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Book 3


Chapter 1

The kingdom of Hyrule had not seen an evil day since Link’s encounter with Ganondorf in The Hall of Infinity. It flourished with prosperity and became a very happy place to live. The population increased, food was plentiful, the days were bright and sunny, and there was no sign of any threat to Princess Zelda’s peaceful kingdom.

The marriage between she and Link six years earlier was the reason for the good fortune Hyrule was experiencing. Their bond had strengthened the power of the Triforce, and thus the people rejoiced in the blissful days and nights that came to them without incident.

It was as if the slate had been wiped completely clean.

Link and Zelda were enjoying a peaceful life together with their children. Damien and Danielle had grown to be just over five years old, and they had been given every privilege the children of royalty should have. They were tended to night and day, mostly by their parents, but also by nursemaids.

Link had been instructing his young son in swordfighting, but had kept it appropriate for his age. He was very careful about that. He knew that someday his son may have to battle enemies someday as he himself had done, but he didn’t want him to see any of the real danger of battle before he was ready.

Besides, he just wanted to have fun with his son.

They rode Epona together on little "adventures" that Link would cook up in his head to keep the little boy busy.

They fished together, played archery games, and Link even took him camping at Lake Hylia once.

They had shared some very special times.

Zelda kept her sweet little princess occupied with visits to Princess Ruto at Zora’s Domain, reading her tales of adventure from her father’s book collection, and began instructing her in the ancient Hylian language. If this little girl of hers would inherit the Triforce of Wisdom someday, Zelda wanted to make sure she would be prepared to receive it.

Many other things had changed throughout Hyrule. Because of the lasting peace, many families began to move there to start up businesses, build homes, and raise their families.

Because of Zelda’s visions to recreate the romance and heroism of the Royal Knights of the Hylian Order and to reinstate them to their original glory, this attracted many young men to come to live and serve under her.

Some of the men were married with families, and some were not. But they all shared the same dream, to serve something greater and grander than themselves.

One such man went by the name of Aramis. He came to Hyrule from the faraway land of Galatia, a place known for their fierce and mighty warriors. The two countries had been allies in the past, their army fighting alongside Hyrule’s many years ago in the battle of The Lost Worlds, against the fierce Stalfos army of King Kaunas of Pavlodar. Kaunas was Zelda’s father’s sworn enemy. They fiercely hated one another. When Kaunas was defeated by the Hylian and Galatian armies, he retreated back to his land and remained quiet. He had not shown his face since.

Galatia, over the years, began to experience some economic troubles, and their monarchy and military were slowly deteriorating. It was these events that made Aramis decide to leave and venture to Hyrule. He had heard of the kind Princess Zelda and her Royal Knights.

She welcome Galatian citizens with open arms, and offered them a place of solitude and refuge.

Aramis thought maybe he would be of better use to serve under her crown, should he prove himself worthy enough of the title of knight in her army.

He was alone when he got there, and didn’t have any friends. But he was swift with a sword, and quick on his feet.

He met Link by chance one day in Hyrule Town, when he was trying to break up a fight between two drunks in the alley behind one of the shops.

One was threatening to kill the other over a bottle of booze, and Aramis stepped in and sternly raised his sword between them, and told them that any two men who thought a bottle of booze was all to fight for, then they weren’t worthy to walk as men.

Link happened by on his horse Epona and caught the incident out of the corner of his eye, and watched Aramis.

The two drunks settled their differences amicably and went their ways.

Impressed, Link introduced himself to Aramis, and invited him to the castle to meet Zelda.

She too was impressed with the noble way he handled affairs and invited him to the castle to train for a position in her army.

Aramis was humbly pleased that she had asked that of him.

It turned out that Link and Aramis had a lot in common and quickly became best friends.

Like Link, Aramis lost his parents as a young child and was raised by a wise old man who taught him honor, love and courage, and that he would always be a better man for having those qualities.

He learned how to fight from a knight who took him under his wing and taught him everything he knew.

Aramis was older than Link, and his father had served in the Lost Worlds’ Battle, under the crown of Galatia.

He told Link of the stories his father shared with him as a small child, of the battle against the evil Stalfos army.

The Stalfos in Pavlodar were far worse than the Stalfos in Hyrule.

He recalled tales of them being huge, menacing machines that chewed up everything in their path.

However, they were no match for the highly skilled armies of Hyrule and Galatia.

They were outnumbered from the very beginning. King Kaunas was an idiot fool.

Link assured Aramis that now that Zelda was the one who ruled Hyrule, even though she was not a queen, she certainly exemplified those qualities. Nobody could touch her. How could anybody want to hurt this most precious woman and kind princess?

He was so proud of her, and his love for her had grown even stronger.

Chapter 2


The two knights rode together throughout Hyrule quite often, in search of adventure.

Link shared his stories with Aramis about his quest for the Spiritual Stones as a child, and the Sages’ Medallions after he’d been frozen in time for seven years, and all of the adventures that had brought him.

He told him of the evil Ganondorf, and that Hyrule had been at complete peace since his defeat. Someday he promised they would have to go visit the Temples where he had fought.

Link discovered that Aramis was a lover of life and adventure, and had a very big heart.

He liked women, drink and song, though taken in moderation.

Aramis had taken a liking to Malon but had been a bit shy about calling on her. Link noticed this but did not interfere. He figured Aramis would come around in his own time, although he saw the way Malon looked at him every time they rode past her ranch. She was in love with him.

Malon was such a sweet girl.

Link was glad that they were friends and that she had not shown any ill will towards him after he had proposed to Zelda.

He knew she’d had a crush on him when they were children, and until he was summoned to the castle that day long ago by Zelda to fulfill his destiny, he had liked Malon too.

But all that changed the first time he laid eyes upon his future bride.

He’d never wanted to hurt Malon.

If he had, she’d never told him.

Now that she possibly had Aramis to court her, Link was quite happy.

On some nights, Link and Aramis would entertain his children with duels in the Great Hall.

Zelda would look on with amusement.

She loved to watch these silly men play games, but deep down felt pride that they were her two best warriors.

Sometimes, Aramis would stay for dinner. His home was in Gerudo Valley. He liked the ruggedness of the countryside there and had built himself a small house. But, he was alone and needed the company of friends.

Then, after supper, and Aramis had headed back to Gerudo Valley, Link and Zelda would retreat to their quarters with their children and read to them before tucking them in for the night.

On one such perfect evening, after the children had gone to sleep, Zelda changed into her robe, opened the window and enjoyed the last flickering rays of a beautiful Hylian sunset, the gentle night breeze blowing in her face.

It was so peaceful.

Link joined her, encircling his arms slowly around her from behind, kissing her cheek.

"What are you thinking about?" he asked.

She reached up behind her and ran her fingers through his hair. This was one of the favorite ways she loved for him to hold her.

"Oh…nothing," she said. "Just enjoying this peacefulness. It’s so wonderful, don’t you think?"

"Yes," he replied as he looked outside the window with her. "It just doesn’t get any better than this, does it? We have wonderful friends, wonderful children, peace in our kingdom, and each other, what more do we need?"

She closed her eyes and cradled her head back against his shoulder. They stood like that for awhile, neither one of them saying anything. <p>

Then Link took in a deep breath, fully taking in the night air, his chest rising, pulling Zelda even closer.

He leaned in to her and gave her a sweet peck on the cheek.

"I’m going to go get cleaned up. After today’s activities, I need to feel refreshed. I’ll be back in a minute, ok?" he said.

"Okay," she said, caressing his cheek as he walked away.

She leaned forward against the balcony and smiled, breathing in deep.

Yes, she was pleased with the state of her kingdom.

Her parents would be very proud of her. <p>

She had brought back the tradition of the Royal Knights of the Hylian Order, whose beginnings were traceable back almost two hundred years. They had become nothing more than a legend in recent years, but she wanted to bring them back in all of their glory, and revive the romance of knighthood.

She’d read so much about them as a child, and found them so brave and heroic. Most of the Hylian guards had become knights under her, and they were prepared to take on just about anything, if necessary.

She now had an army of about four hundred men.

She was very glad she’d made Link their leader.

He deserved it so.

Even though he hadn’t had to go away from her yet, she knew he took his duty very seriously, and would always be prepared to defend her crown, should the time come for him to do it.

Satisfied that she had taken in enough night air, she stepped back, and closed the shutters.

She stretched her arms up and over her head, yawning, and started to walk towards the bed to read when she saw something out of the corner of her eye.

She looked into the bath.

Suddenly she couldn’t think about reading anymore; she’d found something much more interesting to look at.

Chapter 3


Her eyes fell on Link as he stood there bathing, unaware that she was watching him.

He was running his hands through his wet hair and shaking it, enjoying the refreshing water that fell upon his body.

She couldn’t stop looking at his lean muscles in his back, chest, and thighs.

His body had matured, and with the training he had received as a knight, he looked more exciting to her than ever.

His skin had developed a rich, golden tan from being outdoors so much, and it made him look even more sensual.

She watched the water glide over his skin, the droplets clinging to it and glistening in the soft light.

It seemed almost a sin to have a husband like this.

No other woman had ever laid her eyes upon his naked flesh, had ever made love to him, or had given him two beautiful children.

Only her.

That was the most beautiful thing in the world.

Her mind raced through memories of their passionate lovemaking, the way he always took his time with her and enjoyed every minute of sensuous foreplay they shared together before they escaped to paradise.

She remembered one night in particular after they had put their children to sleep, Link took her on the back of his horse to Zora’s Domain. He stole her away into a very private and secluded cove beneath the waterfall, and it was there that he had made love to her over and over again. The whole experience had been mind-blowing for both of them. As she watched the water fall over his body right now, it brought back those same feelings within her again.

She suddenly needed to feel close to him, to touch him, feel him, and make him want her...

And she wanted to give him something special tonight he would remember forever.

