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    entertainment complex
      A fine ficticious establishment open 24/7 for your convenience, entertainment and relaxation.   Something for everyone.  Come into Club Craig lounge to explore and enjoy the many fun filled rooms.   Have fun! ...

      Billiard room
        Here you find both pro's and amateurs playing pool and always looking for new challenges.   We have three 8' x 4' regulation pool tables and a snooker table.   Grab your own stick or choose from the 30 different "house" sticks available.
      Chess Club room
        A study filled with a dozen chess tables and a library wall full of informative chess books.   There is interactive computer play or just challenge Big Jack if you dare in a game of chess one on one.
      Club Casino room
        Slots, Blackjack, Poker, Roulette and Craps can all be enjoyed in this room.   All tables and slots are "user friendly" for that exciting casino win.
      Pinball palace
        This room rocks with lights and sounds, there are 10 pinball machines with tilt friendly settings.   These machines are all electronic four player games with the exception of "Flower Child" and "Bow and Arrows" which are actually the best games in the room probably because they don't have a computer running the operation.
      Music rehearsal room
        Lots of different instruments to play including drums, guitars, keyboards, trumpet, saxaphone, clarinet, flute, congo drums and steel drums with plenty of sheet music and soundproof insulated walls for solo or jam.
      Wine cellar
        We just call it a cellar but actually it is a well appointed temperature controlled plush room well stocked with over 200 wines.   Both French and Napa Valley wines are in abundance.   Grab you snifter glass and enjoy.
      Exercise & workout room
        Mirrored walls,   Nautilus machines,   3000 lbs of free weights,   video aerobics,   running machines and health bar fill out this room.   A great place to get healthly, unwind and just enjoy improving yourself.
      Swimming pool & spa
        A glass enclosed temperature adjusted natorium where you can enjoy the wet in a 36' x 16' heated pool or 8' x 8' six person jacuzzi.   The room boasts a view of gently rolling landscape with trees and valleys.
      Reading room
        Thousands of books, magazines and newspapers line the bookshelves surrounding the room.   Plenty of overstuffed comfortable chairs and sofas to settle into with the reading material of your choice.   Quiet, relaxing, well lighted areas to heighten the wonderful experience of reading.
      Puzzle plenty room
        If you like mind challenges you have just walked into "Puzzle World".   This room has a fine collection of jigsaw, logic solving, crosswords, brain teasers, whodunit, seek and find, cryptoquips, mystery, detective, substitution, fact-finding and many other various puzzles for mind stimulation.
      Dining room
        A neat room of eight tables that can sit four patrons each and a 10 seat bar.   The cathedral ceilings, antiques, artifacts and nostalgia that adorn the walls create a pleasant rustic "take you away from it all" atmosphere for dining.
      TV Media room
        Just two big overstuffed couches, a recliner, a big easy chair and a giant 52" big screen with surround sound.   Need I say more?   Okay, who's got the remote?
      Computer room
        A small room with one high-speed computer, laser printer, stereo speakers and total full access to the Internet along with supplies of paper tablets and plenty of reference books.
      Piano bar
        Just a cool little bar with a piano built into the end of the bar.   It's actually a functional part of the bar.   This is the conversation bar and the fun starts whenever someone comes along and admits they can play the piano.
      Rock & Roll bar
        Here's where the rubber hits the road.   Rock and Roll bands perform on Friday and Saturday nights.   This bar section absolutely packs them in on these nights.   The party is loud, driving and tons of fun.   You will be guaranteed a great time.
      Model railroad control room
        A huge layout of track and trains that anyone can operate.   This layout measures 20' x 12' with two center cutout areas that you can squeeze through and access from underneath the grid.   The control station operates 30 trains simultaneously, but watch out for crash and burns.
        Rather large kitchen with walk-in refrigerator and freezer.   Your basic industrial yet homey style kitchen with the the large butcher block island in the middle with a rack of various sized pots and pans hanging above.   There are 2 ovens, a grill and 8 electric burners.   The walk-in pantry offers a supermarket-like array of supplemental items you can add to that Blue Ribbon winning meal.   Certainly, a nice culinary place to cook!
      Telescopic observatory
        Accessed through a spiral staircase through the attic ceiling, this area opens up an 8' x 8' elevated deck mounted on the lounge roof where you can observe the heavenly bodies above with the use of the 450x multi-lensed telescope.
      Shooting range
        The soundproof shooting range takes up the whole basement.   There are motorized retractable targets that move down and back the 75' length of the range.   Choose from an impressive array of weaponry from the club's arsenal or bring your own.   My favorite is the 8 3/8 Model 27 with the extra long blue steel barrel.   It is suggested to call ahead with a reservation for the Model 27 because it seems this weapon is also the favorite of frequent range patron Jose' Gringo.   Jose'  is our normal shooting range manager but he has been on a very long extensive vacation in Tucson, AZ and we're not sure when he will surface again.   So, your chances are good that you will have unsupervised use of the good weapons for target practice.  
      Game room
        Approximately 200 board games to choose from in this gaming den with large four seat tables equipped with felt tops and a shaded green glass swag light fixture over the top of each.   Try the "Cincinnati Monopoly" game first.
      The garage
        This car club is for anyone who loves to restore and tinker on old vintage cars.   Presently, there are five cars in the garage undergoing restoration.   These cars have all been donated by members of our car club.   We have a 1969 two-tone green and black Mustang Mach 1 fastback with spoiler and hood lock pins (the kind featured in the famous car chase in the movie "Bullit" with Steve McQueen), a 1968 gold and black Dodge Charger (the other car featured in "Bullit"), a 1963 absolute gem super cool baby blue Pontiac Catalina convertible with spoke wheels, a 1978 Chevrolet Camaro Rally Sport, silver and black with spoiler and removable glass tops and a 1969 blue Chevrolet Nova.  
      Art & drawing room
        A cool art room with drafting tables and plenty of art supplies to create that masterpiece.   There are many art mediums here that the individual artist can expound upon.   This is a great room of creativity where I have spent many hours refining a creation of cool art that I believe will bring enjoyment to everyone and anyone regardless of age.   I love art and I have created a 52 page coloring book that is still under construction and has not been released on the web and is still not available for sale.   If you want a peek, check out my coloring book website "Fantastical Magical Mysticals"
      Club Craig lounge vacation tours
        We also offer a couple of exciting stress relieving vacation packages at no cost to our patrons and friends.   We are fortunate to attend these events twice a year.   The vacations are funded by the revenue we acquire from our members donations we accumulate during the year.   Our Club Craig coach bus leaves for a fabulous excursion to Molehill Mountain the first week in August and the "Dream Princess" robust sea faring ship leaves port Miami the first week of April for a wonderful week on Club Craig Island.   Both vacations must be experienced if you want the ultimate fulfillment of what life has to offer.