The Cruise Inn diner where dreams were made but not forgotten

    Those were the days...

    Or so those days seemed back then, it was almost like our earlier years were such a much more simpler and uncomplicated time.   With inevitable passing of time in our world and as we elevate in age we take on more responsibilities, stress and basically worry too much about things.   Life is passing us by at a tremendous rate of speed.   I so remember the "good ole days" and all the fond memories of an existence in a time that will always be treasured.   Today, everyone you meet is in such a massive hurry scheduling their time so thin that sometimes they don't even have time to just sit back, relax and reflect on the great moments of their lives.   To me, having that time to think, reflect and relax has wonderful rewards.   I feel better about myself and have more of a spiritual awareness after some reflections of accomplishments and past interactions.   I don't like to live for just the mere moment, I like to expand on the past and the future as well.
    A friend of mine took on a new job a few months ago that literally dominated all his time because he was under constant deadline demands from his employer and his customers.   He has four children under 13 years old, coaches JR High basketball, participates in all his kid's after school activities and tries to balance all the other stuff that comes with owning a house and raising a family.   He told me recently that it would be a treat for him if he could have enough time to sit on his deck for awhile and just watch the trees move around and think.   Hmmmmm... sounds to me like it's time to call a time out.   Why push yourself into that sort of a dark alley and be so absorbed with your time that you leave none for yourself.   I asked him why he would do that to his self?   He just said that it couldn't be helped because he was busy, busy, busy.   I really don't think I could properly function as a human being if I got so busy that I denied myself the privilage and enjoyment of being alone once in awhile to study the memories of life.
    I remember when I was a high school senior I thought I could own the world anytime I wanted.   Had that world by it's tail.. life was good, it was good to be the king!   We attended parties like there was no tomorrow, but there was a tomorrow much to our dismay, which came quickly and abrubtly.   I think Webster's defines it as reality.   Reality?   Give me a break and a ounce of air please.   What the heck is reality when you're a 17 year old?   Believe me, I am far from being a 17 year old again.   If I still possessed the same determination, drive, spunck, aggressivenees, desire, hope, and will to succeed now as I did back then, I believe I would not only be a rich man but a very wise one as well.   Wasn't life beautiful when you possessed all these attributes?   Pretty darn cool if you ask me.   That's why I frequently digress back to this time and thought process and just sort of relive it all over again in my mind.   What a fantastic stimulation this could be for people who have not had the opportunity to come up and smell the fruit of life like the person I mentioned above.   The mind is a powerful and wonderful thing.   You owe it to yourself to take the time right now to start realizing your presence on this world and make the most out of it.   For those of you young and reading this you maybe might find some merit in what I am describing.   Take time with yourself to think back and ahead as well to discover exactly where you fit into the surrounding world.   You might be plesantly surprised with what you think about. For those of you old on the other hand and reading this then you might greatly appreciate the advise of past memory reflection and thoughts knowing you have been fullfilled in your lifetime with great and precious moments that will be inscribed in your mind until your final exit from earth.   This might sound corny but I hope it starts you thinking right now - this very moment.

Thoughts by Jack Craig