Summer's Heat By: Candy

Link wiped the sweat off his brow and sucked in the humid summer air. He cracked his knuckles and lifted another heavy crate onto Talon's wagon. Link sighed, and wiped his hands. "All done Mr. Talon." Talon turned from the crate he had just lifted onto the wagon and shot Link a glare, "How many times do I have to tell you kid? Not, MR. Talon... just Talon, or maybe even Dad?" Link laughed and scratched the back of his head "Sorry, won't happen again." Talon smiled through his thick mustache "You see that it doesn't... INGO GET YOUR SORRY HIDE OUT HERE!" Out of the house came a blubbering, stumbling Ingo, his head held low to the ground. Links smile disappeared. He still hadn't forgiven Ingo for the pain and humiliation he had brought to the ranch the previous summer.

An entire year had gone by since Ganondorf was conquered and peace returned to Hyrule. After that Link had been a celebrity. Girls constantly batting their eyes at him, and giggling as he passed by. On one occasion he had a very embarrassing encounter with a young lady who walked right by him, pinched his rear and whispered, "Hello handsome." Link had promptly face faulted. But lately, he had been spending his time on Lon Lon Ranch. Talon had allowed Link to stay and work at the ranch. Link tried to avoid going to the market as much as possible... for now he couldn't have any... "Encounters" with his presueres... The great hero, you see, was engaged to the lovely Malon, of Lon Lon Ranch.

Talon, a caring soul, was the father of Malon. His chubby little body ran the ranch in all its splendor. He had a thick mustache and the kindest eyes in Hyrule. Of course, when he found out that Malon was engaged, and had a hickey on her neck, he wasn't the nice guy he usually was. The lovebirds had blushed deeply, and mumbled something about kissing, forest, and alone. Talon had then chased Link around the ranch for 20 minutes, and then fell over laughing. 10 minutes later, Malon and Link were officially engaged. Malon and Link were then sent to muck ALL the horse's stalls as punishment for the "Love Bite".

Link laughed at the memory. He had never run that fast in his entire life... not even when he was escaping Ganon's tower. Ganon was one thing, but an angry father-in-law was QUITE another. Talon clasped a large hand on Link's shoulder "Alright, my boy, be good. Make sure that the horses stay hydrated while we're gone. Malon is coming back from Kakariko Village with in a few hours. I expect you to be a gentleman, and NO love bites." Link blushed and nodded. "Ingo and I will be back before sunset." Link smirked. "How bout YOU be back by sunset, and Ingo can stay out in the field... with the Stalchilds?" Talon laughed "HAW HAW HAW! Sure kid! If you want all his chores!" Link raised an eyebrow. "See you later. BOTH OF YOU!" Talon chuckled some more, got onto the wagon, smacked the reigns, and clicked his tongue. Marie and Dusty trotted off towards Hyrule Market Town, and into the Summer noon.

Link added some more water to the horse's trough and went inside the house. He shooed the Cucoos away and walked up the stairs. He opened the door to Malon's room and peeked in. "Well," he said to himself, "what to do what to do?" He stared out the window and gazed at Death Mountain. "Malon will be back soon, huh?" he smiled playfully. "I won't be TOO bored." Link settled down on the bed and closed his eyes. The pillow smelled like her. Lilacs mixed with vanilla. Sounded weird but it smelt good. Link drifted off, with thoughts of his love in his head.

Link was standing in large circular room. He spun around. The walls were 6 different colors, Yellow, green, red, blue, purple and orange. The floor was pure white. In front of him was an altar. He looked down. He was no longer in his green tunic, and crummy boots, but a white tunic, gold belt, shined brown boots, with triforce buckles, golden gauntlets, a white cape, and white elf cap. Suddenly people filled the room, all dressed in royal attire. In the front row of seats sat Saria, Ruto, Nabooru, Impa, Mido, King Zora, Link (the Goron), King Harkinian, and Princess Zelda. In front of the altar appeared Rauru, and next to him, in a black bow tie, appeared Darunia. Whizzing on his shoulder, in a glowing blue gown, was Navi. A delicate song began to play. Link recognized it as Zelda's lullaby. Link looked down the vast isle in the room. There stood Talon in a white tux, with a girl on his arm. The girl was Malon.

Her dress was stunning. It was a virginal white, flowing gown. Small white puffed sleeves protruded from the bodice, that was covered in actual fairy dust, giving it a heavenly sparkle. A white sash was wrapped around her waist, and tied in the back. On the front of it was a triforce symbol. The skirt, was a matching white, and flowed around and behind Malon like Lake Hylia. In her hands she held a bouquet of White lilies, mixed with babies breath, white roses, and in the middle of the array, a rare Zelandel... the most beautiful flower in Hyrule. Her veil was attacked to three roses in her fiery hair, which was done into a braided bun, with two curly strands left free around her face, which was covered by a lacey veil, but her blue eyes showed through like a ray of light in the darkness.

Link stood stunned. Her beauty astounded him so much, he could barely stand. His throat grew dry, and his heart beat wildly. He loved her, in a way undescribable by words. As she approached him, his eyes widened. She was more beautiful then the Goddesses of Hyrule! Talon had lifted the veil off her angelic face, kissed her soft, rosy cheek, placed the veil over her face again, and gave her hand to Link's.

