What kind of person are you?

I got this quiz from Insanepirate297, thanks!

Code for this test has been adapted from the "Inner Dragon Quiz"

Feel free to take it from me as long as you link to me

If the world as we know it ended tommorow, you'd be:
Burning, looting, rioting, etc.
Huddled in a corner, rocking back and forth.
Uniting the masses and restarting civilization.
Wandering around looking for a decent taco.

Eventually, for whatever reason, people begin to rebuild society. You're part of the leading council. When asked your opinion on how things should be, you:
Suggest we create a pure democracy in which every citizen has a voice.
Ask why we need a government. It sure didn't help the old world.
Agree with the person who said something about democracy. That's supposed to be good, right?
Nod absently and continue to play tic-tac-toe.

As time goes by, it is clear that a stronger government is needed. You:
Wrest control from that idiotic democracy advocat and put the people under your iron rule.
Grumble about the masses inability to see clearly while fleeing from the Dictator's unstoppable hoardes.
Start a national BINGO tournament.
Completly agree with the Dictator. After all, he is the Leader.

The people begin to oppose the current rule, and some rebels gather in the boardering mountains. You:
Assemble your forces to crush the rebels.
Train you allies to at least stand a chance against the unstoppable hoards.
Create a spiffy new look for the Leader's unstoppable hoards, and are crushed when the Leader says that pink frills do not intimidate the enemy.
Travel to the rebel camp as a spy, but are converted to the rebel cause.

The rebels overthrow the old government and set up yet another democracy. You:
Are just glad the people have finnaly come to their senses.
Shriek that this isn't over yet and that you are not defeated yet!
Wonder why you EVER sided with that Evil Opressor.
Develop a low fat, no preservative healthier alternative to gruel.

Peace at last. You enjoy a beautiful sunset from:
The dungeon. Geeze, you gave the people what they wanted and then they turn on you. You can't trust anyone these days.
Your palace. Hey, you fought unstoppable hoards and reunited the people. You entitled to a few perks.
Visiting the old Leader. You can't believe you abandoned him in his time of need. What were you thinking?