This was our Big Brother 2 site from 2001 ....
    What a fantastic wrap-up of 2001 summer's most popular show!   Who would of ever thought that Will would walk away with the $500,000 grand prize with his unique strategy and cunning methods?   This web site had followed all the BB2 shows methodically and we sincerely congratulate Will on his fantastic achievement.   We will be making updates and refine this web site to make it a staple in TV pop culture history.   We loved this show from the beginning and all 12 house guests made it spectacular and special for all of us.

  Get ready because Big Brother 3 is not far away!

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  You have ventured into a dedicated fan site of Big Brother 2 where you will find accounts of all the episodes (in case you missed one) and a review of all 12 houseguests that lived under the Big Brother 2 roof in LA.   The first show aired July 5, 2001 and we have covered the exciting action and events in all the (29) episodes including episode details, evictions, challenges, surprises, love/conflict and all the other drama that came into play.   We hope you didn't miss any of the excitement (especially the grand Finale show on Sept 20).   The all new CBS Big Brother 2 TV show delivered a fantastic fun series three nights a week for the summer of 2001.   The show came equipped with all new rules, better interaction, controversy and a great line-up of dynamic house guests all striving for a shimmering hope to win a cool $500,000 for outwitting, out playing and just being a step ahead of their fellow contestants.   The house guests had common bedrooms and part of the new rules included voting each other out of the house instead of an audience poll.   It was an intense no holds barred roller coaster ride of fun and entertainment at its finest.   Many people became "burned out" on the 10 house guests that appeared 5 nights a week last year in 2000 and were hesitant to watch but the producers finally mastered the pros and cons and learned how to tweak the rules to provide us with a great television event.   We're glad you stopped by.   Enjoy!
    House guests

    The Bio's, reviews and backgrounds of all twelve Big Brother contestants are here.   Autumn, Mike, Bunky, Monica, Hardy, Nicole, Justin, Shannon, Kent, Sheryl, Krista & Will.


    Details of every episode are chronicled in order. Follow the latest updates of the shows and post your opinion on the events as the drama unfolds. Don't miss any of the action.


    A rundown on the musical chair eliminations of the guests. See who voted for who and the latest developments leading up to each banishment.


    New rules with no more boring artsy craftsy projects. BB2 producers promise new controversy provoking challenges sure to stir up the mud. Check out how the house guests fared.


   The unexpected events the Big Brother producers lay on the houseguests are highlighted here.

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    Add your web site here. Links to Big Brother fan sites and others. Submit your link here to the free for all link site.

  House details

   Tons of cameras and microphones watching the action. No privacy! Discover the Big Brother house details here

Big Brother forum

   Post a message or start a new topic for the world to see on the contestants, events, conflicts or just the overall show in general.

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  Disclaimer:   This site is a personal fan site and not associated or affliated with CBS or the producers of the Big Brother TV show.   The site is intended for entertainment purposes only for the sheer enjoyment of the pioneering web surfer looking for the ultimate good one.   Site is maintained and owned by "Your Journey" web creations. Enjoy

   Actual Airplane banners flown over the house.
   Humorous Airplane banners we would like to see.

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