Thinker with vision

    Ah yes ... Soon it will be upon us faster than a dry brush fire in high wind.   The future takes place in just one second from now, one minute from now, one hour, one week and so forth from this very moment.   I believe the future of our world is going to start taking some significant giant leaps here very shortly with new technological advancements that have developed in the past few years.   Look how advanced we are presently over just a few short years ago.   We are literally on the cutting edge verge of launching into a lifestyle that maybe we only thought of as a vision not to long ago.   Every single day a new computer chip is invented that enhances speed, compactness, quality and intelligence of the computers we use.   This is the era of the computer and it will not be going away anytime soon.   Computers are virtually used now in everything you touch.   It won't be long before we even have our own computer mounted on a wrist watch or a hand held version that everyone will carry like a cellular phone (made this comment 6/20/02).   We presently have technology incredibily advanced in processes like engineering, research, medicine, finance, aeronautics, military, and manufacturing to name a few all because of the advancement of the computer.   If we keep multiplying and compounding this intelligence at the rate we are moving we are going to see some delightful surprises and enhancements to our lives.   If we can stay focused on research for human well being and not be side tracked by wars, conflicts and third world leaders who want to take on the world for their own self gratification then we could become a global harnessed power of ultimate advancement and achievement.   Look at the new international space station that is being constructed right now as your reading this.   The space station is unquestionably and definitely the step in the right direction for collaberation of the meeting of the minds.   Just imagine our advancement opportunities and our speed of obtainment if we had access to all the brain power in the world with no barriers and restrictions.   Could it finally be possible that in this day and age we might be able to remove the barbaric escapades of countries focused on bringing the human race to their knees and move forward as a whole group to better the world, share our resources, intelligence, and work together?   Now that would certainly be a future to look forward to.   I can't wait...

      - Thoughts by Jack Craig

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