Erm...yeah. Donate/Buy Stuff Here? (Eventually)

Well...I decided several key things a few seconds ago.

  • I HATE angelfire's ad's and pop-ups.
  • I HATE it when I excede my bandwith and the site goes down.
  • I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE angelfire's new policy of not letting people link to images from my site. I also hate having to upload all my quiz images to another site just so people can freakin' USE them.

    In conclusion, I suppose that this means that I should do what angelfire wants (they are evil extortionists) and pay up to get a better account that would fix ALL of my problems. But wait! I am on the trembling verge of becoming a poor, starving college student! However will I be able to afford such improvements? decided to do what all those webcomic people thingies are doing and use PayPal to shamelessly beg for donations. I'll even sell semi-useless Official Flaming-Chickens Items. (OFCI) Now, I know that not even the two and a half loyal LTE readers will bother to attempt to donate (if they even have a way to pay online)...but it's worth the attempt. Woot! I'll make a poll and put it up top, okay?
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