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"Your journey has just begun and life will always be your journey -
Always remember to let your dreams, hopes and desires be your guide"

      You have just journeyed into my belvedere of creation and unlocked a site entrance to some new things worthy of viewing and a fair amount of interesting entertainment.   Your presence here is received with gladness.   I love cruising the net as much as you do and it's always fun and entertaining to find a new point of interest place on the web to finally stop, relax and enjoy instead of muddling through the nightmare of inactive and unmaintained sites that we all seem to find by accident.   The internet is a wonderful neat place of fun & games, entertainment, massive information sources, commerce, chat, fantastic graphics, clever spirit and knowledge reception.   I believe the net might be so vast that its true total number of web sites can only be estimated and not counted.   My small web site here is like a mere grain of sand lurking somewhere amongst all the other sand on the thousand mile long web beach coastline.   I'm certainly glad you washed ashore today though, welcome to my home page, I hope you enjoy your stay and leave with more than you came in with ...

    S u r f   t i p ....   To make sure your visit is ultimately enjoyable while you're here, simply select the below listed site links and navigate about.   I really enjoy updating & working on this site a bit every day so things are constantly moving and improving with new stuff added all the time. It would be to your advantage to bookmark this site as one of your favorites because several weeks/months/years from now this will still be a web landmark and the place to be. If you bookmark - you win in the future, if you don't you will never find this site again. You can be assured the site will be enhanced and beautified everytime you return. I have a lot of content that is being carefully and selectively uploaded into this site.   I have had this site since 1996 and I have seen many sites go by the wayside but this one still continues to thrive.   Currently, this site is linked to from over 1200 corporations, personal websites & search engines. I certainly hope you enjoy ....

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