Autumn Touch of Gold By: Candy

Malon stared out at the crimson sunset. Her thoughts dwelled on one thing, as always. At 17, she had begun seriously thinking about marriage. Sure, like every other girl in the world, she longed for a love that would just take her breath away. But as she grew older and more mature she realized that love like in the fairy tales, was just an allusion. She began to envision the perfect man. She had thought long and hard about it before, but it always wound down to the same description, and only one person she new met that. Her eyes wandered from the purplish-orange haze in the sky to the golden-red leaves glittering in the fall sunset. Fall was her favorite season, she decided. The colors, the weather, it was too good to be true. It was natures golden touch upon the world... and fall in Hyrule, was just stunning. "I think I'd like to get married in fall." Malon mused to herself. She sighed and slipped out of her work clothes and into her nightgown, never tearing her eyes from the falling autumn leaves.

Now back to her dilemma. She was in love. Normally, that would be a good thing, but she still wasn't sure if the person she cared for felt the same about her. She would always say a short prayer to Nayru every time he was in her presence. She wanted him to love her as well. She wanted him; she wanted to be with him. But, with his fame, his looks, his charm... he attracted many other girls, so Malon had her work cut out for her. Malon frowned, "I hate competition." She muttered sadly. The sun had set by now and Hyrule's glowing moon shone down upon the now peaceful land gently.

Link, it was all Malon could think about. He was her essence, her motivation, her... everything. If she lost him, in anyway, she would die. She knew for a long time, even when they were children, that he had something special. Of course as a child she didn't know much about love, just that it was something magical that happened in the storybooks. But now, she realized that love happened unexpectedly. She remembered the day when she knew she had fallen for him.

~~ Flashback ~~

Malon was mucking out Moon Dust's stall early in the spring morning. Her backbones ached terribly because of her sleeping quarters in the stable. Her bed, you see, was a pile of hay and a blanket. Malon sighed heavily as she continued her work. Her lower lip was swollen and her left eye was a light shade of purple. Ingo had been drunk, again.

He had also been very mad. The previous night he had come staggering home from the tavern. Malon thought she could SMELL him coming in. He had stumbled into the stable, his face red and eyes watery. His mustache was all greasy and his hair was rumpled. Yup, Ingo had been abusing the booze, again.

He had sauntered up to Malon, who was half-asleep at the time, and started mumbling something about Epona's stall not being clean. When Malon made a confused face, Ingo's fist hit it, hard. She hadn't screamed she just shut her eyes and pretended that it wasn't happening, that it was all a dream. The beating continued, and she kept on pretending it wasn't happening. But she couldn't pretend any longer when she felt Ingo's cold, clammy, disgusting, lips pressed painfully hard against her own. She had flipped out after that.

She pushed him away as hard as she could and when he dove in to attack her again, she side stepped and he had run right into the wall, hitting his head hard. He was knocked out cold. She had then slumped to the cold ground, in the stable, and cried. He had ruined it. Her first real kiss, it was ruined. It wasn't soft, pure, and innocent like it was supposed to be, it was hard, stolen, and painful. She gingerly touched her lip. It hurt, a lot. She had sat there awhile crying and then, still sobbing, dragged his unconscious body out of the stable, up the stairs, and into the bedroom of his house. She tossed him on the bed, and hoped he wouldn't remember a thing the next morning.

She shivered at the memory. He hadn't woken up yet, maybe he didn't remember.


Malon's head snapped up to the door to see a very angry Ingo standing in the doorway. He had a huge lump on his head, and his eyes were full of fire. Great he was SOBER and angry this time. Now if he hit her, his punches would be more accurate.

He walked up to her slowly. She could feel his arrogant stare upon her. She turned away, and pretended not to notice his harsh gaze. "Good morning, Mr. Ingo." She said quietly. He didn't respond. She could feel him smirking. He knew she was afraid. Suddenly, she felt his icy breath upon her neck. "Malon, I was looking for you." He said slyly.

Malon gulped. "D-did you want me to do something, Mr. Ingo?" She felt the smirk again. She felt his hands snake around her slim waist and he pulled her to him. "Yes," he whispered in her pointed ear, "I would like you to do something for me." Malon surppressed the urge to hurl all over the stable. She gulped once more, and tried to break away from his grasp, but he only held her tighter. She tried not to cry, but a sob escaped her. "Plea-please, don't..." she managed to get out. Ingo's smirk grew wider, "Oh, are you upset Malon? Don't be. A pretty young lady, like yourself, shouldn't cry. I'll make EVERYTHING better." Malon felt the tears running down her cheeks. She wasn't going to stand for this, he had taken her first kiss but he would not take anything else from her.

It had all happened so fast. She spun around quickly in his arms, and punched him square in the nose. He had fallen back into the water trough. Malon grabbed his head and slammed it against the wall. His eyes snapped open, he stood up quickly, and grabbed her hand. Malon twisted, feed her hand, and kicked him in the shins. He moaned in pain and fell backward. Malon knew it was time to get out of the stable, maybe even off the farm.

