"Please sit," Tassadar says, "we have much to talk about." Quinn sits down across from Tassadar, Crystal sits by him, Mary stands in a corner. Tassadar opens the Book of Mudora and begins looking through it. "So HE is planing on coming back," Tassadar asks. "Yes, but your friends have all died mysteriously, except for one," Quinn explains. "That must be Zeratul, he has always found a way to survive," Tassadar says. Quinn rises from the table and walks across the room. "Do you know where he lives," he asks. Tassadar rises from the table shutting the book. "Yes, I just hope he is still there, he does not like staying in one place for to long," Tassadar explains. "Then what are we waiting for," Quinn asks. Tassadar smiles, he likes what he sees in the young Sheikah. After getting new supplies, the four of them set off to go find Zeratul.

Tired Ben, April, and Impa have finally reached the castle. April and Impa go to there rooms while Ben heads back to LonLon Ranch. Ben sits down on the bed trying not to wake Malon, but she is not really asleep. She wraps her arms around his waist, "Have a bad day Love." He sighs, "Yeah, besides a few non-threatening Moblin attacks, we could not find Quinn." He lays down on the bed and Malon starts rubbing his back, "You are good to me," he says. She smiles, "Just relax, I'll take care of your back problems."
"I'll stay here and help around the Ranch tomorrow, OK."
Malon agrees and the fall asleep in each others arms.

Link walks down stairs dressed in his tunic with only his sword. After talking with the night watch he heads over to the stables and mounts Epona. "I hope you are ready for our mid-night ride," he says. Epona stomps her feet in approval. The night watch lets them out of the castle and the two take off in Hyrule Field. It is around 2am when they get back.

It is about 8am when Tassadar and his new friends arrive at Zeratul's house. Tassadar goes up to his door, "Let me handle this," he tells them. He knocks on the door and a gruff voice from inside demands his name. Once he tell the voice his name, Zeratul opens the door. "Tassadar old friend," he says, "you caught me just in time, I was fixing to leave." Zeratul looks over at his friends. "Please come in." Tassadar motions them in and they find themselves in a big reception room, which is very well furnished with anciant Hylain artifacts. Zeratul hands all of them something to drink.
"So what brings you here," Zeratul asks. Tassadar pulls out the Book of Mudora from under his cloak and hands it to Zeratul. "So HE is coming back," Zeratul pauses, "we better get to the Temple and check on his seal." They agree to leave around noon time so Tassadar and his friends can get some rest.

Around 10am the girl that Nathan rescued is waking up. "Wha...where..am I?" Nathan walks over and puts a wet cloth on her head. "Hey, I thought you would never wake up," he says. He hands her a cup of water. "You took a pretty bad beating," he tells her. "They caught me off guard, plus I didn't have my swords either." Nathan moves to the bed and sits beside her, "Tell me how did you become a Gerudo," he asks her, "they usually do not allow Hylain women." The lady takes another drink of her water. " I was raised there." She raises up a little. "What...," Nathan says. "When I was little, my mother abandoned me for some reason. A Gerudo woman passing by found me and raised my as her daughter. One day I picked-up one of her swords and started playing with it, she watched of course, I heard her walk in and turned around with the sword in my hand. To my amazement I was not punished, instead she said I was a natural, so she in-rolled my in the training camp. I just completed it two months ago. I might not be strong has a real Gerudo, but I pack a punch if you give me a chance." Nathan sits back in his chair thinking about the information this women just gave him. "I believe you, we will head back to the Valley after you get some rest," he pauses for a sec., "don't try to escape, because you can't in your condition." He walks out of the room and leaves the girl alone. She lays her head back down on the pillow and goes back to sleep.

It is around 2pm when they get to the Temple. Tassadar walks in first and looks around, seeing that it is clear inside he motions for the others to come inside. "Everything looks intact," Tassadar says. Zeratul walks back and a grim smirk comes across his face as he holds the Book of Mudora. "You fools," he laughs, "You know HE can't brake out by-himself, so HE has chosen me." Tassadar powers up, "Damn you Zeratul." "Don't worry about it old man," he says opening the Book of Mudora, "all I have to do is say this line and HE is free. "No, don't do it," Quinn yells. Zeratul ignores his threats and reads the line. HIS seal brakes and out steps the mighty Sheikah Sorcerer. The wizard turns to Tassadar, "I'll kill you last." Then he turns to Zeratul, "I'll kill you now." Zeratul drops the book and tries to power up, but the wizard vaporizes him with a beam of energy. Quinn calls the Book of Mudora to him just as the wizard seals them in a energy barrier. "Time I took control of this country, see ya." He teleports out. Quinn starts banging his fists on the wall, "This was all a f****** trap." He puts his staff away and changes in to his Sheikah battle uniform, put his hand against the wall and charges up. He blows a hole strait through creating an exit, without waiting for his friends he heads to Hyrule Castle.

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