She wanted to make the earth move for him, her knight in shining armor.

Slowly walking towards him, she disrobed slowly, letting it fall to the floor, and slipped in naked behind him and slowly encircled his waist, the warm water slowly taking her in its sweet caresses.

He jumped a little in surprise, but when he felt her arms around him, he relaxed.

She placed soft kisses against his back, and closed her eyes.

He covered her hand with his, and turned around slowly.

The water had wet her hair, and was running down her slender body now, making her look so adorable.

She looked at him with longing in her eyes, and slowly began to run her hands along his chest, feeling its warmth and firmness underneath her touch.

Her fingers grazed the scar on his shoulder from his battle with Dark Link, lingering there for a moment.

She lay her head against him, and listened to his heart beating.

He could feel her softly breathing against him.

He encircled her with his arms, holding her close, taking in the sweet scent of her hair.

"I love you, Link," she spoke softly against his chest.

He lowered his head, and not saying a word, tilted her chin up to his and moved in slowly to kiss her, closing his eyes.

His lips felt so wonderful when he covered her mouth with them.

He traced the contours of them lightly with his tongue, sending shivers up and down her body.

This was the softest of kisses he was giving her, and it felt so good.

She reached up and caressed the nape of his neck, running her fingers through his wet hair.

He answered with deep masculine sounds from his throat.

He always knew how to kiss her, how to make love to her, how to make her feel so precious.

Like he was doing now.

His fingers lightly caressed her spine, up and down, in long, slow strokes, sending shivers up her back.

The steam from the hot water relaxed them, making them feel like they were in a completely different world. <p>

He continued kissing her, caressing her sweet face, feeling her wet hair, enjoying the sweet taste of her lips.

Opening his eyes and looking to his left for the soap, not taking his lips away, he grabbed it and began to rub it on her slowly.

"Here….allow me," he said softly.

He soaped her front from top to bottom, watching the suds float down her body, looking at her every curve.

His hands closed around each of her breasts, caressing them gently.

She sighed against him softly.

Her eyes glanced down, and she could see that his body was indeed responding to the way she felt underneath his fingertips.

Taking her waist and pulling her towards him, caressing her with his hands, she felt his lips against her ear.

"I want to make love to you all night long"….he whispered.





Chapter 4


Reaching behind him, he turned off the water, and grabbed the towel and dried her off, taking his time with her hair, then her body, then dried himself.

He rolled the towel in his hands, threw it behind her and pulled her to him and kissed her passionately.

She pulled the towel slowly from him, and threw it aside, bringing her body closer to his.

With a quiet groan, he scooped her up effortlessly in his arms, and carried her to the bed.

It felt so good to feel his naked body against hers.

He kissed her again, softly, then pressed his lips against her a little harder.

She arched her head back and ran her fingers through his damp hair.

His kisses traveled down her body, sending waves of heat through her.

She suddenly realized that unless she stopped him now, she wouldn’t be able to give him what her heart wanted to give him tonight.

"Link….don’t," she said sweetly, placing a finger against his lips.

He looked up at her, puzzled.

What was she saying?

Raising up slowly, keeping her eyes on him, she turned her body to face him and placing her hands on his chest, gently guided him back down on the bed, so that she was on top of him.

He smiled mischievously. <p>

"What are you doing?" he asked in the low, sensual voice she loved, surrendering back against the pillow and grabbed her hips, moving them against him.

Not saying a word, she lowered her lips onto his and kissed him like he had kissed her.

He let out a quiet moan and closed his eyes, embracing her.

She moved away from his lips, slinking her petite figure slowly down him, her mouth covering him with soft kisses, traveling down, down, to the center of his body.

She stopped and looked up at him with her loving eyes.

She slowly lowered her lips onto him, and Link took in a sharp breath, feeling a familiar warmth and softness around him that always sent him into orbit. <p>

He looked down at her, his eyes wide, and threw his head back again, breathing heavier, arching his back.

"Oh…Zelda," he whispered, "How I love it when you do this to me"….

He reached for her hair, caressing it, her mane of spun gold.

All he could feel was her lips surrounding him, and the wonderful sensations they were bringing him.

He fantasized about this all the time, but he never asked her to do it. He liked it much better when she took the initiative herself. It made the experience all the more erotic for him.

She was such a beautiful lover, so good to him, making him feel like a god every time they made love.

He could always bring her to ecstasy so quickly. This woman was the ultimate gift a man could ever receive. And he was the only man she’d ever allowed to touch her, to kiss her, to hold her.

He would defend her crown…forever… <p>

"You taste wonderful," she whispered so softly he could barely hear her.

He began to slowly move his body in rhythm with her touch.

"That feels so good….my beautiful princess"….he murmured passionately, clenching his jaw.

She looked up at him, and when his eyes met hers again, she moved her hair aside to allow him to see her caressing him.

She loved to let him watch.

He threw his head back again, his body beginning to move faster, his breathing getting heavier.

"Don’t stop," he begged her with quiet urgency, "Please…..that feels so good, what you’re doing to me"…

Taking delight in knowing that she had him under her spell, she continued pleasing him, and learning more and more about his body. <p>

She was enjoying this as much as he was.

She let out her own quiet noises with his, stretching her arms up along his chest, her fingernails lightly grazing him.

She was bringing him closer and closer to that point where he would have no more control left within him.

He began to tremble and shake, the muscles in his stomach contracting.

He was afraid of losing control with her so close to him, because he never had before. He didn’t want to make her uncomfortable.

He tried to gently pull her away, but she held his hand firmly and moved it to the side.

She looked up at him, shaking her head, not taking her eyes away.

Her touch began to move faster.

He suddenly realized what she was going to do, and he couldn’t hold back any longer.

His eyes grew wider, his breathing full of emotion, and he threw his head back and braced the pillow.

"Oh darling….don’t stop….don’t stop"…..his voice growing louder, his face filled with passion.

Her own sweet noises against him only encouraged him more.

His hips moved upward suddenly again and again, taking her with him, and she could feel him letting go.

"Yes!!…..Yes!!" <p>

He continued moving against her, crying out to her, until his body had surrendered to her completely.

She watched him entirely with fascination and pleasure.

He trembled and shook until his heavy breathing began returning to normal.

But she stayed there for a few moments longer, making sure he was completely satisfied, before she looked him in the eyes.

His eyes met hers, and he had a deep look of longing in his face.

"Come here," he said with urgency, pulling her quickly next to him and cradling her tightly against his chest, not wanting to let her go.

She could feel his heartbeat slowing down, but it was still beating fast.

"I love you. You have no idea what that did to me," he said, his voice emotional…shaking.

She wrapped her arms around him and relaxed against him in the afterglow.

"I wanted to please you like never before," she murmured. <p>

"Well, you definitely did," he said, his voice still shaking, as he kissed the top of her head.

"You made the earth move for me."

She looked up at him and relaxed her chin against his chest.

"I….loved it"….she whispered, grinning at him, her fingertip tracing his lips.

"Really?" he asked, moving a strand of hair away from her face.

"You mean….all of it?"

"All of it," she whispered, smiling at him.

"I waited way too long, all the time you’ve missed out on"…

He quieted her lips, shaking his head.

"I didn’t want you to do that until you were ready. I wanted you to want it just as much as me. I would have waited a lifetime for this. Do you have any idea how beautiful a gift you’ve just given me?"

He caressed her cheek, looking at her with loving eyes.

"I would very much like to please you, darling….show me how"….he whispered. <p>

She curled her fingers in his hair and moved it behind his ear.

"Just hold me in your arms tonight, and don’t let me go. That is all I desire," she said, shifting on the bed in front of him, and pulling his arm around her.

He just marveled at her. She didn’t expect anything in return, this sweet creature, she only wanted to please him tonight in the most ultimate way possible.

He slowly leaned into her ear, blowing into it softly.

"Never," he whispered.

"I’ll never let you go." <p>














Chapter 5

They slept very soundly that night, and didn’t stir awake the next morning at their usual time.

Bright sunshine filled the room as Link heard shrieks and cries coming from outside, mixed with laughter.

He stirred from his sleep, looking over at the window, listening more intently.

He still had his arm around his wife, in a spoon position.

Zelda opened her eyes, listening, not quite registering it.

"What is that?" she groaned softly.

More laughter.

"Sounds like our children playing outside," he said, letting his head drop to the pillow.


He wondered what they were up to. But they didn’t sound like they were into any trouble. But, he thought, maybe they should go check, just in case.

"What could they be doing?" Zelda asked groggily, pulling the covers up over her and closing her eyes again.

Link looked over at his watch on the nightstand.

Good heavens! It was 8:30am! <p>

He reached over and kissed Zelda tenderly on the cheek.

"It’s 8:30, we should get up," he said softly to her.

She grumped a little.

She’d never been like this before.

Last night’s activities no doubt drained her.

Link smiled when he thought of that.

But he knew how to wake her up, gently and lovingly.

He began kissing her shoulder very softly.

Her nude body against his was certainly beginning to rouse him from his sleep.

"Wake up," he whispered sweetly in her ear, his lips traveling from her shoulder, to her neck, to her ear.

She felt tingles all over and shifted around suddenly, facing him.

He lay there flirtingly raising his eyebrows, and rolled over high above her, placing his weight on his forearms, so he wouldn’t crush her.

"Ooo…you are….so naughty," she said, smiling up at him, throwing her head back and running her hands along his bare chest.

"I love being naughty with you," he replied in a low voice. <p>

She looked at his handsome face, his blond hair tousled from the pillow, his eyes just beginning to wake up. How beautiful this was.

She could feel him moving himself against her a little. He could tell that this was pleasing to her.

"Now….can I be really naughty?" he asked her mischievously.

"Oh…please be naughty…please," she begged.

He moved inside her a little, then more and more, fiercely controlling his movements.

