Noon: as Link and his men head back to the castle, Quinn and Crystal have made their way to Gerudo Valley. "You know they just don't let anyone in here," Crystal says. "Stay here," Quinn orders. He walks up to one of the female warriors wearing white. "Hello Mary," He says, "IS everything ready to go meet Tassadar?" "Yes, but I need to be your guide," she says. Crystal walks up behind Quinn. "Who is she," Crystal asks. Blushing, Quinn turns around. "This is Mary an.....old friend," he tells her. He turns back to Mary, "I don't want you involved in this," he says. "You involved me in your life a long time ago...Guardian," she whispers in his ear. She then heads over to the corral to get their horses and supplies. About 1pm they head out to find Tassadar.

Nathan is taking a break from his duties and decides to go swimming in Lake Hylia, but he gets more them he bargained for. He discovers that three men have beaten and robbed a Gerudo woman. "I suggest you put those back and leave," he tells them. The three robbers surround him, the one in the middle withdraws his sword and attacks Nathan. He quickly side steps the attack and punches the man in the stomach, he then flips over the one to his left and kicks him into a wall, puts his hand together and gathers energy, then vaporizes the last one. Then in one big motion he gathers energy and vaporizes the other two. He walks over to the fallen lady, "She is Hylian. I better take her to my house and get her healed." He flies off with the girl in his arms, "I hope she can hold on."

Link runs in the castle and picks up Zelda, spinning her around. "Me and Saria resolved our 'conflict'." Zelda smiles, "Thatís great." Link kisses her, "Anyway, I have a surprise for you." Zelda's eyes widen, "Where?, give it to me." He smiles, "Well I can't give it to you here." Zelda blushes, she loves it when he is like this. "Well then, I guess we have to go upstairs," she says teasing him. They run upstairs like two young lovers ready to experience "love" for the first time.

Ben laughs at the site of the two lovers, "That is how Malon and I are almost every night." He looks at his pocket watch, "Damn, I have to meet Malon for lunch in a few minutes." He looks out the window and sees April practicing her sword technique in the garden. 'I wonder if she would help me find Quinn.' He sneaks down there but his presence does not go UN-noticed. "Ben, I know your there," she yells, "come on out." Ben jumps from the bushes, kicking April's sword out of her hand. He then hits her with and air blast, jumps up and grabs her sword. As she tries to get up Ben turns her sword on her, "If I was a person sent to kill you, I would have done it by now." He hands the sword back to her. She smiles, "Don't worry, I'll be ready for you next time." Ben smiles. "I need a favor princess." Her face goes into shock, "What do you need," she asks. "Will you help me find Quinn," Ben asks. Finally she has an excuse to get out of the castle and go on an adventure. "Sure, but we can't tell my dad." "Agreed, be ready at three, I am going to eat lunch with Malon." He flies off as April runs to her room to get ready.

Around 3pm Ben and April head off to find Quinn, they meet up with Impa who joins them. At the same time Quinn, Crystal. and Mary close in on Tassadar's house.
"Two more miles," Mary says, "when we get there becareful he has trained Gerudo to protect him. They really don't like Sheikahs coming around asking questions, so I'll talk to them." Quinn nodes his head in acceptance. As they arrive the Head Bodyguard walks up to them. Mary and her talk for a few minutes, then they let them through. As they walk in one of the guards comes up, "He as been expecting you..right through those doors." They walk in and find Tassadar
sitting in his chair. "I am Tassadar, you were looking for me young Shiekah," he says. "Yes I am," Quinn replies. "So, what is the nature of this visit," Tassadar explains. Quinn pulls out the Book of Modura and hands it to him. "It is about this," Quinn says.
Tassadar walks over to a table and sits down. "Please sit, we have much to talk about."

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