What kind of Veggie/High School Stereotype are you?

I got this quiz from Insanepirate297, thanks!

Code for this test has been adapted from the "Inner Dragon Quiz"

Feel free to take it from me as long as you link to me

Well, here you are at your stereotypical school-type day. As you and a group of your "friends" wait for the first bell to ring, you are:

conversing with your imaginary cardboard box, Bobbette.
Holding your skateboard and listening to some unknown, but presumably cool music.
reading the warranty that came with your toaster-oven.
Hangin' out, talking to everybody.
trying your best to remain inconspicous.
Like, I'm like totally dissing on that one chicks clothes. They are SO, like, last week!

Well...er...hey, the bell rang (did you space out and miss it, man?) and you're already in one of your classes. The teachers droning on about something or another. You are:

listening attentivly and taking several dozen PAGES of notes. Despite the fact that the teacher is actually discussing her good-for-nothing kid who got married to that hussy...who isn't even good enough for HIM, in the teacher's opinion. Who knows, it might be on the test.
paying attention, sorta...alright, I'm kinda catchin' up on my sleep. Heh-Heh...I'm sure somebody'll clue me in when she gets done ranting.
like, I'm chatting on my cell phone. That teacher, like NEVER pays attention.
Blending in as best I can. Mwaha-ha-ha-ha-ha! No one will EVER suspect me!
doodling in the margin of my notebook. It's The Adventures of Spam Man! and his trusty side kick, Soy Boy!
listing to my headphones, talking with my friends about my pimped out ride and how I'm gonna be a gangstah.

Ahhhhhhh, lunch time! It seemed like that one class would never end! Anway, everyone who is ANYONE knows that lunch time isn't about LUNCH (who would actually want to eat that stuff they make, anyway?), it's about socializing. So, what are YOU doing?

staging a massive, epic battle between the Mashed Potatoes Hoardes and the defending Mystery Meat Avengers.
Grumblin' that the "Man" won't let us go outside to skate. (but you are secretly relieved that you don't have to go fall down in front of everyone.)
Like, I'm drinkning a Diet Water (with just half the calories of regular water) and checking my voice mail. While chatting with my friends. (Author's Note: Technically, this is correct. One half of Zero Calories is still Zero...although I think Diet Water would probably be slightly more expensive)
~_^ EXACTLY what everyone around me is doing. It's DANGEROUS to stand out...
eating my sack lunch, what else would I be doing. It's LUNCH time.
I'm talking about random stuff with my friends. And just about everyone in the room is my friend, so it gets kinda tiring.

Well lunch is over (sux, huh? Things can only go down hill from here) and it's gym time (see, what'd I tell ya?) So...what are your thoughts?

...this is gym. I dislike gym.
like, did you SEE that shot? I like, totally wish I could do that...
...good thing I"m too cool to play, or everyone would discover how much I suck.
...this rox, I wish this class would last forever!
...spying is fun. They'll never suspect I'm not one of them. ~_^ Now...to blend in by playing these so called "sports".
but...if this ball is really a dinosaur egg...how old does that make coach?

Woot! School is OUT! On the excessivly long and boring bus ride home, a fight breaks out to relieve the monotony. Your role in the fight is:

..are you kidding me? I'm doing my best to ignore it. It's just plain annoying.
Everyone trusts me to make sure the bus driver doesn't see the fight. I'm the "distraction".
I'm laughing and cheering just like everyone else. What, you thought I'd be needlessly standing out?
I'm on my cell phone telling my friend on another bus the 411. She's jealous, 'cause like, you know, nothing fun EVER happens on HER bus. *giggles*
I'm saying how I could beat both those idiots with my hands tied behind my back, 'cause I'm just pimp like that, yo.
I'm taking bets on which of 'em'll score a touchdown first. 3:1 odds on the horse of a different color. Oh, and I'm wondering why everyone is looking weird at me...what a bunch of freaks.