How weird are you?

I got this quiz from Insanepirate297, thanks!

Code for this test has been adapted from the "Inner Dragon Quiz"

Feel free to take it from me as long as you link to me

If you had to deal with a friend who wanted to take over the world you'd...
Shriek that it would be a great idea to take over the world and that you hoped that noone would find out.
Notice that this is the same question from the TAB quiz.
Talk to that friend less often.
What? Uh...that's nice.
Tell them that it'll never happen.

Do you wake up often in the middle of the night with weird stuff like "asparagus warfare" in your head?
Yes...I also ask people what asparagus warfare means to them.
Sometimes, but not often.
Not often
Absolutly not, that would be weird!

How many times have you read the longest text ever?
I lost count...but I did start one of my own.
I didn't read it, but I did check it out.
What are you talking about?

At school/work, you are…
An ecentric weirdo who tends to by hyperactive about strange things.
Again noticing the TAB quiz cross-overs.
Me. Just me.
Just your average Joe.

Last question, so make it count! Have you ever considered starting your own religion/club etc? religion involves cheese.
Yeah, I was supposed to be the deity, but I had no worshipers.
I considered...but didn't follow through.
No., that would be wrong!