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    This preview page has a few listings of my "Back Burner" web pages that are still under construction, development or research.   This is a site of new ideas and a culmination of resources that haven't been fully implemented into an acceptable level of public release.   The primary reason they are still under construction is because I try to work on them when I get a spare moment.   As time allows, I am slowly creating these introductory page ideas into a full blossumed web page design.   I nibble away at them when ever I'm afforded the chance.   I use no automatic html editors, I program everything manually which is very complex and takes more time.   I enjoy working out the programing manually because it provides me a nice challenge similiar to solving a complicated logic problem or working a large jig-saw puzzle.   It keeps that mind stimulation going strong.   I hope to provide you with some new works of creativity here in the near future.   However, until that time they are still on the "Back Burner" (if you will).   Armed with that information, you are welcome to preview my workshop and early beginnings of web construction.   Take a peek through the construction fence if you will ....
Sites on the "Back Burner"
The cost of a child
    An insight on what we actually get for our money in raising a child.
Wierd and Unusual
    An entertaining assemblage of strange, wacky & unusual web locations.
Brand new web site ideas
   A brainstorming collection of web sites that will hit the web eventually in the near future but unfortunately are stuck right now with time restraints.
Out of this world adventures
  Adventures beyond imagination and an attempt at insipiring human thinking beyond it's present capabilities.
Alluring Hawaii
  Once I get the time this site will sparkle (famous last words). I lived and worked on Oahu on Waikiki Beach for exactly one year of my life and became very familiar with this region. A totally majestic place. Heads up on this web site.
Rock and Roll forever please
    This will eventually be a cool site of the top rock and roll official pages of the great bands of our land and all the coolness they have to offer.
Garden of Time
    A synoptical look at the past one hundred years in chronological order. If you can add any information to any of the years listed please write.
Web Design
    A start-up of a web page of ideas in web page design and some new innovative ways that will help us web page designers with some new resources and maybe some neat things we can incorporate in our web pages.
Rolex the watch
A site dedicated to the luxury watch I hope to own one day soon. The most magnificent watch in the world.
Exercise & AB workout
I'm certainly going to try and make this a cool workout site where everyone can get tips how to get in shape quickly.
My all time favorite car
A super fine piece of old time engineering that will never be surpassed in its beauty and classic lines. A timeless masterpiece to be revered for generations to come. Introducing the "Ford Mustang Mach 1" 1969 vintage for your enjoyment.
More Mach 1 pictures
A compilation of additional pictures from my all time favorite car Mach 1 website listed to the left. Absolutely way too cool to miss - check out the pix.
Big Hair Bands
A compilation of the rise of the Hair bands and all the fun that came with them.
The New Doors experiment
A music tribute project that began as a cool idea based on being a fan of the Doors.

    Just a small preview into original developmental ideas and the early stages of creation. Please come back soon as the final artistic touches are put forth and finalized.   There is always a certain splendor of unleashing one's artistic abilities within a computer medium.   It's not only richly rewarding to the artist, but a great way to have some fun and enjoy life.   I'm glad I can share some of the enjoyment with you.  

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