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    Do you dream?   I certainly do more often than not.   Have you ever seriously thought about your dreams and what they might mean in the relationship to your life?   Your dreams could invariably give you a glimse into your past or even your future for that matter and more importantly even help you understand a present situation.   After an evening of computer web page upgrades or playing a computer game, I often find myself dreaming that evening about computer programs that don't exist in the real world.   It is absolutely crazy.   They are dreams of fantastic mathematical equations, interfacing complexities, and unfamiliar things that are far from reality that I try to solve in my head but just can't quite grasp the solution because it doesn't exist in real life.   Maybe, I'm unique in these dreams but I would suspect that other people that work with computers or other implements of work complexity on a daily basis and think on similiar lines like me would have those dreams too.   Many times I feel it is a little unfair that I can't charge my employer for overtime because I'm working out a situation or trying to figure out a solution to a problem in my dreams for them.   Dreams are extremely difficult to understand sometimes.   Usually, when I'm stressed out about something or I have a particular subject that is pressing is when I dream the most.   It seems that when your mind is active with a brand new project or subject during the day is when the dreams start occurring most that night.   Researchers supposedly have linked certain food types and their reaction in the human body chemistry to the core reason dreams and nightmares occur in people.   I don't think that is exactly true.   I think that it's not exactly what you eat that evening but what seems to be the most pressing on your mind at the time of retire.   We all spend a third of our life sleeping.   That's quite a statistic when you stop and think about it, a third of your life.   How much of that particular third of your life do you really use dreaming?

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