She arched her head back, and closed her eyes.

"Is that good?" he whispered.

"Yes"….she answered quietly.

She moved with him, her breathing getting heavier.

He loved to watch her…this beautiful creature, fall under his spell of desire.

He felt her moving faster, and clutch his body to hers.

She looked up at him with wide eyes.

"Link…I can’t hold on"…

She hooked her arms underneath his and pulled him down to her, taking him fully inside her.

She exploded underneath him in a fiery ball of desire.

When she did that, it made him lose complete control.

He moved with her fiercely, again and again, losing himself to her, enjoying every wave of pleasure shooting throughout his body.

Making love in the morning was the best way to wake up that they both knew of. <p>


Chapter 6


Outside, overlooking the hill to Kakariko Village, Damien and Danielle were by a tree, and had discovered a new game, one which they had been sneaking out early in the morning to enjoy and so far hadn’t gotten caught yet.

They had figured out how to launch water balloons right down into the village.

For a young child, Damien was quite innovative.

He’d made himself a launcher out of a large stretchy rubber band he’d found and had hidden it, because he knew his father would not approve of this at all.

Holding the launcher back between the tree limbs, Damien giggled and looked to his sister to hand him one of the brightly colored projectiles so he could proudly sail it down below.

"Ok, ready?" he asked.

"Yes!" she giggled hysterically, clapping her hands.

He pulled it back even more, and you could hear the big rubber band stretching, straining….<p>


Off it went.


It landed right on top of Impa’s house.

They both rolled on the ground, laughing their heads off.

"Again! Again!" Danielle yelled.

"Ok"…Damien said, rubbing his hands together.

"This is so cool!" he stood up and jumped up and down, his fists high in the air.

He readied another one, and pulled the launcher back again.

Danielle watched him with eager anticipation.


Boing!! <p>

Just then Damien’s face turned to horror when he saw where it was targeted.

A magnificent white horse, walking slowly, was in its path, by the castle, its rider unaware of what was about to happen.

"Oops! Hide!" Damien shouted to Danielle.

They quickly ducked behind the tree.


It didn’t hit the horse, but the rider upon it stopped and looked down at it, somewhat amused.

He dismounted the animal, and bent over to pick it up.

Rubbing the busted balloon between his fingers, a slow grin spread over his face.

He looked down at the Village, and saw the rooftops of the houses littered with projectiles.

Oh, how Link and Zelda would love this, he thought to himself and chuckled.

He squinted his eyes in the morning sun, held his hand up over them, and saw the big rubber band between the branches of the trees at the top of the hill.

"Ha ha ha!" he laughed out loud, bending forward and holding his stomach.

"Come out, Damien, I know it’s you!"

Damien slowly poked his head out from behind the tree.

The man took his horse and led him up the hill.

When he got to the top, he shook his head at the things these children did for amusement.

He folded his arms and looked down at the child, thinking how funny this was but wouldn’t let on.

"What do you have to say for yourself?" he asked sternly.

"I’m sorry, Uncle Aramis." <p>

Damien looked down at the ground, knowing full well he wouldn’t be able to get out of this one.

"What are you doing with this thing?" Aramis asked him, pulling on the rubber band.

Then he heard a rustling sound over to his right.

Out popped Danielle, her face red.

Aramis sighed and scratched his head. What mischief these children were prone to getting into.

"Danielle? Are you part of this little game too?"

He reached over and touched her nose.

How cute Link’s children were, even in mischief.

"Come…let’s go get your father," he said as he scooped them up and proudly sat them atop his horse, then led them toward the castle.

As soon as they were just inside the drawbridge, Aramis yelled up to Link.

"Link! Link! Where are you? We must ride today, my friend, come revel with me, we have much to discuss"….

He winked at the children.

They giggled at Aramis.

He was so funny. <p>


Chapter 7

Link and Zelda were giggling hysterically under the covers of their bed, not wanting to tear themselves away from each other, completely unaware of what was going on outside their bedroom window.

"Link! Must I come up there and drag you onto your horse myself?" Aramis shouted, his head cocked, his hand on his hip. He had an idea what was going on but wasn’t quite sure. He enjoyed teasing Link about his amorous relationship with his wife.

Zelda threw the covers back, looking up at Link with her longing face.

He looked over at the window.

"It’s Aramis," he said, sighing heavily.

"He’s got such bad timing."

Making a displeased groan with his voice, he looked down into Zelda’s eyes.

"I’d better go see what he wants."

He started to get up out of the bed, and she tried to grab him.

He tripped and it made them both laugh even more.

Throwing on his nightshirt, Link reached for the shutters and opened them, the morning sun hitting both of them like a big brick in the face.

"What are you doing up there, my friend? It’s 9am!" Aramis yelled up at Link. <p>

Zelda joined Link at the window, in her nightgown, slipping her arms around him, waving down to the handsome knight below.

"Good morning, Aramis!" she said.

She wanted him to know what he’d interrupted, even though she meant it in fun.

"Oh, I’m so sorry, your Majesty. Maybe I should take my leave and come back later."

He smiled up at Link, giving him that private look that men give each other, that unspoken expression of congratulatory praise.

Link and Zelda could see their children atop Aramis’ horse.

"Where were they at?" Link asked.

"Uh…they were just right here, admiring my horse."

"Uh huh," Link said.

Zelda’s eyes fell on the village and she saw the balloons splattered all over the houses and the ground below. <p>

"Oh dear," she said, pointing to them, and grabbing Link’s arm.

Link’s expressions changed and he looked down at his children, crossing his arms, sighing heavily and shaking his head.

"What did I tell you about doing that, huh?"

They looked down at the ground.

"Well, you’re both going down there to apologize and help clean it up. Today."

"Yes, sir," they both said.

"You two are playing inside today, do you understand?" Zelda said sternly.

They nodded their heads and looked at Aramis.

He shrugged his shoulders at them.

These kids of theirs were turning out to be quite ornery.

But enough of that. Link was hungry from this morning’s activities in bed with his wife.

"Come inside, Aramis, and have breakfast with us," he said, motioning to him. <p>

With their bellies full, Link and Aramis prepared to head out on their horses to ride the perimeters of Hyrule field on their watch.

Link went back upstairs to his bedroom to finish getting dressed.

Zelda quickly followed him and shut the door behind her, giggling softly.

"Shhh"…she said.

Link was sitting at the foot of the bed, about to put on his mesh protective leggings.

She sprawled out on the floor, and lay back against her elbows, teasing him with her foot.

He watched it with anticipation as she ran her toes slowly up his thigh, right to his center, and caressed him.

He flinched forward, and closed his eyes, breathing in deep, and laughed that low laugh of his.

"My, you are hungry this morning, my love," he said to her.

"Does this please you?" she asked.

"You tell me," he said devilishly, as he grabbed her foot, and pressed it back against him, looking down at her delicate beautiful toes, showing her what to do.

Feeling him responding to her, she slowly rose and ran her hands slowly up his thighs, then got onto his lap, wrapped both of her legs around him.

Placing both her arms around his neck and leaning back, she began moving her hips against him.

"We didn’t get to properly finish what we started before Aramis so rudely interrupted us," she teased.

"What kind of princess would I be if I let my knight in shining armor go away from me without full and proper satisfaction?" <p>

Her eyes held that wantonness in them that heated Link’s blood.

He knew that was her way of ruffling his feathers so he would make her feel right now the way she’d made him feel last night.

But he loved that about her. She was such a sexy little sneak..

He held the back of her head as he began to move with her, looking at her with those mischievous blue eyes, reaching down to loosen his trousers.

"My, what a beautiful gift I have been sent. If you satisfy me, then I shall have to satisfy you tenfold," he said in his low voice, smiling at her, flirting with her with his eyebrows. <p>


Chapter 8


A little while later, Link and Aramis headed out to their waiting horses, dressed in their regalia.

Placing his helmet upon his head, Link picked up his sword, sheathed it next to him, his boots carrying a heavy sound as he walked.

He kissed Zelda and each of his children, and tousled their hair.

"Remember what I said about going to the village today. I want that done before I return," he said, pointing a careful finger at each of them.

They nodded their heads.

"Yes, sir."

Their father was a kind and loving man, but would not tolerate them acting like brats.

They knew he meant business. If they didn’t do what he told them to do, when he got back, they would get a swift spanking. <p>

Riding out on their venture, the two handsome knights looked every bit right out of a storybook fairy tale.

They galloped along on their horses, eyeing the countryside.

Then they came upon a favorite hill they liked to use for their rest.

Their two horses, Epona and Trenton, stood alongside one another, shifting their ears and snorting quietly.

The air was still, and thunderclouds were beginning to form in the southwest.

"Ah, life is good, is it not my friend?" Aramis asked, deeply breathing in the rain-scented air.

"Yes…yes it is," Link replied. ‘I have no complaints."

"Well….seeing you up so late this morning and the fact that I had to wait for you again after we ate tells me you are enjoying life to its fullest."

He slugged him on the arm, and flashed his brilliant smile.

Link reached forward and patted Epona, and chuckled.

"There’s nothing like having the arms of the woman you are most devoted to around you willingly and sweetly," he said, looking over at Aramis.

"I love Zelda more than anything. She makes me quite happy. I will never lie in the arms of another."

Aramis took his horses reins and looked down at his hands, biting his lip.

"I have to tell you Link, that you are the most fortunate man I have ever known. You have the respect of all of your people, you are married to their ruler, and she loves you more than life itself. I can see it in the way she always looks at you. And your children"…<p>

"What about them?" Link asked, raising his eyebrow.

"They are the sunshine of this entire kingdom, so precious."

Link chuckled again. Aramis was right.

He cleared his throat.

"I see your eye has recently fallen on Malon…do you plan on courting her soon?" he asked.

"As a matter of fact, my friend, I am. This knight is ready to have only one woman as well. She is the sweetest creature I have ever laid my eyes upon."