She rushed out the door and stumbled. She picked herself up as quickly as she could, but she wasn't quick enough, for she felt herself being yanked up by her hair roughly. "Don't you ever EVER hit me like that again you little vixen! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?" Before Malon could answer, Ingo backhanded her roughly. She fell back, as he loomed over her. "I SWEAR TO THE GODDESSES! WHEN I'M THROUGH WITH YOU..." His fist was pulled back and his face was twisted in rage. The only thing that stopped his fist from flying into her face was the sound of armor clanking, and footsteps approaching.

Ingo grabbed Malon's wrist and shoved her into the stable. He glared at her dangerously. "If you say a WORD about what just happened to the visitor, I will beat you TEN TIMES as hard as I was going to. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?" Malon nodded as Ingo gave her one, hard, slap across the face, and exited the stable.

Malon was barely able to contain her tears, as she heard the stable door open softly. She straightened her hair, dress, and glanced at her beaten face in the water trough. She picked up a bucket and filled it with water. That's when she felt eyes on her. She froze immediately. The eyes were looking her over. They were frowning at the bruises on her face and arms. "Excuse me Miss." Said a male voice.

That was when Malon had seen him. He was her age, maybe a little older. He had sandy blonde hair that swept over his bright blue eyes slightly. His pale skin was a bit smudged with dirt and on each ear he had a small golden hoop. His attire was different. He wore a green elf hat and tunic. Under the tunic he wore a white shirt, and white leggings, complete with brown boots. He had a large sword and shield on his back too. Her heart skipped a beat. He was... he was... amazing. His smile was warm, his features were... nice... and he had the most sincere eyes. Malon felt her heart melt, and she did the only thing she could do... ramble.

"Oh!" She exclaimed nervously, "A visitor, we haven't had a visitor in a long time. I mean, ever since Hyrule market was destroyed. Everyone has turned evil, or ran away. And my dad," She felt her voice choke with tears, "he was kicked off the ranch, and Mr. Ingo has taken over the place. And if I disobey him, he'll treat," She saw the stranger's sapphire eyes darken, "the, uh.... Horses so badly, so there's nothing I can do." Malon finished her sentence quietly.

The stranger stepped closer to her. He whispered in her ear, "Who would want to treat a beautiful... horse so badly?" Malon felt her face heat up, and she lowered her gaze. "Who knows? He's just very... strict. He's not a bad person." She raised her eyes to meet his. He had been staring at her the entire time. Who was this boy? Why did he care if she got hit? "You know," He continued softly, as he absently stroked her orange hair, "No one deserves to be treated badly." She felt her eyes water slightly, "Yes I know that." He smiled warmly. "Well," he said, sounding suddenly shy, "I hope your horses feel better, I'll be going now, nice meeting you." He then quickly dashed out the stable door. What a strange boy, but something about him...

~~ End Flashback ~~

Malon touched her eye. The physical wounds had healed long ago, but the emotional wounds were there forever. After their meeting, Link had tricked Ingo into betting Epona on a race, which Link won. After that Link freed Epona from Ingo's harsh treatment, and Ingo snapped back to reality. He came into the barn, and Malon had cringed. He had picked up a broom and began to sweep the stable floor, mumbling about ruling the ranch someday. Malon dropped her things and ran out the door. Ingo only cocked an eyebrow and went back to work. When she had gotten outside, Link was gone.

He returned the next day, mounted on Epona. Malon had then introduced herself properly, and asked his name. She then recalled the little fairy boy, she had met when she was ten, from so long ago. She had hugged him happily and cried for joy that he was safe. He had hugged her back and stroked her hair. She thanked him profusely, and even had been bold enough to kiss him on the cheek. He had blushed.

After that he had left, and hadn't visited for the next couple of weeks. Her father returned to run the ranch soon afterward. She saw him again a month later. Since then they had become good friends, but Malon still hoped that someday they would become more. She wished upon a star every night for that, but so far, Link had shown little interest in any form of commitment.

Malon sighed for the millionth time that night and sat up in her bed. She looked out the window. The first stream of sunlight poured into her room. Once again a sleepless night, thinking of Link. She was begging to get sick of all the thinking.

She got up quietly and slipped into her pink skirt, white shirt, brown boots, and yellow bandana, as usual. She walked her door when she heard something.




Malon raised an eyebrow, and walked slowly to the sound. It was coming from her... window?




She noticed pebbles being knocked against the glass of her window. Pebbles? Malon opened her window and looked out. "Hello?" She called softly.

"MALON!" Cried a strong voice. Malon smiled and looked down. There stood Link, about 10 pebbles in his hand, smiling up at her. "Malon!" He called again as he waved to her. She smiled warmly. "Hey Fairy Boy! What's up?" He smirked at the use of the nickname and called out "I'm going riding for awhile and then having a picnic by Lake Hylia," He blushed suddenly, the autumn leaves picked up the red highlights in his hair, and the gold in his smile. "I was kinda, sorta, ya know, wondering... if you wanted to ya know... go with me?" He looked up hopefully. Malon smiled warmly. He definitely had a heart of gold. "Sure Link! Be right down!"

Malon rushed down the stairs, and spent the day with the Hero of Time, in the autumn sunlight. And thought neither of them knew, they were both very much in love with each other. And though Malon's wounds would take awhile to heal, in the slight cold of autumn, she would always have her touch of gold there for her.

~ THE END (of Autumn) ~

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