What is yourbest characterisitc?

I got this quiz from Insanepirate297, thanks!

Code for this test has been adapted from the "Inner Dragon Quiz"

Feel free to take it from me as long as you link to me

Hey! Look! It's time for another quiz!

Great! I love your quizes!
Well...yeah...I'm here, aren't I?
Come on, I don't have all day here, hurry up! Stop wasting my time!
What an astute observation.
Yes. Thank you for making it.
That is correct.

While attached to your horrible time-wasting machine (computer) your thoughts wander.

At least I have a horrible time-wasting machine to be attached to.
Hmmmm..I wonder if I can take this quiz, check my e-mail, feed my virtual pet and play a game, all while filing away at these chains...
Just a few more minutes and I'll have picked this lock.
I'm sure we're chained to these things for a perfectly good reason:)
REASON? Are you kidding? The chick that's writing this quiz is nutso!
Don't say that! She makes good quizes! Say you're sorry!

You somehow manage to escape your horrible, horrible fate and dodge guards that appear, seemingly out of nowhere.

Ha! You dumb goons cannot stop me! *slams into dumb goon* Eeep!
*talks to guards* Could you wait a sec, I think my pager is beeping.
PLEASE Can't we all just get along?
Well...at least I got to stretch my legs.
We're doomed.
The quiz is gonna have a happy ending, how can you think otherwise?

You're recaptured and rechained to the horrible time-wasting machine. Looks like you're stuck here.

I'm sure they'll let us go...eventually...right?
Oh well..back to my important work.
That was...diverting.
Idiotic buffoons! Just wait! I'll get out of here before you are capable of forming a single thought!
So...it's over...man...well...good quiz!
Predictable. Your quizes suck.