"She is a good woman, and would make you a fine wife," Link said.

They could hear thunder gently rolling across the hills.

"This so reminds me of Galatia," Aramis said. "We always had plentiful rain. I’ve missed the smell of the air."

Link patted Epona again as she shook her head.

"We should go down to that brook and water them before we head back," he said. <p>


Chapter 9


They trotted slowly across Hyrule Field, dipping their heads to Malon as they passed Lon Lon Ranch.

She had come outside when she heard them riding past.

Aramis smiled at her lovingly, and she at him.

"Look at that gorgeous red hair," he whispered to Link, out of her earshot. "I think I shall come calling on her tomorrow."

They slowed their approach as they reached the brook just outside of Kokiri Forest, and Aramis dismounted to pull Trenton to the water’s edge.

Little did they know that they were being watched.

A woman, standing over her crystal ball, tracing her long red fingernail around it, had been eyeing both of them as they were out riding.

Now that they were stopped to water their horses, she decided she needed a closer look.

She moved in closer, and placed both her hands on the ball, concentrating hard, shutting out everything else. <p>

She watched Aramis as he patted his horse on the rump.

Such a fine specimen, very muscular.

Tall, dark and handsome.

She could see him smile brilliantly and scratch his bearded chin.

He had a wonderful square line to his jaw, but she decided she needed a look at the other one.

Her eyes traveled to Link, and when they reached him, he had pulled off his helmet and was leaned over the brook, refreshing his face, shaking his blond hair.

Then he raised up, and she could see the tan skin, deep blue eyes, and could now make out his very muscular line.

She raised her head up a little, not quite believing what she was seeing.

This knight was a god sent straight from above.

"Oh…"…..she said in a long sensual drawl.

She licked her lips, wondering what sensuality lay underneath that tunic.

"Who is that?" she asked the warrior standing behind her, a Stalfos, who looked bigger, badder and meaner than any of the ones Link had fought in the past. He was dressed completely in black.

He looked down at the crystal ball with her.

"Your majesty, that would be Sir Link, the leader of the Royal Knights of the Hylian Order, and the husband of Princess Zelda." <p>

The woman looked up. She couldn’t believe her ears.

"Princess Zelda…married?" she asked devilishly.

She looked at him again.

"Hmmmm"….she said to herself, watching Link as he walked.

He carried himself with such confidence, such pride.

His legs were firm, his chest thick.

She’d been cooped up in Pavlodar for far too long. Her lovers before now had all been meaningless and empty affairs.

It was time for some more excitement.

This one…this knight….was the one she would treat like a king.

He set her on fire. No doubt he was a fabulous lover. How she wanted to find out.

And she hated Princess Zelda. To seduce her husband would be the ultimate pleasure for her. It made her body want him all the more. <p>

Of course, she knew he wouldn’t come to her willingly.

No, she would have to devise a plan.

She looked at the Stalfos warrior, and took in a deep breath.

"Go on, get out of here," flinching her head to the right.

"I have to think."

The Stalfos nodded and bowed to her.

"Your wish is my command, Queen Camilla."

He left the room.

She turned and looked down in her crystal ball again, rubbing it so that the images would disappear.

Then she walked to her bed and slowly pulled out the leather whip from her tight black pants and cracked it against the wall, and screamed.

Then she spoke in an evil, low voice. <p>

"Princess Zelda…you’re going to pay for your father’s mistake. Dearly. I’m going to avenge my father, if it’s the last thing I do."

And," she said as she slowly and sensually rotated her hips while thinking of Link, "you’d better hang onto that husband of yours while you still can."

Then she laughed an evil laugh and threw her head back.

Yes, she would have Link in her lair very soon, on his back, in her bed.

She would make him feel pleasure like he’d never felt before. <p>

Climbing back on their horses, the two knights looked at one another.

Link said, "We must have a match, Sir Aramis. I am in need of a defeat today to rouse my spirits."

Aramis chuckled.

"Ho ho ho, I think you are overestimating yourself. He who has a head full of hot air shall be deflated quickly."

Link smiled, then furled out his arm.

"After you"….

"No…Sir Link…after you…I insist."

Link pulled on Epona’s reins as she trotted a little bit back and forth.

"Ha ha!" he shouted, as he squeezed Epona and took off in a fast run.

Aramis galloped after him, heading back to the castle. <p>


Chapter 10

After the late afternoon storm had come and passed, and night fell over Hyrule, Link, Zelda, Aramis, and their children had their supper and decided to go outside and build a big fire and tell stories.

Damien and Danielle loved to hear Aramis’ tales of adventure from faraway Galatia.

He entertained them for hours.

Link lay next to a log, holding his wife, watching his children.

"Ah…I miss Galatian music. We would dance for hours around fires like this one."

Zelda looked down at the ground.

"I remember when Link became a knight and we held a grand ball here. That was the last time we danced."

Link said, "Boy, do I remember that night," he said, raising his eyebrows at her.

She slapped him on the leg behind her, knowing full well what he meant.


She blushed, and Link just laughed.

Aramis watched the two of them together. There was a radiant glow about them. Their love was the strongest and truest he’d ever seen between any two people.

It was almost…mystical, like magic.

Everything seemed to move in slow motion, the way Link laughed, the way Zelda reached up to touch his hair, her smile so beautiful.

Then he reached across….slowly….to kiss her cheek.

The fire flickered around them.

Aramis shook his head and thought of Malon.

Yes, he definitely would have to call on her tomorrow. <p>

The next afternoon Aramis asked Link to accompany him to Lon Lon Ranch to call on Malon.

The same dark clouds began rising in the sky, only they looked darker and meaner now.

Turning up the hill to the ranch, Link slowed behind Aramis.

"I’ll wait here," he said.

Squeezing Trenton’s sides, Aramis galloped up the steep hill.

He was gone for quite a while.

Link began to wonder if they were locked in an intimate embrace somewhere in the barn.

He chuckled to himself. No, Malon wouldn’t do that sort of thing as an unwed woman.

Zelda would, however, but he had to remind himself that she was married.

To him.

Just then he heard a female voice scream.

"Link! Help!"

He ran up the hill faster than lightning.

He dismounted and entered the barn slowly.

What he saw horrified him.

Two big, mean Stalfos had Malon by the arms and one was about to duel with Aramis.

He pulled out his sword quickly. <p>

"What the"….

A Stalfos, hidden behind a door, charged at Link.

Link retaliated quickly, swinging his heavy sword against the Stalfos’ sword, parrying his swings.

Aramis lunged forward and attacked his enemy much the same way.

Malon couldn’t move, the Stalfos held her tightly.

These creatures were huge.

But not anything that really frightened Link.

He just kept parrying until he backed the Stalfos into a corner, then when the Stalfos’ sword came whistling down, Link dodged it quickly, then rose up and punched it in the face with his elbow.

The Stalfos faltered back, stunned, then lunged again.

He swung the sword at Link’s legs, and Link jumped up to avoid the swing, then came down hard on the Stalfos with his sword, slicing him clean through.

It fell down in a huge pool of blood before him.

Wiping the blood off his blade with its cloak, he turned to help his friend.

Aramis was battling his foe with adept strength.

He swung his leg around and knocked it down hard.

Then he did much the same as Link.

The two then held their swords at the two remaining Stalfos’ throats.

"Let her go," they said. <p>

From her crystal ball, Queen Camilla reeled with pleasure. She rubbed her hands together.

"Those stupid warriors," she said. "Good thing I sent my weakest ones."

She had watched Link battle against her Stalfos, quite pleased with him.

"That’s it, my love," she whispered.

"You are quite skilled. I’ll just bet you are just as skilled a lover as you are a warrior."

She traced his body with her fingernail against the glass, laughing.

Then she looked at the warrior standing next to her.

"Bring him to me. Unhurt and alive…I don’t care how."

"What about the other one?" he asked.

"No….just Link." <p>


Chapter 11


Taking the two Stalfos prisoners, Link and Aramis returned to the castle with them.

Link’s eyes held a fire in them that had not been there since his children were babies.

He summoned for his wife to come to him.

When she got to the Great Hall and found he and Aramis standing there with their two prisoners, her blood ran cold.

The size of those Stalfos could only mean one thing.

King Kaunas.

She walked slowly to her father’s throne, trying to maintain her regal composure and ordered that they be brought to her.

She turned around slowly, then pulled her gown around her and sat down.

Link and Aramis threw their prisoners at her feet and stood back, although Link was ready to attack should one be stupid enough to reach for her.

She eyed them sternly.

"Why have you come to Hyrule?" she asked. "I demand to know."

They were silent.

"Answer me!" she yelled, slamming her fist against the armrest.

Link and Aramis looked at one another. <p>


One of them looked at her with evil eyes and grinned.

"Beware"…..he said, his tone of voice sending chills up her spine.

"Beware of what? King Kaunas?" she asked.

"No"….the other one said.

"The one who has vowed to destroy you."

"And who might that be?" she asked angrily, folding her arms across her chest.

He let out an evil laugh.

Link reached forward and kicked him hard.

"Answer her!"

The other Stalfos reached down and helped him up.

They would not bow to Zelda. Never.

Looking her straight in the eyes, they hissed at her.

"Queen Camilla." <p>

Those words stung through Zelda’s heart like a burning arrow.

She looked away from the throne, and brought her hand up to her chin, resting it against her thumb, tapping it nervously.

So, Kaunas’ daughter had come to power in Pavlodar.

And she was now queen.

But Camilla would not be stupid enough to send her mightiest warriors here on some fact-finding quest.

No, this was a test.

She was out for blood.

Zelda’s blood.

"Take them to the dungeon," she ordered. "I want them executed in the morning."

She got up from the throne, and not making eye contact with anyone, sailed out of the room and disappeared, her gown flowing behind her.

