Chapter 1

Within the Sheikah Compound a training battle is taking place: A lone Man stands in the training room appearing to look for something of someone, suddenly a energy blast comes at him, he easily dodges it. "Is that the best you got," he says. The girl smiles at him within the shadows and then launches a barrage of energy balls at him. He just stands there at lets the energy hit him.
"Quinn," she says. He draws her out of the shadows, and quickly smiles to himself. She spots him on the ledge but does not get a shot off as he floors her to the ground with one hit. "Quinn, do you always have to do that," she asks. "Crystal," he says, "as your trainer I will do anything to help your powers grow." She hits him on the arm, "Anything huh..." "Don't get any ideas," Quinn says cutting her off. "Well we need to get refreshed, Zelda's party is tonight." She walks to her room, "All right, I will be ready in a few minuets

As day the drags on Zelda and her staff get ready for the party as Link and April head out to Kokiri Forest. April rides her horse up by Epona, "Dad are we going to stop by Saria's house while we are in the forest?" Link grits his teeth knowing that a visit with Saria will reopen old wounds. "I don't know honey," he says in a melancholy voice. April decides she must have a talk with her dad on what happened between him and Saria.
They dismount and tie up their horses and head into the forest. Mido greets them at the entrance but keeps some distance away from Link ever since he badmouthed Zelda and Link punched him in the jaw, of course Link appoligized after Mido apologized. "Hey Link," he says, "tell Zelda I will be there at the party." "Alright, is the new store open, I need to get some stuff that is only available in the forest." Mido thinks for a min, "Yeah I think so we finished three days ago, help yourself to whatever you need," he says and walks away.
"Thanks Mido." Mido walks over to Saria's house and knocks on the door. "He is here," Mido says, "I think you both need to talk." Saria glares at him, "You don't know what he has put me through," she yells. "No I don't," he says snapping back, "but I think it would do both of you some good if you both talk to each other." Saria looks into Mido's eyes and sees the concern in them. She thinks for a minute and silently agrees.

Nathan walks out of the Marshal’s office with a depressed look on his face. Ever since his girlfriend died in a tragic accident 2yrs. ago he was not the same since. He as alot of women come up to him and ask him out but he refuses and makes up some excuse, of course they all say he looks just like Link. He tells them that they don't know the half of it, some know who he really was others might but don't care. Yet in all his life he never felt true love until two years ago. The only thing that keeps him going is his quest to uncover the person(s) that killed her. He looks at Zelda's invitation and wonders if he should go or not, with nothing else to do he heads over to LonLon Ranch.

Saria walks out of her house and spots April in Link's old house, she asks her where Link is and April says that he his still at the Shop. She runs over there.
After looking around her dad's old house, April finds a picture of Saria that fell out of her dads photo album. She looks at it and finds something that shocks her, "They were Lovers?" She looks at the picture and finds more of them with both Link and Saria in them, and also Love Notes from her. "I wonder if Mom knew or," she pauses hearing her dads voice calling her to leave. "I better keep this, once I read these I ask mom if she knew." She puts the book in her bag and puts it around her shoulder, and heads out. "Dad what’s wrong," she asks. "Saria and I got into a argument." As they walk out April turns around and spots Saria running into her house crying. Nothing else is said about the subject as they ride back to the castle.

Later that night the party gets underway but only one person is not enjoying the festivities. "Dad what’s wrong?, you have been sulking about the castle all day," April asks. "Hon, me and Saria have some problems right now and we are trying to work through them but its hard for both of us," he says. Zelda comes by and offers Link to dance and he accepts. April goes to her room to read those letters she found in Links old house. Two men dressed in black run from a wall were they just placed a bomb. 5 min. later the bomb explodes and they men run in. "This is a low-fashion hold up," the first one says, "we are just interested in the basics, jewelry, money, and anything else that looks expensive." Nathan jumps over the people and hit one of the robbers square in the chest. He then takes out his dagger and throws it at the other one, it knocks the bag out of his hand. Surprised the guy turns around. "Master said you would not be here, especially after what happened." Nathan jumps torward ready to beat out information, but the guy throws a Deku Nut and disappears. Link orders the guards to take the other one down to the cells. Zelda tries to comfort Nathan but he shrugs it off and flies away.

Quinn, the Sheikah sorcerer, watches these events with great worries. 'I better head over to the archives, something is dreadfully wrong here.'

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