What Mystical Creature are you?

I got this quiz from Insanepirate297, thanks!

Code for this test has been adapted from the "Inner Dragon Quiz"

Feel free to take it from me as long as you link to me

So...you and a few others are magically transported to a fantasy realm.

Mongoose? What the HECK does that have to do with anything!? We need to find a way to get back to the real world! I'm missing T.V.!
Cool! Now I have a new world to take over!
Pah! I already know the ending. It sucked I can't BELIEVE I'm doing this again.
Would you look at that moon? This place is beautiful! I hope we can stay here.
Look how clear the water over there is! *points of screen* There's no pollution anywhere!
That's right *nods* This place is pure and pristine, just as nature intended. There's probably no humans here, otherwise there would be pollution.
*worried* No humans? But...wouldn't that be...lonely?
Yeah...it would be boring without anyone else...
Bah! Who needs other people, anyways?! We're doin' just fine by ourselves!
I wonder if there's fish in that lake...I sure am hungry.
Smell that fresh night air! Exquisite. If there are people here, they must not be very advanced.

Since it's night, you and the others decide to do various tasks to set up camp. You choose to:

Gather pure water from the lake.
Go fishing.
Guard the camp to make sure that our meager supplies are safe.
Go hunting for small animals for dinner.
Watch the others carefully to make sure they don't despoil Nature, while looking like you're doing important work
Gather berries from nearby bushes (and a few of those flowers, too^^;;)
Nothing! The world is filled with willing people, some willing to work, and me willing to let them! Mwaha-ha-ha-ha-ha!
Have I mentioned that this is stupid? Geez, I mean, if this were a movie I'd have fallen asleep before the first five minutes!
Scout the territory, while reveling in the pure night air.
Mongoose! *runs off to do stuff*
Stay as far away from that crazy Mongoose person as possible...and take inventory of our supplies to see how we're doin'.
Look for valuable natural resources that might be usefull on my quest for Universal Domination.
...*builds a fire*

Now that camp is made, you have some leisure time. Someone suggests a scary-story telling contest. You:

Were theone who suggested it. Maybe that crazy person will finally say something other than "mongoose" for once. Anyway, stories make this whole thing seem more normal.
Tell a horrific tale full of gore, where the main character sells his soul for personal gain.
Sit and listen, but don't participate in the story telling.
Are appaled by the gory-demonic story and so purposly tell a nice, fairy-tale style story, just to make that insensitive jerk mad.
Tell a boring anecdote about your ancestors and are suprised when the person next to you falls asleep from sheer boredom.
Tell a story about nuclear holocaust and the unnaturalness of human kind.
Tell your basic gothic thriller, complete with vampires, ghosts and demons.
Criticize everyone else's story so no one notices that you haven't come up with one, yet.
Refuse to finish your story because of that annoying guy next to you who keeps making stupid comments about it.
Listen to the stories and enjoy the novelty of being outside so late at night.
Mon-goose, goose, Mongoose! I sees da MONGOOSE!!! *hysterically laughs untill the person who suggested story telling starts to yell*
Didn't even get to start your story because that crazy person annoyed everyone and the contest was ended.

The next morning (suprise, suprise) you wake to find yourself alone in a dungeon. Tough luck. To get out, apparantly you have to guess the Magic Word. You shrug and decide fantasty realms don't have to make sense. You guess:


What do you know!? It seems your entire group guessed right the first time! (Dungeon Architects aren't very smart, are they?) You and the others are mysteriously granted the ability to become one of 11 mystical creatures (sound familar?) However, you must first be tested because two of your group will remain unchanged. An appropriatly mysterious disimbodied voice asks you pointless true/false Questions which you must answer as truthfully as possible.

Being Normal is an admirable goal.

Power must be obtained at all costs.

Water is relaxing.

Humanity should be wiped out.

You believe yourself superior to others, but are really just a jerk (Be honest).

Industrilization and urbanization is a positive result of civilization.

After the virtually irrelevant questions the mysterious disimbodied voice asks you which form you prefer.

Hey, I don't wanna be a freak...*mutters* Like that mongoose person...
Hey, I'm perfect the way I am! Don't change anything!
Moon Sprite
Aqua Angel
Nature Angel
Evil Angel
Winged Cat-Thing
Er...Invisible Teddy Bear?
Angel of the Night

The voice fades and your body begins to glow mysteriously...