Link looked at Aramis, and then went after her.

He knew she’d gone to the one place she always went when she needed to be alone. <p>

The courtyard.

Link stood in the shadows and watched her, kneeling down in front of the garden she’d planted in memory of her parents, and she was weeping.

He could feel the sadness rising within him, knowing that she now would have to face the first real unpleasant thing in her short time as the decision-maker of this kingdom.

He knew she was strong, stronger than anybody he’d ever known, but all of the peace she had worked so hard for was now threatened.

He was her husband, her knight, but he was not king, and he felt ripped apart inside.

Whatever decision she made, it would have to be for the best for Hyrule.

Even if it meant sending him to his death to fight for her.

She weeped harder.

"Mother…Father"…she cried. "I don’t know what to do. Where did I go so wrong?"

She looked up at the Triforce symbol over the fountain.

Ruling a kingdom was the hardest thing for this young woman to do. <p>


Chapter 12


Link couldn’t stand watching this.

He knew he might be intruding on her, but he couldn’t bear seeing her cry.

He walked behind her slowly, and reached out with his hand….slowly…it was shaking.

He placed it gently on her shoulder.

"Darling," he said softly.

She stood up slowly, and faced him.

He held out his arms.

"Come here," he whispered.

She threw herself at him, and he cradled her.

His arms were the safest place in the world.

"Oh, Link"….

She sobbed profusely against him.

He ran his fingers through her hair.

A guard stood nearby, watching them.

"What are you looking at!" Link yelled. "Get the hell out of here!"

The guard quickly disappeared.

Zelda pulled away from him.

"Oh, Link, what am I going to do?"

Her eyes were so filled with a sadness and fright he’d never quite seen before. <p>

"Come here," he said softly, taking her hand.

"Let’s talk."

They sat down by the fountain, and he reached into her pocket, took out her handkerchief, and wiped her eyes.

She took a deep breath.

"King Kaunas must be dead," she said.

"Now his daughter Camilla is queen…..and she is my worst enemy."

"What?" Link asked. "You could never have any enemies," he said as he caressed her cheek with the back of his hand.

"Oh, but I do, Link. I do."

"I don’t understand."

"My father and her father hated each other more than they hated Ganondorf, and the last time I saw her, she told me the next time she saw me she would kill me. She swore it on her father’s grave."

"Do you think that’s why those Stalfos are here?" he asked.

"Yes…only those aren’t representative of Pavlodar’s fierce army. I don’t know how many she has. I may not have enough in my army to defeat her. She wants a war. I don’t know why, after all this time."

"She wants what you have, that’s all I can figure."

"I guess," she said, her voice trailing off…caressing his hand, twisting his wedding band. <p>

"Link, what should I do? Please help me."

He looked her seriously in the eyes.

"Well…there is one thing that can be done."
"What’s that?" she asked.

"I think it’s time for you to become queen of Hyrule, and rule this land properly. Once you do that, the Sages will have to turn all of the leadership to you. At least you will be on the same level with this nasty witch, and will have complete control over your army."

"But Link, do you know what that means?"

"Yes….yes I do."

"That means I would have to send you away to fight, and I don’t want to do that."

"Do you want her to take Hyrule away from you, and destroy all you have worked for?"

"But I could lose you Link. For good. The goddesses saved you once, I don’t know if they would do it again."

"Look," he said, "I’m not going to tell you the bad feelings all of this is giving me. I would be lying to you if I said I weren’t scared. But you are the one who holds the highest office in this land, not only as a ruler, but in my heart. Let me be your shield. That’s why you made me a knight. Please."

He brought her hand to his lips and kissed it. <p>

"I love you, Zelda, and you may not think you’re ready to be Queen, but you are."

His voice cracked.

"If these are the last days we share together, as least I know we spent them loving and trusting one another to the very end."

He took her in his arms and they wept together, just holding each other.

Then she slowly pulled back.

There was no way she would let Camilla have her kingdom, or everything Hyrule stood for.

She agreed to do what Link suggested, and persuade the Sages to allow her to become queen.

But what she didn’t know was that Camilla wasn’t just after her kingdom, or her crown.

No, her true prize was in the form of the one thing Zelda held dearer to her than anything else, even her kingdom. <p>

The coronation would have to be held quickly and quietly. Only Link, Aramis, Impa, their children, and the other Sages would be present.

Zelda hated to do this to her people, but this was an emergency of utmost importance. It was necessary to avoid a panic, and to keep Camilla from finding out.

She would have to have a formal ceremony later.

Everyone present gathered at the Great Hall, at her father’s throne.

Rauru, Nabooru, Saria, Impa, Princess Ruto, Darunia, all recited from a passage in the ancient Book of Sages that allowed for an emergency coronation of King and/or Queen in the event of a threat of war should there be one, and there is an individual worthy of receiving that title.

Zelda was about five years away from meeting the full requirements, but this was waived due to the circumstances. <p>

She certainly wasn’t happy on this day. She’d much rather have this happen when it was supposed to, not because it had to.

The crown was placed upon her head, her mother’s before her, and the red robe placed around her shoulders.

She felt like a little girl playing in dress-up clothes.

Each individual walked by her and bowed to her and kissed her ring, which bore the Hylian crest.

Link was the last.

She smiled at him nervously.

He took her hand and kissed it gently.

He wanted to be romantic to her but he knew the time was not appropriate.

Afterwards, she went into seclusion for a few hours, trying to absorb the events that had transpired. <p>


Chapter 13


Meanwhile, Link and Aramis and about twenty other knights rode out to the farthest perimeters of Hyrule in the direction of Pavlodar to see if they could find any more of Camilla’s Stalfos lurking about.

They entered the forest quietly and split up into pairs, combing it for any suspected activity.

The deeper they got into the forest the less light they had to see.

Soon it would be dark and they would have to turn back.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a Stalfos warrior jumped on Epona and she rose up in the air, scared.

Link dismounted her and drew his sword. Epona moved back, waiting.

Aramis shouted to the other knights for help, for he feared that others were nearby.

Link attacked fiercely, swinging his blade at the skilled warrior in front of him.

This Stalfos was indeed different than the ones he’d faced in the past.

It had a strength that was unparalleled. <p>

It swung back, and Link raised his shield in retaliation.

Then two more dropped from the trees above, right in front of Link.

The three of them began closing in on him, backing him up against a large tree.

The other knights arrived to help, and Aramis fought hard to try to keep them away from Link.

They had almost succeeded in their task, when Link suddenly lost his footing, and plunged down into a trap that had been set for him.

Aramis yelled out to him and charged the three Stalfos, but they took off faster than he or the other knights could catch them.

Dazed, Link looked around him.

He was in a dark hole, but unhurt.

He started to stand up, then felt something being placed over his head and fiercely dragged away.

"Come with us, Sir Link. You have an appointment with the Queen." <p>


Chapter 14


He fought hard to keep from being drug with them, but it was no use.

Camilla had ordered a secret tunnel dug underneath the outlying forest area, which allowed her warriors easy access to Hyrule.

Since she didn’t want Zelda to learn of this, she ordered Link’s face be covered while he was being brought to her.

She didn’t want to take any chances.

Link knew he was in a different kingdom by the smells around him, once he was brought into Pavlodar.

Everything was humid, the air holding a heavy mist.

The land smelled lusher and greener, and he felt cold, like there wasn’t much sunlight here.

There were sounds of strange birds flying overhead, and flying insects, some very big by the sound of their wings, would sail past his ear. <p>

He knew he was being taken somewhere, but where?

He heard heavy iron doors closing, and felt thick carpet beneath his feet.

Something sweet, like incense, filled the air as they approached Camilla’s bedroom.

Then a door opened, his mask removed, and he felt himself being pushed.

They closed the door behind him.

Dazed and trying to focus his eyes, Link looked around the room. The smell of the incense was stronger, and a light misty fog filled the air before him..

He searched all around, and could make out flames from torches on the walls, and in the distance, he saw red tapestries and black laquered wallcoverings everywhere.

This was somebody’s very expensive bedchamber, and he was getting a very bad feeling in his stomach.

Then he heard a voice.

A female voice. <p>

She breathed out slowly…..then spoke to him very low, very deliberate, very spidery.

"You have finally arrived….Sir Link."

He moved forward, and the fog mysteriously lifted.

He was facing Queen Camilla dead on, only she was sprawled out on a huge red round satin bed, wearing nothing but leather straps across her body, and a sheer black robe over it. She leaned on one elbow.

Her long black hair was teased up high, and it was sprinkled with flecks of bright red. She stretched her left leg up, showing off its slender form covered with fishnet hose, and black stiletto heels.

Her lips were fiery red, and they looked like they could sting a man like a scorpion.

She circled her arm around her bed, looking at him sensually.

"Come here," she said, her finger beckoning him, her long red fingernail causing Link to swallow hard.

He began to back away from her slowly.

"What’s going on?" he asked angrily, reaching for his sword. <p>


Chapter 15


"Oh…you won’t be needing that," she said, stretching her hand out towards him.

It magically floated away from his body and went straight into her clutches.

She looked at him again and laughed a very low…evil sensual laugh.

"You have no idea how I have been waiting for this moment. Ever since I laid my eyes upon you, I have vowed to make you my lover."

She moved across her bed like a cat, laying his sword on the pillow, and walked toward him…slowly, running her fingers through her black hair.

He tried to back away from her further, but her arms somehow reached across the room and pulled him close to her.

Too close.

She traced his lips with her red fingernail. <p>

"It’s no use to try to escape," she whispered to him, curling her hand around his neck and placing a delicate kiss against his throat.

"I want you…and I always get what I want," she whispered against him.

Eyeing his sword on the bed, he suddenly broke from her and tried to run for it.

But he found himself on top of her on the bed….this woman was not human. She was some sort of evil witch, who seemed to enjoy messing with men’s minds and their bodies.

