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    "Fly by Night" made history October 26, 1999 when we officially called an end to our first class Rock & Roll band.   The plane didn't crash and burn that day but it is still intact in the sense that all the members were survivors and went on to pursue other interests in life.   However,   the legend of "Fly by Night" is now a big memory of four unique individuals who worked hard and dedicated themselves to a pursuit of their love for music.   It was a venture of talent seeking, life enhancement, pleasure, fun and the things dreams are made of.   You know...Sometimes life makes abrupt turns for the better and/or worse totally dependent on ones view and perspective.   Life changes as fast as a turn of the head.   This Rock and Roll band deserves an above the head toast for four fine classy gentlemen who made a tremendous effort, and a high five for their futures as they move forward.

    Latest FBN band update   ....   Fly By Night made a reunion get together meeting for a super cool music jam session in March 2006. This fantastic reunion was arranged by Brent for us to get together once again as a band and especially with our singer Dan Brown who was in a declining health situation and moving to California to be closer with his family. We all pretty much realized that this one wonderful evening experience would probably be our very last chance all four of the Fly By Night members would be together. We made the most of it as we reminisced about the many band gigs and all the fun we used to have. We even managed to pull off a great performance of many songs that evening that sounded like we hadn't even lost our touch after all those years that had passed. Fly By Night was a true phenomenon that was and will always be.

B-52 Bomber in dive

        Brent Parks   (Lead Guitar, Vocals)...

   Experience, lightning speed guitar riffs and improvisation make Brent one of the finest lead guitarists to hit the Cincinnati music scene.   Brent brings a vast amount of knowledge, experience and musicianship to Fly by Night as a result of working with an array of previous successful bands.   The "Valhallas", "Nineteenth Dynasty", "Active Ingredients", "Gray Imprint", "Straight Shooter Band", "J.A.B.", "Sonny Flaharity Band", "The Guys" and "Jam Babies" were all tremendous stepping stones for Brent's musical ability.

        Dan Brown   (Guitar, Vocals)...

        Dan sends out a special thanks to mentor Ron King who taught him guitar and got him started in the music business.   Dan's unique and powerful vocal talents, along with precision rhythm guitar superiority, make him a fantastic new addition to Fly by Night.   Straight out of Reno where he had been a dealer at the Hilton Casino, Dan gave us the "hit" that we needed.   His previous experience playing with great rock & roll bands was "Moonstone", "Wheel" and "Kicks"

        Chuck Koth   (Bass Guitar, Vocals)...

        Chuck is like a walking, talking musical encyclopedia.   If he has heard a song before, he knows the chords.   Previously, he played lead guitar and sang in big show bands like "The Checkmates", "Brandy Wine" and "Cool Breeze", but an unfortunate accident left Chuck without the use of his middle finger on his left hand, so he converted to the Bass guitar.   We believe that he might be the "greatest" three-fingered bass player in the world.

        Jack Craig   (Drums)...

        Jack has been a percussionist for over thirty years.   His musical ability and scope have been widened by performing with various styles of music, not only rock & roll, but blues, country, southern rock, heavy metal and jazz.   He even played for an Elvis impersonator show.   Jack's band history and experience include such bands as "The Escorts Ltd", "The Forgotten Luv", "Johnny Roy and the Roy Boys", "Dave and the Daytimers", "Breakthrough", "The Tires", "Lazer" and "Jam Babies".


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