Link's Dream Factory: Tour Number 1

"Welcome to the wonderous world of THE Link's 'corner of his mind' factory, where he secretly lets out his hatred of his 'associates'! My name is Poe man15 and in today's tour, I will explain about the first part of this building: GORON MELTDOWN CENTER!"

"In this corner, there are what we call the 'purification cells'. Gorons sit around looking stupid in iron cages as trained locusts eat away at the Goron's filthy backs to be 'purified' for the 'heating chamber' Of course, the race of Gorons are absolutely famous for thier stupidity, therefore not feeling any pain."

"Right next to the cells, is the 'heating chamber', where 'purified' Gorons are melted down, (the chamber operated by Scorn187) to be used mainly for making cheap jewelry. Before entering the 'heating chamber', the Goron is handed a toothpick to occupy themselves so they won't notice that they are being melted down until it is too late.

Bystander:"Wutz da toothpick used for?"

"Of course, the Goron is suspicious of the toothpick(not the gigantic metal box they are in), so they naturally poke their eyeballs out with it, conveniently disposing of the unessecary 'by-products'"

"This leads to the end our tour for today. Thanx for coming!

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