She laughed underneath him, stroking his throat, as he tried to wrench away from her strong clutches, looking away from her.

"Go ahead," she said, arching her body to meet his, grabbing him by the waist and pulling him to her.

"Go ahead and reach for that sword….my darling."

She began to moan against him and pull his lips down to hers, and Link had to muster all his strength to keep her from doing it.

In one swift move, she rolled him over and pinned him down on the bed, pushing his sword away from his reach.

It crashed to the floor. <p>

"My my, you put up a fight…how I love strong men. Now, I want you to feel what you’ve been missing out on," as she slipped the sheerness away from her body, and began pulling loose the delicate leather straps that covered what little of her body that they did. She ripped open his tunic, marveled at the beauty in front of her, ran her hands along him, and lowered her face down to his chest, kissing it passionately.

She squeezed him between her thighs and Link tried desperately to fight her off of him, his hands unsuccessfully pushing against her legs. He threw his head back and growled at her.

But this woman was strong. Unhumanly strong.

"I can give you pleasure that wife of yours could never dream of giving you," she hotly whispered in his ear.

She took his face in hers and kissed him with an evil fire that made Link grit his teeth together.

Everything spun around, and he felt like he’d been pulled back into one of his evil nightmares again. But he wasn’t. This was real.

She raised up and tried to force his hands on her body but he made fists, and seethed at her with his blue eyes, which by now were as full of hatred as they had ever been. <p>

"You….bitch!" he hissed in a low and deliberate tone of voice, not taking his gaze of hatred away from her. "I have never called a woman that before in my life…until now.

Now I know why you started this war….it wasn’t just to take Zelda’s kingdom, or crown, was it? It was to get to me."

He shook his head and could not believe what was happening to him, listening to her evil laugh.

"Bingo," she said, shifting her weight to her heels, pinning his arms against the bed again, laughing, and began to slowly rotate herself on top of him, pushing against him, throwing her head back.

"Do you like that?" she asked, her breathing growing heavier.

She began to moan uncontrollably and throw her head back. <p>

Link’s body was reacting to this not out of pleasure, or desire, but merely instinct. He was fighting it harder than he’d ever fought anything before in his life.

"I can feel that you do"…..she whispered in delight, not stopping. "You’re in my arms now, get Zelda out of your head, my darling"….

He could tell by her movements and the sounds she was making that she was just about to reach the thresholds, and when she reached for his trousers, he growled at her again, this time louder, his face turning red from straining to get away from her.

He closed both his fists together, moved them both at the same time and punched her hard in the face, knocking her away. He swiftly got off the bed and reached for his sword, and backed away from her.

She looked up at him, bewildered, her lip bleeding. <p>

He shook his sword angrily at her and wiped his chin, breathing hard.

"You will never be what Zelda is. You’re not even a woman at all"…..he said to her in a low angry voice, looking at this evil thing sprawled out before him.

"You’ll never have me, Camilla. You may use all of your black evil magic on me that you wish, but I will never, ever let you have my body or my heart. Those only belong to one woman. I share my bed with no one else but her!"

And with that he spit at her face.

She raised up off the bed and got up on her knees and folded her arms.

"I see," she said, the fire building in her eyes.

"Well….I’m going to let you think about what you’ve just done for awhile. You’ll certainly be here long enough."

Then she pulled her hands down to her sides and yelled, "Guards!" <p>

Four huge Stalfos entered her bedroom.

"Take him to the dungeon," she ordered, "maybe once he starts rotting he will rethink his decision."

They grabbed Link and pulled him in all different directions, taking his sword from him. He fought hard against them but it was no use.

She got off her bed, walked to him, bent down, and he could hear her leather clothing stretching as she leaned over him once more.

"You think about this stupid stunt you’ve just pulled, and how it’s going to cost you. Nobody, and I mean nobody, cuts me off cold."

Then she stood up, leaned back, pulled out her whip, and cracked it across his open chest.

He screamed in pain, and strained against the Stalfos’ grip.

"I was prepared to offer you everything," she said.

"Now you may have just bought Zelda with your life.

By the time I get done with you, you won’t have a heart or a body left for her." <p>


Chapter 16


He was dragged away and led to a dark dungeon, deep within her castle, and thrown down the stairs.

One of the Stalfos chained his feet to the center post in the room, and placed him in shackles.

But before he left, he reached back and punched Link hard in the face.

"That’s for killing my friends," he hissed.

Then he went back up the stairs and locked the door behind him.

Link looked all around him. It was pitch black, except for a tiny barred window above him. He heard noises, then felt something move across his foot.

Rats. <p>

Aramis rode back to the castle at high speed, frantically trying to get back to Zelda and tell her himself of what happened before she heard it from someone else.

Crossing Hyrule Field as the sun was coming up, he approached the drawbridge.

"Open it! Open it now!" he ordered, galloping towards it at a lightning pace.

The guards, seeing that he wasn’t planning on slowing down, lowered the drawbridge as fast as they could.

He rode straight through to the castle, and dismounted Trenton quickly, running on foot and throwing the door open, frantically searching for Zelda.

"Where is she!" he yelled. "I must speak to her at once!"

He paced throughout the hallways, then found Impa standing at the entrance to the courtyard.

He stopped suddenly, knowing Zelda must be in meditation.

"Please, Impa," he begged her quietly, "I have news of Link I must share only with her."

Impa turned to Zelda and announced Aramis’ presence.

Zelda turned and nodded

Impa allowed him to pass.

"Your majesty"…. <p>

Zelda turned around and ran to him, and clutched his hands.

She was dressed in gold flowing robes, her hair high upon her head.

Aramis himself was overtaken by her beauty.

Her wide eyes searched him.

"Aramis, where is my husband?" she asked him.

He looked at her and lowered his head quickly, biting his lip, trying to catch his breath, his body sweating.

"Zelda…he’s been captured."

His eyes raised again to meet hers.

Her face turned white.

"My Link…captured?" she covered her face with her mouth.

"Yes, but there’s more, much more," Aramis said.

"Please come sit with me, Aramis. I want to hear everything. We don’t have much time."

She took his hand and led him to her favorite spot and they sat down.

Aramis told her of what was really going on…that it appeared Camilla wasn’t just after her crown or her kingdom.

She wanted Link, and had set a trap for him so she could have him captured and brought to her. The way they had been attacked in the forest had given it all away. <p>


Chapter 17


Zelda looked away from him, trying to keep her composure, getting up from the bench, and walked to the fountain. She knew of Camilla’s reputation as an evil seductress, and that she had taken many lovers in her lifetime. The though of her with Link was unbearable.

Watching her reflection, and thinking through these new facts that had been revealed to her, she decided that there was only one thing she could do.

What Link would do…face the opponent head on. She wasn’t quite sure how she would face Camilla, but she would make this woman pay for what she had done to Link. Poor Link. There’s no telling what he was having to endure…..her evil clutches would have been around him surely by now. But she held steadfast to her heart, knowing that he loved only her.

She quickly turned around.

"Aramis, you will have to take your leave of me now. Please take my children to Saria. She will understand. I need you to keep quiet about this."

She gathered up her dress and began to leave. <p>

He stopped her with his hand.

"What do you plan to do?" he asked, concerned.

Her eyes told him everything. They burned with a fiery hatred. He moved back from her a little, a little taken aback. He could see no more little princess standing in front of him. There was no fear in her eyes. Only quiet determination.

She was truly a queen, more noble than anyone he’d ever seen. Even Link himself.

Whatever she had planned, he sensed it was something she wanted kept private. The blood between her and Camilla was bad. This was a battle that not even Link could fight.

"What I must do to save my husband’s life. He has saved mine so many times, and now I must do the same for him. Even….even if I die doing it. You must go now, Aramis. Tell no one of our meeting."

Then she disappeared into the castle.

Aramis held out his hand to her, but she was gone too quickly.

He did as she asked, and took Damien and Danielle to the Lost Woods to stay with Saria in hiding. <p>

Zelda had disappeared into seclusion with Impa, to be trained again as a Sheikah and a warrior.

Her plans she would reveal to no one except her.

She couldn’t think of Link’s suffering, or she would break.

She was going to send this evil foe to the deepest bowels of hell, even if it killed her. <p>

Link was increasingly growing weaker in captivity from lack of food, and Camilla, in all her cruelty, had sent a Stalfos down to him daily to beat him. His only comfort and peace was thinking about his wife and children.

But were they alive, or dead?

Was there even a kingdom left for her to rule?

He spent his time looking out the tiny barred window, thinking of his family.

He thought of Zelda’s sweet face, his children’s happy laughter.

Even if he died in captivity, nothing could take that away from him.

He would not give in to this awful woman, no matter what. <p>


Chapter 18


When Zelda wasn’t training with Impa, she hurriedly took time out to sit in the courtyard alone, looking into the fountain and thinking the same things about Link.

She wouldn’t think about anything else but him.

Impa had become her only contact now with the outside world.

She would look deep down into that water at her reflection, and she would concentrate hard and close her eyes. She could feel Link standing next to her, his breath against her neck, see his happy smile, and hear his wonderful voice…taste his sweet kisses.

"I love you…Link…hold on"….she would whisper. <p>

Link would look up at the window at the same time of day, his eyes and body swollen from bruises.

He would feel her soul blow through him, as he managed to raise his neck to see the small amount of light filtering down to him.

"Zelda….I love you"…… he would whisper weakly, cough, then close his eyes, and he would smile, knowing that his wife and children were okay.

He knew she was sending him messages, and that was the only thing that was keeping him alive. <p>

Zelda quickly regained her strength as a former Sheikah warrior. Once she was ready, she summoned Aramis and he met her immediately at the Great Hall..

"Tomorrow we ride to Pavlodar…the entire army. We are going to attack at sunup tomorrow. Gather your men, and tell them as little as possible. We will ride out and flank on each side of the castle."

