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Poeman: A History

The Early Years

At the early years of my time, my one idol was Dampe, the Grave keeper, to me, a big, brave, spooky graveyard keeper who had his own little world. All day I would always pretend that I was him, I would walk around all day in the graveyard until sundown waving my stick. But something still bothered me. My face was too young to look "heart-pounding". But one day it all changed.

One typical day I was walking around in the graveyard until suddenly, I saw a strange kid in a green tunic trying to pull a grave marker. "Hey!", I said, " don't cause trouble or I'll tell Dampe!" He stopped quickly, walked over, and said, " Hi. My name is Link! I'm selling masks, and would you like one?". I said," Let's see them." He took out carved wooden mask. It looked just like Dampe! "I'll take it" I said. I paid him and he left. Over time, we made friends, and talked sometimes. But one day, he just disappeared.


When I turned 12, I met a mage in the local shop while I was picking up a few things for my mother. We had a conversation, and the next thing I knew, I was begging my mother for permission to study with the ArchMage Daedolon in another dimension.

After a 2 weeks, I set of to the world of Hexen, where I spent all my years until 16 training to be a Mage. After I finished my studies, Daedolon gave me his most powerful weapon-- The Bloodscourge!

Description of Bloodscourge(Dictated from the Hexen Instruction Booklet): This mighty multi-part staff fires multiple tracking spheres that will seek and destroy anything in their path. Mages who prefer not to aim will appreciate Bloodscourge, the human's first successful attempt at a fire-and-forget weapon.

But there was a catch, Daedolon needed to keep the ruby part of this staff for his protection. Therefore, I ended up with a staff that was useless until I found a rare fire ruby. But, I still had the skills I learned and perfected; the Frost Shards and the Arc of Death. Plus, I still had a Sapphire Wand.

(All captions from the Hexen instruction booklet)

Sapphire Wand: Useful for killing enemies, eventually, this wand will fire quick magical blue darts at your target. There is no limit to the amount of charges in this wand and it requires no mana(a substance that feeds power into weapons).

Frost Shards: This spell lets you shoot frozen shards from your hands. These ice bolts are significantly stronger than the Sapphire Wand's small darts, so use Frost Shards whenever possible to freeze your enemies where they stand.

Arc of Death: The Arc of Death: The Arc of Death spell fires vertical columns of supercharged electrical energy from your hands, blasting your foes with devastating impunity. Once it hits a creature, it will stay near them and continue to do damage before finally disappearing.

Thus, with a spell from Daedolon for infinite mana, and knowledge of everything in the world, even information for pollen stored inside my brain, I set of to go back to my home-- Hyrule!

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