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I am the Patron Saint of Paperclips! The Longest Text Ever: responsible for one-fourth of the Internet's weight --"Meg"


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August 23rd: ^_^ My image program is working spiffily, and you can see one of the quiz results here Once they're all done I'll post the quiz, and probably make a duplicate on Quizzilla etc.

August 18th: woot! I go back to tech soon! To celebrate, I got a little java script (too lazy to make my own ^_^) that tells you what date it is, along with what nice little weird holiday it is ^_^ I'm still updating the holidays, but we should be fine for awhile...

August 1st: Woot! I updated the LTE, ranting about random waranties found at the place i hate above all others.......Also, the color quiz IS sorta maybe kinda almost done, but i still need my image program for it.

June 28th: *sweatdrop* I highly suspect that i lent my imaging software to mpd_person one time, and it's not in the box anymore...*wonders where it went to* Well...I suppose I can start on that quiz for him without any pictures....*really was looking forward to making a spiffy illustrated quiz* *sniffle*

June 21st: HAPPY BIRTHDAY "MEG"!!! ^_^ And in REALLY spiffy news, a spiffy cool gaming site cited my pointless laws page in their article hating on stupid video game laws. I feel all special inside...*had been wondering why her pointless laws were so popular these days*

May 30th 2005: *slinks back to the update section* Yeah...heh-heh....the hiatus...heh....well, some prodding from some of you guys and some of my real life friends made me decide that maybe I have some time to update again after all ^^;; Sooooo...Vote on the poll, and talk on the tagboard to tell me what you want ^^. I already have a request for a "What color are you" Quiz with poem results...so that'll probably be next on the agenda....*is already imagining the nice pics to go with it* *remembers her spiffy imaging program is gone* *curses* Uh...just as soon as I get that program back -.-;; Oh, and I updated my about me page....

March 10th 2005: ^^;; Well, I did learn l337 java skillz...but it turns out I am SO l337, that most people don't have this new version of java installed so they can't see my l337 applets...^^;;

August 12th 2004: Well, I'm leaving for college now...so just bear with me as I adjust. There may not be as many new quizzes, or other improvements to the site...on the other hand, I may just use my l33t computer skillz I learn to make the OFC site better than ever! Be patient, Hypothetical Reader...

August 4th: Veggie Quiz is done! Try it out, give me feedback!

August 2nd: I just finished battling in yet another Asparagus war! Wootage! I've done all the writing for the new quiz, and 3 pics. I still have about 8 pics left, and 6 results pages, and then it'll be done. Oh, yeah...I finnally figured out how to use PayPal for donations, so feel free to ignore the donate button.

July 28th: Woot! An 8 hour car trip has uses, after all! I designed the newest Quiz (What kind of Veggie are you) and am currently transfering it to this site, getting/making pics, etc. It SHOULD be ready soon, but I make no promises...

July 12th: "Meg" has finally done her guest rant! It's about how Barbie prepares us for Reality TV! Go to the LTE for more info!

July 11th! Well...I'm on the verge of starting the Official Flaming-Chickens Shop, so go to the page and answer poll type questions so I know if I should bother!

July 5th, 2004:  Well, er...as you may have noticed...there is a new layout.  Hmmm...also, there was a new LTE rant yesterday about Duck, Duck Goose.  How do you feel about the new layout?  I'll make a new poll so you can tell me...

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