She unrolled the map on the table, and with her dagger, pointed out key spots where they would position the army.

Aramis gave suggestions, and she listened with a good ear. Aramis knew a lot about battling these Stalfos and how they may counterattack.

Between the two of them they finalized their battle plans and then, rolling up the map, her gaze lowered quietly.

Aramis put his hand on her shoulder. <p>

"Are you alright?" he asked.

She smiled at him.

"Yes…Link is alive, and soon he will be back here and Pavlodar will be mine."

Then she turned to leave and Aramis asked curiously, "Your majesty, how do you know Link is alive?"

She looked at him with her blue eyes, and they told him everything.

"I just know he is." <p>

Riding out that night, Aramis and Impa stayed close to Zelda’s side. She was wearing the Hylian crest proudly upon her royal blue gown, carrying the flag of her kingdom on Epona. Her hair was held up tightly so it would not be in her face.

She carried herself proudly, but was not smiling this day.

She wanted to arrive in Pavlodar dressed properly as the Queen of Hyrule, and not be afraid to ride with her men into battle. She would show this evil bitch that she was not going to be afraid of her.

Aramis was proud to ride beside her. Prouder than he’d ever been of anything before in his life.

Zelda ordered that they not stop until they reached Pavlodar. They crossed valleys, rivers, bridges, and mountains all night to get there before sunup. <p>

Just as the first rays of dawn were slithering over the horizon, Zelda saw the familiar mist that covered Camilla’s distant kingdom.

She pulled Aramis to her side and they discussed their final moves ahead before they moved in to attack. <p>

In the dungeon, Link heard the door creak open, and Camilla walked down to him on the stairs, her high heels carefully and deliberately stepping on each of the stairs, slowly.

She pulled out her whip as she stood and faced him, weak and unarmed, and ran her tongue along the edge of it as it came loose from her waist.

"Hmmm"… she said.

She cracked her whip at him and he could barely utter a sound in pain. In fact, he was numb all over.

She moved closer to him and placed a chain around his neck, one she could tighten or loosen at will.

She straddled herself on his lap, and began to move against him, tightening the chain.

"I’m going to give you one more chance to surrender. Do it now, and I will leave Zelda alone. Refuse me again…and I will have no choice but to kill you right now with my bare hands. And you know I can do it."

His eyes, with barely any life left in them, looked at her one last time, as his breathing became very labored. <p>

"Never," he whispered, his voice barely audible. "Never."

"Suit yourself," she said, and Link could feel the chain going tighter, the room getting darker, the feeling leaving his legs….

"Your majesty! Come up quickly!" one of the Stalfos shouted down to the dungeon.

"What is it?" she yelled up to him, irritated by his interruption.

"Queen Zelda and the entire Hylian army are coming!"

She looked at Link. <p>

"Well well…it looks like the Queen herself has decided she does have the guts to face me. It will only be a matter of time, however, before I have her down here with you, and then I will have the pleasure of killing you both."

She got up from Link’s lap and walked up the stairs, locking the door behind her, leaving the chain around his neck.

Link looked up at the window and smiled weakly.

"Zelda"…..he whispered. <p>







Chapter 19


Camilla ran outside to an embankment outside her castle and hid behind it, and peeked around.

Through the breaks in the mist, on the hill, was the Hylian army stretched out across it, with Zelda in the center on Epona, carrying her flag.

"Hand me that looking glass," she ordered.

The Stalfos crouched beside her gave her his scope.

She scanned the line slowly, eyeing all of the powerful Hylian Knights that were preparing to charge upon her, until she stopped at Zelda.

She hadn’t seen Zelda since she was little. She didn’t look like a little girl now. She was clearly in charge of this army, and her appearance struck a tiny bit of fear in the evil witch’s heart

She was no longer Princess Zelda, but Queen Zelda.

Camilla laughed nervously as she handed the scope back to the Stalfos.

She had no idea the Hylian army had grown so huge. She had underestimated Hyrule’s strength. She had figured them weak in their time of prosperity, and that they didn’t have the large army that had traveled here, the one that was now staring her down from that hill.

"Surround the castle," she ordered.

"Get in formation and prepare to counterattack! Defend me at all costs. I’m not going to lose my crown today!" <p>

The mist lifted, and it revealed the ominous Castle Pavlodar that was now before them.

Aramis had never seen anything so menacing.

It was entirely black, its domes curling around like evil fingers toward the sky.

Its main door resembled a dragon’s mouth, with red eyes, yawning before them.

It was as if hell itself were here, waiting to swallow them whole.

Aramis glanced over at Zelda, awaiting her orders.

She truly was the most beautiful queen he’d ever seen.

Zelda remembered this castle from long ago, when her father had brought her to this very same spot after the defeat of the Lost Worlds. He’d wanted her to see it, to understand it.

But she would not be afraid of it. She would not let her fear show.

She closed her eyes and concentrated hard, holding Epona’s reins tightly.

Link could feel her.

"Zelda…..hurry"…..he whispered, his strength fading fast.

She opened her eyes and looked at Aramis.

"We don’t have much time, Aramis. We must charge now." <p>


Chapter 20


The Stalfos army ran into formation in front of them, in a long line, drawing their swords and raising up their shields.

Against all odds, against all that stood before them today, Zelda finally nodded her head to Aramis.

That was the signal.

Aramis looked left and right down the line at his men and drew up his sword, looking straight ahead at the army in front of him.

They all followed suit, each one raising their swords in turn.

Camilla turned around upon hearing the awesome sound, and looked at them.

"Ready!" Aramis yelled at the top of his lungs.


"Charge!" he ordered, lowering his sword.

The horses took off with a thundering roar down the hill and across the field.

It was an awesome sight.

Zelda stayed back on the hill with Impa, watching closely, then pulled out her bow she’d kept hidden until now.

Impa did the same. <p>

Keeping her eyes steadfast on her army and the enemy, she slowly reached behind her and pulled an arrow out from her back.

Holding her bow in one hand, licking the tip of the arrow, carefully placing it in the bow with the other and drawing it up to her eyes, carefully calculated her attack.

She would not miss.

Impa had readied her bow as well.

Camilla ran inside her castle and bolted the door behind her.

Link’s eyes widened as he heard the thundering roar of his army getting closer.

His queen was coming to rescue him.

"Zelda"….he whispered. "My love"…

Some of the Stalfos attacked them on foot, and the knights dismounted quickly, each one being drawn into his own battle.

"Go for the front!" Aramis yelled. "We’ve got to find Link!" <p>

Aramis was pulled back by one of them, about to chop him with an ax.

He rolled away quickly, then rose and sliced him through the heart.

Zelda squeezed her legs around Epona, bracing herself.

"One…two…three"…she counted calmly.


Two arrows sliced through the air, piercing two Stalfos in their necks, knocking them to the ground.

Aramis looked behind him in astonishment, then smiled.

Zelda and Impa readied another round.


Another two arrows flew true, claiming two more victims. <p>

The sounds of battle were everywhere, swords clashing, shields blocking, arrows flying.

Once they reached the front of the castle, Aramis and two men headed for the door but were cut off by two Stalfos. They dismounted and circled each other slowly, then Aramis raised his shield and blocked the Stalfos’ heavy blows.

Zelda’s arrows claimed both of them, allowing Aramis and his partner access to the inside.

Aramis approached one of the unsuspecting guards from behind, and held his sword at his throat.

"Take me to where you’re holding Link," he ordered.

He pushed the tip at his throat.


The guard led him to the dungeon and unlocked the door.

Once inside, Aramis raised his arms and hit the guard over the head, sending him tumbling down the stairs. Aramis hurried to where Link was chained up, and with swift blows, cut the chains that were holding him and pulled the chain away from his neck. <p>

Checking his eyes, he could see that Link was still alive. But barely.

"Come on my friend, it’s time to get out of here."

Link looked up at him.

"Aramis," he whispered with a faint smile.

Aramis threw Link effortlessly over his shoulder, and went back up the stairs.

Watching each corner closely, he made his way slowly down the corridor and exited down the passageway leading outside.

He had to be careful, though. One wrong move and he and Link might wind up dead. <p>

Satisfied that she had killed enough Stalfos, Zelda turned to Impa.

She had seen that Link made it out safely, and even though she was worried sick about him, she knew he was in capable hands.

It was time to meet her enemy face to face.

Turning Epona slowly in the opposite direction, looking over her shoulder, she and Impa rode slowly away, Zelda’s blue gown flowing proudly behind her as she still carried her kingdom’s flag in her right hand.

Aramis hurried out the back to his horse, and tossing Link’s body carefully over the back, he urged his horse to ride away.

Stalfos after Stalfos was slain, littering the field in front of the dark castle with bodies and blood. <p>


Chapter 21


Zelda, dressed in the purple uniform of the Sheikah, and a white veil over her face, made her way into the castle and snuck past the guards to Camilla’s bedroom.

She waited for her, above on a high beam, out of the light.

Panting, nervous, and out of breath, Camilla entered and bolted the door behind her, and leaned back against it, closing her eyes.

"Please make this day go away from me," she whispered.

She started to walk towards her bed, and heard a voice speak to her from above.

"I don’t think that will be so easy."

Camilla jumped, circling the room, looking above her.

"Who’s there?" she asked nervously.

With a very slinky creep, Zelda quietly lowered herself onto Camilla’s bed with a rope, and with light feet, stood firm upon it, staring her down, hands on her hips. <p>

"It’s been a long time…old friend," she said.

"Who are you?" Camilla asked.

Zelda moved forward into the light.

"It’s me….Camilla…what’s the matter, don’t you remember me?"

Camilla squinted at her.

"Princess Zelda"…she said.

"Queen Zelda," Zelda snapped.

Camilla laughed, holding her spidery hand to her chest.

