Faster than a speeding bullet.   More powerful than a locomotive.   Able to leap tall buildings at a single bound.  Look!   Up in the sky!   It's a bird!   It's a plane!   It's Superman!   Yes it's Superman, strange visitor from another planet who came to Earth with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men.  Superman, who can change the course of mighty rivers, bend steel in his bare hands, and who, disguised as Clark Kent, mild-mannered reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper, fights a never-ending battle for Truth!  Justice!  and the American Way!
   This web site is a tribute to George Reeves who played Superman on the hit TV series which aired from 1951 to 1958.   I loved this show and have to admit that I have seen every single episode, many more than once.   Although there wasn't a big selection of TV programs to watch in the 1950's, the adventures of Superman show was an all time favorite viewed by millions and very much ahead of other shows in quality and technology.   Below is a list of all 104 episodes in order of occurence.   How many do you remember?
  Trivia ...

  The announcer who read, "Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound" was Willard Bill Kennedy (1908-1997) who appeared in the second season episode "Crime Wave" in 1953.

  During the early developing years of black & white TV Superman's costume was actually brown (for red) and grey (for blue) for the first two seasons because it provided a better and starker contrast for the black & white filming. In 1955, the show began to be filmed in color and Superman's costume became the same color as the original comic strip series red and blue.

  In the Superman episode of the Big Squeeze (1953) - a somewhat unknown actor named Hugh Beaumont got his famous TV start credentials when he played an ex-convict and later became the famous suit, shirt & tie sporting father in the Leave it to Beaver series as Ward Cleaver. Even playing the ex-convict role Ward was still portrayed as the perfect father to his TV son Tim. Go figure.

  All episodes were filmed out of sequence because of a very limited budget. Certain scenes in locations were all being done at once like Perry White's office, Clark's office, Clark's apartment or a common shared office or room in different episodes. This is the reason why the actors always seemed to wear the same clothes all the time in a lot of episodes. Even the spring boarded fly out of the Daily Planet 10th floor window scenes and the back alley fly offs after Clark just transformed into his Superman costume were filmed at the same time and used in several of the same episodes to save money.

  George Reeves was suspended by cables when he appeared to be flying during the first two seasons. In later seasons, as technology advanced he was positioned on a molded platform which conformed exactly to his body shape, and wore his costume over all of that. Landing scenes were accomplished by having George jump off of a ladder with the accompanying trademark air "er-zip" sound effect.

  Initially, the cast regulars were paid a whopping $200 per episode which was pretty superior wages for the time. They pulled together and had to beg the producer after the show became popular to give them a $50 raise (that's a 25% increase), which they received, but the producer didn't speak to any of them for a couple of weeks afterwards.

  The first 26 episodes were actually filmed in 1951, but did not appear on television until 2 years later in 1953, when Kellogg's Cereals agreed to sponsor the show.

    Cast List

George Reeves ... Superman/Clark Kent
Noel Neill ... Lois Lane (II) (1953-1957)
Jack Larson ... Jimmy Olsen
John Hamilton ... Perry White (1952- )
Jackson Beck ... Additional Voices
Robert Shayne ... Inspector Bill Henderson (1952- )
Phyllis Coates ... Lois Lane (I) (1952-1953)

        All the (104) TV Episodes in order ...

              Very 1st Pilot 1951 ...

       1.    Superman and the Mole Men (67 min)Dec 51

              1st Season 1952-1953 syndicated B & W ...

       2.  Superman on Earth
       3.  The Haunted Lighthouse
       4.  The Case of the Talkative Dummy
       5.  The Mystery of the Broken Statues
       6.  The Monkey Mystery
       7.  A Night of Terror
       8.  The Birthday Letter
       9.  The Mind Machine
      10.  Rescue
      11.  The Secret of Superman
      12.  No Holds Barred
      13.  The Deserted Village
      14.  The Stolen Costume
      15.  Treasure of the Incas
      16.  Double Trouble

                1953 ...

      17.  Mystery in Wax
      18.  The Runaway Robot
      19.  Drums of Death
      20.  The Evil Three
      21.  Riddle of the Chinese Jade
      22.  The Human Bomb
      23.  Czar of the Underworld
      24.  The Ghost Wolf
      25.  Crime Wave

              Second season 1953-1954 ...

      26.  Five Minutes to Doom 18 Sep 53
      27.  The Big Squeeze
      28.  The Man Who Could Read Minds
      29.  Jet Ace
      30.  Shot in the Dark
      31.  The Defeat of Superman
      32.  Superman in Exile
      33.  A Ghost for Scotland Yard
      34.  The Dog Who Knew Superman
      35.  The Face and the Voice
      36.  The Man in the Lead Mask
      37.  Panic in the Sky
      38.  The Machine That Could Plot Crimes
      39.  Jungle Devil
      40.  My Friend Superman

                1954 ...

      41.  The Clown Who Cried
      42.  The Boy Who Hated Superman
      43.  Semi-Private Eye
      44.  Perry White's Scoop
      45.  Beware the Wrecker
      46.  The Golden Vulture
      47.  Jimmy Olsen, Boy Editor
      48.  Lady in Black
      49.  Star of Fate
      50.  The Whistling Bird
      51.  Around the World Special 1954

              3rd season 1955 (in color) ...

      52.  Stamp Day for Superman
      53.  Through the Time Barrier
      54.  The Talking Clue
      55.  The Lucky Cat
      56.  Superman Week
      57.  Great Caesar's Ghost
      58.  Test of a Warrior
      59.  Olsen's Millions
      60.  Clark Kent, Outlaw
      61.  The Magic Necklace
      62.  The Bully of Dry Gulch
      63.  Flight to the North
      64.  The Seven Souvenirs
      65.  King For a Day

              4th season 1956 ...

      66.  Joey
      67.  The Unlucky Number
      68.  The Big Freeze
      69.  Peril By Sea
      70.  Topsy Turvy
      71.  Jimmy the Kid
      72.  The Girl Who Hired Superman
      73.  The Wedding of Superman
      74.  Dagger Island
      75.  Blackmail
      76.  The Deadly Rock
      77.  The Phantom Ring
      78.  The Jolly Roger

              5th season 1957 ...

      79.  Peril in Paris
      80.  Tin Hero
      81.  The Town That Wasn't
      82.  The Tomb of Zaharan
      83.  The Man Who Made Dreams Come True
      84.  Disappearing Lois
      85.  Money to Burn
      86.  Close Shave
      87.  The Phony Alibi
      88.  The Prince Albert Coat
      89.  The Stolen Elephant
      90.  Mr. Zero
      91.  Whatever Goes Up

              6th and final season 1958 ...

      92.  The Last Knight
      93.  The Magic Secret
      94.  Divide and Conquer
      95.  The Mysterious Cube
      96.  The Atomic Captive
      97.  The Superman Silver Mine
      98.  The Big Forget
      99.  The Gentle Monster
      100.  Superman's Wife
      101.  Three in One
      102.  The Brainy Burro
      103.  The Perils of Superman
      104.  All That Glitters

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