated to…

Link chuckled a bit, then looked over at Sir John, who was giving him the "thumbs up" sign.

Rauru’s face was beaming. "Lords and ladies of Hyrule, may I present Her Royal Majesty, Zelda, Queen of Hyrule, and her husband Link?"

Zelda hooked her arm in Link’s as they turned to face the welcoming cheers from their guests…

Impa took her place behind Zelda, and detached her long train from her body. Now for the moment of truth.

Zelda, Queen of Hyrule, was handed a sword bearing Link’s name upon the hilt in pure gold, and as she faced him, she realized she would have to give him his first command as his ruler.

"Link," she said softly, then clearing her throat. "Please kneel before me."

She blushed as she spoke those words to him. But he immediately obeyed her, kneeling down, patiently waiting…

She took the heavy broadsword in her hand, handling it with expert ease, unafraid of it, something Link always found very exciting about her. Their eyes locked on each other, she smiled at him and he smiled back. Then she lowered the blade to his right shoulder and tapped it gently.

"I knight thee Sir Link of the Royal Knights of Hyrule, lord of Hyrule Castle, Ashford Isle, and as the Sage of Courage for your recent unselfish acts in defending my country…and my crown. Arise and be recognized."

Before he did, however, he took her hand in his and kissed it tenderly. He would die for this woman. When he stood, the other Knights of Hyrule surrounded him to give him their congratulations. They stood in a long row, ready to receive Link…

"Brother to brother, in life and in death," each one said as they approached him, grasping each others’ shoulders in manly gestures.

Then they each bowed to their queen, promising to serve and be loyal to no other. Link was the last to approach her. When he took her hand, he decided to say something more to her.

"Milady, my queen, my wife, and my lover…I shall love and serve none but you, and you shall have my ever faithful heart, and my courage. I will bleed for you…I will die for you."

Zelda was speechless! He kissed her hand and backed away, holding his hand out to her, and sheathing his new sword behind him. Rauru approached them once more, and then looked to the crowd, laughing a little. "Well, now may I please have the honor of presenting Her Royal Majesty, the Queen of Hyrule, and Sir Link, the Royal Knight of Hyrule?"

This time the crowd cheered with lavish praise; this union had pleased them well! Link smiled at Zelda as she took his arm and they proceeded out the door of the Temple of Time. When they reached the outside, the bells were tolling, and the rest of the citizens that could not get inside the Temple cheered even louder than the one inside; the sound of it deafened their ears.

"Kiss her! Kiss her!" they shouted, shaking their fists high in the air.

Zelda covered her ears, and began to laugh. "My goodness, Link! What shall we do?"

He turned her to face him, and then cradled her face with his hands.
"Why, give them what they want, of course"…

He took his time looking into her eyes, all the while encouraging the crowd’s deafening roars.

Then he closed his eyes, moving his lips to hers, and…

It was what all of Hyrule had been waiting to see, their hero kissing their Queen. Link took advantage of this moment, showing his kingdom just how much he loved their ruler by the way he kissed her.

It was just as deep and romantic as the one he gave her at the altar, full and slow.

When he pulled away, Zelda nearly collapsed from the power of his kiss. He knew how to treat her, as so many before him had not…

Their carriage they had chosen to whisk them to the Castle arrived, with Epona in front, and the footman opened its’ doors. Link held Zelda’s hand daintily in the air as he helped her inside, then got in beside her. The door closed, and they were carried away to their awaiting reception…

Part 7 will be coming soon!