In a flash of light, the wedding was over, and Malon and Link were in their new home on the ranch. Malon sat on their bed, her blue eyes flashing with mystery, love, and desire. Link gulped. He wanted this... but was he ready? He sat beside her, stroked her face tenderly, and...

Was thrown off the bed in a heap. Link snapped his eyes open to see a fairly angered Malon standing over him. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING SLEEPING IN MY BED?!" She yelled loudly, "YOU'VE GOTTA WAIT TILL WE'RE MARRIED TO DO THAT!" He stood up and looked around, suddenly becoming aware of his surroundings. Malon blinked and stared at him. "What?" she asked nervously. Link noticed Malon fully for the first time that day. She looked as beautiful as she did in the dream. Link felt his heart race. The sunlight poured into the window, as did the heat. Link began to sweat. What was going on with him today?

Malon noticed Links nervousness and sighed. "Link I'm sorry, but it's a little scary when you walk into your room, expecting to change out of your dirty clothes, but find your fairy boy fiancÚ on the bed." Link just stared at her intensely. Malon glanced sideways. "Ok, he didn't even react to the fairy boy thing... NOT GOOD!" She thought nervously. Malon gently placed a hand on Link's shoulder "Link, are you alright?" Link never moved his eyes from hers. She shifted again. He smiled slowly. "Ok, Link? You're starting to scare me a little bit. You're never this qu--"

Link couldn't hold his passion in any longer. He needed Malon. His love for her was swelling along with the humidity outside. He pressed his lips against hers and stole her breath. Her eyes went wide and she stiffened. Link placed his hands on her face and pulled back from her. She looked into his eyes, her own quivering. "Link?" she asked quietly. Link then kissed her again, this time with more passion.

To his happiness, she responded. Her arms went around his neck, and she pressed her body against his. His arms wound around her waist and he spun her against the wall. It wasn't the impact of the wall that surprised her, but Link licking her lips that did. She got the hint and parted her mouth, allowing his entrance. She responded the same way, although with a bit more reluctance. She removed the cap from his head and ran her hand through his golden hair. Link didn't even notice.

Suddenly, instinct took over. Sparks flew from each other, and the kissing became intense, too intense. The room began to spin wildly for the two, and all that existed was kissing. Their tongues continued in a dance, growing faster by the second. Twinges in their bodies told them what was to happen next. As if on an alarm, both their eyes snapped open and they pulled apart quickly.

They stared at each other, both breathing raggedly. Malon's cheeks were bright crimson, both from embarrassment and excitement. Link only stared at her wild eyes, his heart pounding hard against his ribs, awaiting the answer from his love. Malon took one final gulp of the humid air. She finally ripped her eyes from his, bit her lower lip, and shook her head, in a nervous, innocent voice said "We're not ready... it's not right..." Link sighed in relief.

Malon ran a hand through her hair, bent over, and picked up Link's cap. She handed to him, and looked into his eyes. "I'm sorry... I just..." Link brought a finger to her lips. "Don't be." He took the cap from her and placed it on his head. He then bent over and brushed his lips against her cheek. "I love you." He whispered into her pointed ear. She smiled and whispered into his "likewise fairy boy." He smiled and opened the door. "We should probably get to cooling the horses down, your dad will be home soon." Malon nodded and looked down again.

They walked to the stable together. Link added some more water to the trough and urged the horses to drink. The two continued to do this until the stable door swung open. "KIDS WE'RE HOME!" rang a hearty voice. Malon and Link exchanged looks and waved at Talon. "Hi daddy!" "Hi Talon." They both called. Talon smiled "The princess sends her greetings." Malon stuck her head under the neck of a horse. "That's wonderful!" Talon smiled, but let it fade and frowned. "Malon, what happened to your lip?" Malon raised an eyebrow and gingerly touched her lip. It was swollen from the harsh kiss. Malon glanced sideways at Link, who was wide-eyed and very afraid. Malon sighed "I must've gotten that when I bumped into the door.

Talon shrugged. "Well dear, be more careful. Ingo and I will fix up supper, you two tend to the horses. Bye kids." Talon shut the wooden stable door behind him. Malon sighed "Close one, huh?" Link smiled and nodded "You can say that again." A chill swept through the ranch for the first time that day. Malon sighed, "Autumn is coming soon..." she looked out the slits in the stable door at the sunset. Link looked down at her. "Yeah, along with our wedding..." Malon nodded and looked down, a blush faint upon her cheeks. "You nervous?" she asked. Link smiled and raised her chin, so she would face him. "We'll make it through, as long as we have each other."

So now we will leave this couple. Yes they are in love, and yes there is more to come. A fairy tale wedding, children, ganon... the whole 9 yards! I mean, in Hyrule... anything's possible!

THE END (Of A Love for All Seasons & SUMMER)

THAT'S IT! IT'S OVER! MY VERY FIRST SERIES TYPE THING... OVER! YAY! Don't worry, I got more where this came from!

Luv alwayz ~* Candy *~

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