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    Welcome visitor!   There's really not a lot of visitor information here on this page I might add if you are truly really visiting this site for visitor information then I pretty much just titled the page "visitor information" so the visitor and the web curious might find something interesting and check out the cool mouse activated menu slide bar on the left side of this page (blue color).   Now that is really super cool because I configured a Java script writing language which has been sort of tough for me but easy for you to navigate by holding your cursor over the left side of the page. I was sort of proud of it you know because it took so very long to learn how to do it - so please hover your cursor over the left side of the page so you can see my laboriuos efforts unfolded upon a menu designation.   I don't exactly know if it works with all browsers but it works with Internet explorer.   So if for some reason it doesn't work you didn't really miss that much anyway.   I just thought you might enjoy something different.   Also, try the catagorized menu version   I am always expanding the site with many new, different and little obscure things to make it just a tad more flavorable, interesting and less boring.   Sooo... as your guide let me point out that there is nothing on this page except that moving menu on the left and the cool 50's graphic link below.   Thanks for visiting "visitor information", I hope your visit was as good for you as it was for me.   Stop back sometime.