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  Search Google   Google is the #1 search engine that uses link popularity as its method of ranking web sites.   Google renders high relevancy results for your search string and has a massive index of sites from which to draw from even supplying Netscape and Yahoo with some of their results.

      Excite ...


  Search Excite   Excite has been around since 1995 and is very popular with web searchers.   They have a sizeable index and deliver fair results.   Excite bought Magellan and Webcrawler in friendly takeovers increasing their resources and competitiveness.

      Fast Search ...


  Search Fast Search   Fast search is a clean and precise engine that indexes the entire web.   Fast search has been around since 1999 and seem to be improving with time.   They were originally founded as All the Web.   Results are fast and impressive.

      Alta Vista ...


  Search Alta Vista   AltaVista opened in 1995 and today has a huge base of indexed pages.   The search format is good with easy to follow search commands and they even offer language translation making it a very popular engine used around the world.

      Lycos ...


  Search Lycos   Originaly Lycos used a spidering search engine method. Now, Lycos uses a catagory open directory system for searching similar to Yahoo and also uses secondary results from Fast search, Direct Hit & Hotbot. Lycos owns Hotbot since 1998 but they run separately.

      Look Smart ...


  Search Look Smart   LookSmart is a large human-compiled directory of web sites. LookSmart provides directory results to many partners including MSN & Excite.

      Web Crawler ...


  Search Web Crawler   WebCrawler is run by Excite and has the smallest index of any major search engine on the web. Webcrawler has been around since 1994. The small index means WebCrawler is not the one to use when seeking unusual material but by having less indexed pages it provides less but more concise information back from a general search.

      Yahoo ...


  Search Yahoo   Yahoo is the most popular search service and certainly finds information easily. It is the largest human-compiled guide to the web, employing about 150 editors in an effort to categorize the web. Yahoo also supplements its results with those from Google. Yahoo is the oldest major web site directory, having started in 1994.

      Stop Dog ...


  Search Stop Dog   Stopdog is for content minded surfers which uses a private database of half a million hand selected websites. StopDog is growing rapidly and will feature a lot of new and better improvements real soon.

      Ask Jeeves ...


  Search Ask Jeeves   Ask Jeeves is a unique fun search service that tries to answer your typed question with an exact answer from within its own database.   If that match fails then it hunts to provide information from several other search engines.

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