Chapter 2

Quinn walks through the castle heading torwards the Archives. 'Coming here is dangerous, but to get the information that I need I have to do it.' Walking into the Archives he looks around for one peticular book. He finds it after awhile, its title: The Book of Mudora. Hyrule ancient history that is barley remembered to this day. Impa confronts him before he leaves, "Put that book back," she orders. Quinn stares her down, "do you have a death wish young Shiekah," she asks. He smiles, "I'm more than a match for you Sage of Shadow." She balls up her fist and punches him, but her punch goes right through him. He raise his staff and stuns her with a little energy blast. "Do not do that again," He warns her, "You won't like the conciqunces." Impa charges him but Quinn sidesteps her and with a flash of light he disappears.

Quinn teleports to a cliff and looks towards the castle, "Sorry to put you through this Impa, this form is the only way I can help Hyrule right now."
Impa runs up stairs and starts pounding on Zelda and Link's door. "My Queen wake up," she yells. Link opens the door. "Impa it is 3am, what do you want," he asks.
"Quinn took the Book of Mudora," she explains. "It is too dangerous to look for him at night, wake me up at eight and we'll look for him." With that he shuts the door and climbs back into the bed with Zelda. Impa can't wait that long so she decides to pay Rauru a visit. "If what you are saying is true," Rauru pauses, "then I authorize you to use any means necessary to bring him in."
"What about Zelda..." Raure cuts her off, "She has no say in the matter, we must get that book back, then we will burn it like we should have done." Impa agrees and leaves to get ready to go after Quinn.

8am Link and his men are ready to go find Quinn and bring him in for questioning, what Link does not know 3 other people are about to go looking for him.
'Link you are needed in the Chamber of Sages', Ruto telepathically calls. Link sighs and tell Frank to take the men on a head. He teleports to the Chamber and finds no one there except for Saria. "Saria, I don't have time for this." Saria walks over and slaps him in the face. "Link I can't believe you left me for her." Link steps backwards a little. "Saria you know we were not ment for each other." Saria eyes burn bright red. "We were VERY close, maybe even closer after you defeated Ganon, until you told me that you proposed to Zelda." "Saria I liked our relationship too, you were the first person that I lost my INNOCENCE to, but I could not go on, you are immortal I am not, that is why I broke it off," He pauses and move torwards Saria and grabs her hand, "I did not want to put you through any pain if I died." Saria hugs him and starts crying. "Link, I knew that to, I guess I was blinded by heartbreak. You were the first person that I lost my INNOCENCE to also." Link raises her face to his, suddenly their old passion is re-lighted and without a second thought Link kisses her. "Link we can't," she says pulling back. Link's hand come to her shoulders, "I know, can we still be friends," he asks.
Saria smiles, "Yeah we can, Do you need help finding Quinn," she asks. Link smiles. "Thought you would never ask. Come on lets go join the others."

Quinn sits down in his study to read the Book of Mudora. 'The information that I am looking for better be in here.' Looking through the pages he finds what he needs, but not what he expected. "Damn, only two of these Wise Men are still alive." Crystal runs in the room with some bad news, "Quinn, Link and his men are looking for you." Quinn shuts the book and stands up. "I know," he says, "I need to go to Gerudo Valley. I'll be back shortly." He walks out but Crystal stops him, "I am coming with you." They head to the main hall, looking in for a sec. Quinn spots Impa talking to Praetor Fenix. Impa, sensing his presence turns around to see Quinn seal the entrance to the hall with an ice blast. Quinn then turns around to Crystal, "You are either with me or against me," He says. "I'm with you." Quinn smiles, "Good, now lets get to Gerudo Valley." They teleport to the valley just as Impa brakes through the ice barrier.

Praetor Fenix runs up to Impa, "Do what you must to bring him in, then burn that book." Impa heads out to go after Quinn. Praetor Fenix just stands there for a minute, "If that man is released, Hyrule will suffer under his revenge."

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