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Book 2

Zelda: War of the Roses

Chapter 1

Reinhardt Schneider steps into the morning light and takes a deep breath of fresh air. Hyrule is a far cry from Transylvania . He walks up to one of the Hylian Knights, "Excuse me, where can I find Link?" The night tells him Link is engaged to Princess Zelda and points him to the Castle.

By mid-day he reaches LonLon Ranch. Ingo tells him who the ranch belongs to, and heads off to the docks. Walking around the ranch, Reinhardt encounters a beautiful red-headed young lady, who is at least one year younger than him. "Sir, are you lost," Malon asks. Reinhardt studies her for a moment. "Yes, Iím looking for Hyrule Castle?" "Well itís three miles to the east, but before you go come in and get something to eat," Malon says, "you look tired and hungry." "Thank you," Reinhardt says walking inside.

Reinhardt sits down at the table and watches Malon fix him lunch. "Are you always this kind to strangers," he asks. Malon laughs a little bit, "Sir, no one here in Hyrule is a stranger," she says giving him some lunch. Reinhardt eats it and tells Malon it was the best he had in months. "My name is Malon, what is yours," she says, looking at Reinhardt with her bright blue eyes. "My name is Reinhardt Schneider, vampire hunter."

Malon lets out a small gasp. "Present heir to the Belmont Clan, my blood dooms me to fight Dracula and his evil men." Malon notices the sun setting, "Well it is dangerous to travel at night, plus the drawbridge is raised. We have an extra room, will you please stay," Malon explains. Reinhardt is too tired to argue so he agrees and Malon shows him to his room.

At the same time Link is sitting in his room thinking about the pain he caused one certain woman in his life. Start Flashback----"I hate you Link, and Iíll hate you forever. What if I was pregnant? What would you do then, with two women pregnant?! (Saria starts crying) Get out of my house! I donít want to see you again for the rest of my life!"----End of Flashback. Link looks over to Zelda, who is sleeping, he then sighs and finally goes to sleep.

The next day Reinhardt is introduced to Malonís father. They give him a bottle of milk and tell him how to get to Hyrule Castle. As he enters the Market Town he has a flashback from Castlevania, he quickly shrugs it off and walks around the town.

Chapter 2

Saria is lieing on her bed with a picture of her and Link in her hand, "What happened to us? I thought you were happy with me Link? What happened when you whent back to Talmina, that made you brake up with me?" Saria lets the picture fall to the floor, she then grabs her pillow and cries herself to sleep.

Antigone, a Gerudo warrior and ambassador, walks through Hyrule Castle wondering why she got this position. Nabooru asked her if she wanted the position, so Antigone agreed, she never thought she would fall in love when she came here two months ago. "Hey beautiful," Nathan says walking up to her. Antigone gives him a big hug. "Hey, I was wondering where you were," she tells him. They fell madly in love with each other, when the meet two months ago. "Hey Antigone, you want to get lunch in the Market town?" "Sure, I never got to really see the Market Town." After talking to the gaurds and giving them their afternoon assinments, Antigone and Nathan walk to the Market Town to get lunch.

Reinhardt walks up to the front gate of Hyrule Castle, "Sir, I need to pass it is a matter of great importance." "I cannot let anyone pass unless they work here, invited by Zelda, or have a complaint," the guard says. "Well if I donít get in, Hyrule will fall under great evil." The guard opens the door and tell Reinhardt to follow him.

They walk through the beautifully decorated halls, that make Castlvania look poor. Finally at the Throne Room, the guard knocks on the door and a voice inside tells them to enter. Reinhardt enters the room and stands there in awe on how big and beautiful the room is. Link looks up from the Book of Mudora and studies Reinhardt. "May I help you," Link asks closing the book. Reinhardt walks forward a little and introduces himself. "Yes, Iíve heard of you," Link says. "I heard some rumors that Draculaís men, lead by Malus, are trying to bring him back," Reinhardt explains. "What does this have to do with Hyrule?" "I think they are looking for the Potion of Power." Link opens the Book of Mudora and shows Reinhardt the picture of the Potion of Power. "It does not say where the Potion is located, but I might know a person who does." "Ok, but can I bring in one more person," Reinhardt asks. "Sure, Iíll go get the horses ready."

Dear Carrie,

Come to Hyrule at once! Bring Holy Water, crosses, and purifying crystals. Draculaís men are looking for some way to bring him back. We must stop them. Tell me where you will arrive in Hyrule and Iíll meet you there. Come ASAP.

Reinhardt Schneider

They walk to the stables, Link mounts Epona and Reinhardt Mounts the horse that Link took from Ganon when he was banished. They head off to

Nathan look on, from the cafť, while Reinhardt and Link pass by. "Who was that on Ganonís horse," Antigone asks. "That was Reinhardt Schneider. I wonder what he is doing in Hyrule?" "What is he doing on Ganonís horse," Antigone asks. "Remember when Link defeated Ganon. He took his horse as a spoil if war." Antigone slaps herself on the forehead, "I forgot." Nathan looks at his watch and tells her it is 1:00. Antigone jumps from the table, "I have to train with Nabooru today, she will be pissed if I am late!" She kisses Nathan on the cheek, "See you later today." She walks from the table and throws a Deku Nut, dissapearing in a flash of light. Nathan sighs and looks over at the waiter, "check please!"

Malus walks off the boat he charted to Hyrule. "Reinhardt is all ready here, well then I better get busy."