"I haven’t given you a second thought since your husband arrived here. I must say Zelda, I do believe he was far more pleasurable forced than some men are willing. For a moment there I thought he was actually enjoying it." <p>

Zelda said nothing, but crouched down into position.

"I’m going to make you pay for what you’ve done to him."

She snapped her fingers, and a double edged sword with curved blades appeared in her hand.

She began swirling it slowly, getting down off the bed, keeping her light step, not taking her eyes from Camilla’s.

"Do not underestimate me, Camilla. I am stronger and more powerful now than you can possibly imagine."

Camilla raised her arms up and threw a bolt of lightning at her.

Zelda adeptly dodged it, laughing.

"Do not attempt to use magic on me. I can fight you in every possible way you can dish out."

Camilla tried to throw more at her, and she hit every one with the sword, knocking them away.

"Is that the best you can do?" Zelda hissed.

Camilla lunged at her, screaming, and tried to grab her throat. Zelda moved out of the way and Camilla found herself on her bed, bewildered, shaking her head.

She got up on her knees. <p>

"Zelda….you’re about to wish you hadn’t made the stupid mistake of coming here today."

She raised up her arms, and a staff appeared in her hand, with a red glowing ball and a dragon’s head on top of it.

The room filled with bright red light, almost so bright Zelda couldn’t see.

Camilla lowered the staff and pointed it at her, raising her other arm behind her head.

She screamed something in her native tongue, and a huge Wolfos appeared right in front of Zelda, its eyes menacing, its claws huge and sharp.

"Take her…she’s yours," Camilla ordered, leaning back on the bed, and grinning in evil delight.

"You’re in my lair now….and we fight my way."

Zelda looked up at the creature with wide eyes.

The creature swung its heavy claws at her, and she dodged back, eyeing it carefully, trying to anticipate its next move.

She swirled her sword slowly, crouching down, listening to the creature’s evil growls. <p>

Something awful dripped from its mouth, no doubt the remnants of its last meal, and it was about to make Zelda its next.

Its breath was horrible.

Camilla was enjoying this.

"You know, Zelda, your husband is quite well endowed. I could feel him against me when I had him on his back, right here, on this bed."

She clasped her hands together in delicious laughter.

The creature swung both claws at her, and Zelda tried to jump out of the way, but she felt a gnawing gash being ripped open on her arm.

She screamed in pain.

Camilla laughed even harder.

Angry, Zelda jumped up again, feeling the blood gush from her wound.

But she would not give in.

Facing this evil creature, she waited for the right opportunity, then lunged forward, side to side, slashing its belly open, spilling its guts onto the floor.

She kept the fire in her eyes the whole time. <p>

As the Wolfos fell to the floor, Zelda could see Camilla behind it trying to raise her staff again.

She quickly took out her bow and arrow, and readied it, crouching down.

"Nobody…nobody lays her hand on my husband," she said low and deliberately.

And she let go an arrow that struck true into Camilla’s heart.

Screaming, and flailing her arms about, Camilla took on the form of a dragon, a Wolfos, a witch, as her body died right before Zelda’s eyes, sending shards of red light everywhere.

A fierce storm began to rage over the castle, the wind howling all around it. Its’ evil fingers withdrew into it, and the mist swirled violently. Zelda raised her head and closed her eyes, as the vortex grew stronger and stronger.

The sounds of Camilla’s cries of death and the Stalfos charging her army surrounded her, deafening her ears. <p>

Horses neighing, swords clashing, men screaming battle cries were all a part of this deafening, horrifying warp she was experiencing.

But it began to slowly grow still, and the wind began to calm.

She could feel the sun’s warmth on her face, and she opened her eyes.

She was back in Hyrule again, her peaceful kingdom.

The army surrounded her, and lifted her high upon Epona in salute.

Each one bowed to her, clutching his sword to his breast.

Zelda was speechless….this wasn’t happening!

One of them said to her, "Your majesty, Pavlodar is yours to rule now as you wish."

She couldn’t believe it. Her army had defeated the Stalfos!!

They’d had very few casualties.

But she looked all around her.

Where were Aramis and Link?

"Where are Sir Aramis and Sir Link?" she asked.

The knight replied, "Don’t worry, your majesty…they are safe. They will return to you very soon." <p>


Chapter 22

Link took in all of the healing power of the Great Fairies’ fountain Aramis had taken him to.

Aramis had hurried there as fast as he could, for Link was truly on his last breath.

Link emerged from his experience, looking even better than ever.

The two of them sat there for a few moments, just watching the beauty of the relaxing water surrounding them.

"This has been some adventure, my friend," Aramis said.

"Yes it has," Link said, "and I owe you my life, Aramis. I don’t think I would have survived if you hadn’t gotten to me when you did."

Aramis slapped him on the shoulder.

"Well, I’m sure you will repay the favor to me sometime."

Link looked deep into the water and thought of his beautiful wife.

His voice changed and got quieter.

"She’s……awesome.…isn’t she?" he asked.

Aramis looked at him with very serious eyes. <p>

"You should have seen her, Link. She fought with us today, braver than any knight I have ever seen. She took that Camilla down, I will tell you that, my friend. She was….like you said…awesome. Words cannot describe the pride I felt riding beside her today. She is perhaps the greatest ruler I have ever known. Certainly the best I’ve ever served under."

Link shook his head in amazement. How he loved her.

Aramis quickly stood up and took Link’s hand.

"Come, my friend. Two horses are waiting to take us home." <p>


They rode to the top of their favorite hill, overlooking the countryside once again.

"It feels good to be home," Link said, breathing in the air deeply.

Hyrule would never be the same. It had the greatest leader she had ever known, even better than the late great King Harkinian.

The Hylian sun was setting behind them, and it provided quite a dramatic backdrop for these two fearless knights, returning home from probably the greatest adventure they’d ever been on together.

Link could see his castle in the distance, and he knew Zelda was there, safe.

She had single-handedly organized this army, taken them across land and water to rescue him, killed her enemy, and had made her empire larger in the process.

She was the most wonderful woman in the world. His heart raced when he thought of her welcoming arms. He couldn’t wait to hold her, to kiss her.

"Aramis," Link said, choking up, placed his helmet upon his head.

"I must now ride home to my queen."

Without another word, he urged the horse to take him home.

He was a picture of true nobility, of true chivalry.

Aramis smiled as he watched Link.

"You deserve everything you have, my friend," he whispered. <p>


Zelda was in the courtyard, alone, pacing nervously.

She had defeated Queen Camilla, and had brought peace to her kingdom, and she was now Queen of Pavlodar, as well as Hyrule.

She would now be in command of the mighty Stalfos army in addition to her own.

Even though she had all of this, there was one thing that had not returned to her.

She knew he was with Aramis, and that he was safe, that he had most likely been taken where he could regain the strength to come home to her.

But they had not returned and she was becoming more and more nervous with each passing moment, clutching her handkerchief, and staring up at the Triforce.

Link watched her from the shadows.

He’d not seen her for such a long time that her beauty made his heart race again, just like that day so long ago when she had held him close to her breast after he’d defeated Ganondorf, the day he asked her to marry him. <p>

Her pink gown embraced her in all of its beauty, like a rose.

He breathed in deeply, and felt himself shaking.

His hand on the doorway, he watched her kneel down to the pool and swirl a lily with her hand, watching her reflection.

"Where are you, my Link?" she whispered. "Please hurry home to me."

He quietly removed his helmet, and clutching it under his arm, reached down, picked a pink rose from the garden, and walked towards her slowly…quietly.

Standing right behind her, his hand reached out for her…slowly, his heart racing, his hand shaking and sweating.

He could see her begin to shake from silent sobs. He couldn’t bear it.

"Don’t cry, my love, I am home"…. he whispered to her as he placed his hand on her shoulder.

She quickly stood up and turned around.

Her mouth dropped open. <p>


He held out the rose to her.

"My Queen, I cannot bear to see you cry"…

She threw her arms around him, knocking his helmet from under his arm.

He embraced her and kissed her feverishly, not stopping.

She caressed his face, crying against him as she answered him.

She couldn’t hold him tight enough.

He pulled her down to the ground and held her in his arms, caressing her hair, both of them not being able to get enough of each other.

There was a majestic glow about him, and he was even more handsome than the last time she’d seen him.

Tears were forming in his eyes.

"Did she…take you from me?" Zelda asked nervously.

He shook his head and smiled.

"No, my love"….. <p>

He took a deep breath…..and, holding her close to his breast, looking deeply into her eyes, whispered something to her she’d never heard him say before.

"Ta gra agam ort."

A slow smile spread across her face. He had remembered some of the ancient Hylian she’d taught him so long ago when they were children.

"Oh…how I love you too," she answered with deep emotion, winding her arms around his neck.

He lowered his lips onto hers and kissed her slowly…deeply.

Then he pulled back to see the expression on her face.

"I’m going to take you up to our chambers now," he whispered, "so I can rediscover you all over again."

This pleased her.

"Oh, Link….please," she begged.

He gathered her up in his arms and carried her up to their bedroom.

They remained in seclusion for several days. <p>


Chapter 23


Link was eventually crowned King of Hyrule, to serve beside his wife, Queen Zelda.

Aramis was named the leader of the Royal Knights, and married Malon soon after the defeat of Queen Camilla, and the sacking of Pavlodar.

Damien and Danielle were formally coronated Prince and Princess of Hyrule, and they began to take on more responsibility as heirs to the throne.

Link trained his son to become a Knight as he had been, and to serve under Aramis.

Princess Danielle turned out to be much like her mother, just as wise and beautiful as she, preparing for her duty to rule alongside her brother someday.

Hyrule from then on was the most prosperous land in the world, and all because of the love of two people that was stronger than life itself, stronger than the Triforce that held their world together, a beautiful princess named Zelda and her knight in shining armor….Link….the defender of the crown. <p>