Welcome to my coloring book page ...

     Hello, my name is Jack Craig and I have created a coloring book that can be enjoyed by both young people and old for an exciting wonderful entertainment experience in creating art.   At this point, I just haven't figured out how I am going to present it on the web yet because I am still thinking about this site (it's in the web engineering stage if you will).  This coloring book is very unique in design and concept.   I have a hard copy that is published in a spiral bound (52) page set of magical and geometric complex designs that offer imaginative variations of coloring.   The book is appropriately titled "Fantastical Magical Mysticals".   The art you will encounter in this book will journey you into hours of fun, imagination and creativity.   Art is one of the most beautiful ways to express oneself.   For that reason, I have assembled a fine collection of some of my best compositions for your enjoyment, entertainment and personal expression as the artist.   There are infinite number of ways that you the coloring artist can achieve your finished piece of art, only limited by your imagination.   Take careful consideration to your color selections and placement of color to assure maximum enhancement of each picture.   Also take notice of the multitudes of interweaving lines, cut-a-ways, depth, perspective, balance, relationship of space and the flowing continuity of objects.   The proper color choices will definitely reward you with a masterpiece of art that is expressively you and will be the only one of its kind in the world.

Focus points ...
  • A title list of each page indexed by occurence
  • The title and description of each page in the book.
  • A sample viewing or illustration of each one
  • How to order book with shipping & handling details
  • Credit card processing
  • Accessories and packaging details (colored pens, binding, cover frame etc.)
Benefits & features ...
  • One page to color for every week of the year
  • Great entertainment and recreational value
  • Create one of a kind original artwork
  • Each page suitable for framing
  • Liquid color pens included
  • Spiral bound so pages open flat
      Summary ...

       The finished coloring book has been published and printed for sale but still needs to be scanned and uploaded to this page.   Cost for the book including shipping, handling and the marker pens is $20 as an introductory offer.

Order of Occurence - Coloring Book Index
  1. Fantasies of Structure
  2. Prisere Succession
  3. Evasive Beginnings
  4. Developmental Touch
  5. Vital Involvement
  6. Search for Reality
  7. Reinforced Reflections
  8. Conceptual Construction
  9. Fulgurant Spell
10. Continuous Connection
11. Box Flight
12. Sense Particularization
13. Reality Interface
14. Materialized Matter
15. Positions of Protrusions
16. Vision Component
17. Journey into Prediction
18. Captured Hysteria
19. Vanishing Possession
20. Definite Purpose
21. Infinite Approach
22. Illusion Study
23. Enhancing Amazement
24. Controlled Attempt
25. Lost Ideas
26. Desolate Destiny
27. Vision Degree
28. Approaching Motion
29. Era of Creativity
30. Cosmic Stepping Stone
31. Changing Realization
32. Escaping Thoughts
33. Exploration of a Goal
34. Imagination Conquest
35. Space Mask
36. Crossovers of Energy
37. Concentric Encounters
38. Processed Reception
39. Impression Pursuit
40. Retreat of a Dream
41. Quest of the unknown
42. Firm Extent
43. Discovery Mirror
44. Necessary Wander
45. Liberated Fantasy
46. Flowing Suspension
47. Supportive Observant
48. Observation Gait
49. Hellical Conjunction
50. Floating at Ease
51. Elementary Existence
52. Philosophy Direction

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