Picture of Sir Wishinhand, the finest horse you would ever want to meet and the ultimate stress reliever in  the worldMolehill Mountain ...

  Meet Sir Wishinhand, isn't he a beauty?   It's horseback riding and adventure at its finest.   Once you ride Sir for the first time and spend a big part of your day with him you become very attached and don't want any other horse to ride when you come back for your next visit.   Sir Wishinhand is very gentle but also aggressive if you don't continue to show him who's in control.

  He loves affection and a treat once in awhile.   I have discovered that a dozen count sack of apples seems to bond man and animal for the duration of the ride.    The horse trails take you on a twenty five mile journey through absolutely gorgeous mountain scenery and gives you that wonderful dose of nature that is almost void in our busy daily lives.   Molehill Mountain offers the ultimate stress relief refuge.   As you ride through the winding paths and encounter the fantastic landscape you become very close with nature that is different, special and adventurous.   The narrow and multi elevation trails we conquered by horseback this day are definitely considered Class "A" hiking trails if you were to be walking and a hiker enthusiast.   This horsemenship enjoyment quickly makes you forget what the big worry of life was all about in the darn first place.   This relaxing excursion quickly removes you away from reality of routine and into wide open uncrowded spaces that enables you to think way more clearly and positively about the good things in life.   The ride takes approximately ten hours to complete because we make many stops.   One of  my favorite stops is along the bank of the Spring River where we make temporary camp to cook our lunch over campfire.   This stop usually takes place after four hours into our trip and is ideal because the horses can also drink from the river and we can totally relax at this spot.   After we give the horses a drink we find firewood, start a fire and cook a that great lunch.    When lunch is over and we have relaxed and stretched enough we take our time to break camp, mount again and begin the better part of our journey.
  The new marked trail leads us into a beautiful open meadow where we are able to find out what kind of horsepower we are actually riding on.   I give Sir Wishinhand a "giddy-up" command and off we go into full dressed trot.   Attentiveness is key at this point.    Here I go at full gallop across the meadow without a care in the world.   My horse and me become one quickly, your heart races, this is what it is all about.   Our trot through the meadow slows to a relaxed pace once again as we enter the base of the mountain path nicknamed "Ringo's pass". Picture of Ringo's pass and a little break in the action
  The path is rocky and demanding but we continue through and reach a summit called "the lucky lookout"   We dismount and just absorb the beauty that unfolds in front of our eyes.   An absolutely beautiful sunset is presenting itself before us painting the sky with unbelievable vibrant colors and intensity.   Realizing it is becoming dark fast, we mount and head back towards the chalet.  After our enduring day long ride the riding party of six meets at the Chalet Lodge on the souteast basin side of Molehill Mountain where we are invited to a fabulous dinner and drinks in the lodge's great room after turning the horses in at the stable.   
  The Chalet Lodge ...    After we turn over our horses to the ride master we are led into a view commanding fortress of beauty made with mere glass, wood and steel materials but unleashes an awesome effect of wonder that must be experienced in person.   This getaway from everything now retreat is quite nicely nestled back amongst a sea of pine trees and foilage that camaflages its power to transport one into an unsurpassed overwhelment of serenity, tranquility and indulgence into the magnifient breathtaking view of the highest peak of Molehill Mountain and its underlying rolling valleys.   The twenty foot high heavily beamed ceilings give a friendly warming welcome to all guests.
  The Town ...     The population of 58 in the town of Gophernook has kept this retreat a secret from the surrounding world for over one hundred years.   Only select friends of the residents here are permitted to stay at one of the fine private chalets or purchase from any of the local shops.   The residents of the town have this crazy idea to be a self sufficient community and rely on each other for required goods and services.   The town is made up of a few small busineses open just for the desire to support the town's needs, not to make money.   Big business and commercialism are not present at Gophernook or the land surrounding Molehill Mountain and I don't believe it ever will.   It's not necessary, no one wants it or needs it, it's just not here.   If there is a business motivator here it is friendliness and compassion for the fellow man, not profit and loss v% or corporate vision and mission hideousness.   I have to say that there has not been one person I have met in this town that I didn't like.    Not too many people know of this hideaway.    Without revealing its true location I can say that it's somewhere south of Ohio, north of Florida and east of the Mississippi.   I would lose my honor if I revealed this place and opened it up for commercial tourism.   It is unspoiled and a virgin like territory.   There is no pollution of any kind.   All the townspeople have a heart felt desire to maintain and keep this land that way.

  This site has been created for your pleasure and intended to be a stress relieving ficticious getaway into relaxation and serenity soley for reading entertainment, fun and enjoyment.   If you need more details on how you can participate in this fantastic adventure just use your imagination.