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Name: Jenny, aka: eon337, aka: eon, aka: Patron Saint of Paperclips

AIM ScreenName: psopcmaster (my robot's is eonpsopc)

Age: It varies. You know, once a year, the number goes up. Right now, I'm 19. Cool, huh?

Address:...Do you really think I'm that stupid?

Short-Term Goals: I'd like more traffic to my site.

Long-Term Goals: I want to make/design video games or virtual pets or robots or AI in general. Sure, I suck at math. I'm a verbal person. But I'll do what it takes to have some say in the production process of the almighty videogame, etc.

Favorite Stuff: JTHM comics, Squee comics, MegaTokyo webcomics, College Roomates from Hell webcomics, first person shooter video games, FFX, INVADER ZIM, Fruits Basket, X/1999 comics/anime, Gundam Wing, Wish comics, Uh...television, lots and lots of different books, Stephen King books, Dean Koontz books, Laurell Hammilton books, Terry Prachet books, Piers Anthony books, Last Exile, Steel Angel Kurumi, Utena, DearS, Grenadier, mooses, squirells, blobby angel/devil things, drawing, uh...oh, yeah, my beloved website!

Un-favorite Stuff: Tuna, casserole, anything that looks or tastes like snot, annoying people, stupid people, butt-ugly martians, power rangers (why is that show STILL going on?), math,

General Stuff: Right now I'm a Freshman in college, I'm studying Computer Science so I can make this website even l337er. heh-heh ^^;; It's harder then I could have imagined, so that's why I had to put the site on hiatus for awhile.

Some websites I am often logged into.

Neopets: My user name is eon337, and I've played for awhile, I'm addicted ^_^ I've made millions in the stocks, and I give mpd_person and "Meg" lots of presents. If you look hard throughout the site, you might when a neopets prize, too ^_^ Fun Fact: Neopets is where I staged the epic Asparagus Wars.

Jennifer Government: Is a nation simulation game that's pretty fun. I have one good and one evil nation. The forums there are pretty fun to listen in to, but if you try to post everyone'll yell at ya -.-;;

RavenBlacks Vampire Game: My user name is eon, and I've played the game for quite some time. I've partner bound to "Meg" and I am petitioning the high council to have them let me do the same with mpd_person. The three of us have an entry in the Book of Romance.

Just took a Dominance Influence Steadiness And Compliance test (DISC) I got a 8-12-60-20 respectively...

Dominance: 8...People who score in the low range: ~ tend to want peace and harmony. ~ prefer to let others initiate action and resolve problems. ~ are quiet and indirect in their approach to most situations. ~ are usually cautious and calculate risks carefully before acting.
They are generally well liked because of their mild and gentle nature. Other people will tend to see them as being patient, calm, thoughtful and a good listener.

Influence: 12 People who score in the low range: ~ are usually socially passive. ~ quite frequently have an affinity for things, machinery and equipment. ~ are generally comfortable working alone. ~ frequently have a tendency to be analytical and once they have sorted the facts out they communicate them in a straightforward direct way. ~ tend to take little at face value.
They may well have learned and developed good social skills but they only bring these into play when logic dictates such tactics.

Steadiness: 60 ...People who score in the high range: ~ are usually patient, calm and controlled. ~ have a high willingness to help others particularly those they consider as friends.
Generally they have the ability to deal with the task in hand and to do routine work with patience and care.

Compliance:.....it rambles on about how I'm a free spirit and don't like following orders...er....wow...uh...wrong anyone?

Now this next thing is the Luscher color test, and keep in mind that I took it during my second summer at home without Art, feeling very alone, and trapped. Trying to decide if I'm doing the right thing with john.
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"Seeks freedom from problems and a secure state of ..."

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Email: flamingchickens333@hotmail.com