The LTE! (In a more user friendly format!)

Okay then, it's what you've all been waiting for! A less intimidating LTE! 100% less words at a time, too! Now you won't be overwhelmed! Go for you, Hypothetical Reader! SHOULD be known that this isn't done yet...after all there ARE over 80 LTE entries. Hrmmmm.... But just you wait, Hypothtical "Loyal" Reader! You can read the Full LTE untill it's ready! Note: The LTE starts out as nothing but pointless short stuff, and steadily progresses to lengthy rants about paranoia and weird stuff...

Table Of Contents! (read left to right)

Introduction Weird Poem Thing Press Refresh to Escape No one comes here! Spooky Quizzes This is getting long.
Grape Pie and Organ Grinders!
Frustration! Code: 343 of OFCHB!
People hate reading.
People actually READ this?
Evil Cartoon Owls...
Rhetorical Questions Code: 472 of OFCHB! Love, Joy, and Insane Chaos. TACO-2 Code 742: of OFCHB! Family Trip to: A Bar.
Farewell loyal reader. Next Generation is DOOMED!
Weird Sibling and Dead Stuff. Code: 843 of OFCHB!
More people READ this?
Ice Cream Trucks!
Matrix: Reloaded
EVIL dress/ Code: 666 Evil Graduation Pointless Signs of America!
What else could I have done?
JFK conspiracies
Memories Moose's arch-enemy
Horrible Family Vacation
Subliminal Messages Fake Commercials Vast Breakfast Food Conspiracy
It's good to be weird.
Sugar Rushed
Evils of Tanning Lazy Calculators
Squirell's Arch-Enemy
Not fair!
Random, Vast Conspiracy Code: 888 of OFCHB! The Joys of Gambling! Cheeze-Its The Armadillo Episode...
Evils of Smoke Dectectors.
Need...Sleep... Healthy Competition OFC Lunar Colony! "Pure" Water Vast Puddle of Knowledge Code: 452 of OFCHB
Super-Secret Message!
Real Grape Pie? Vicious Downward Spiral
Imaginary Squirell Money
Hypothetical Conversation Life=Biscuits
Fashion...and stuff. Infinite Possibilities
"Meg"'s commercial The Asparagus Wars Santa is EVIL. Guest Rant (PSOCB)
Opposite Day Evil Family "Bonding" Road Kill Adventures Mary Had a Little Lamb New Format... Wal-Mart is EVIL!
Horrible Sorority Evil French Fries and "It"
Here comes Elvis! Sugar Rushed 2: The Sequel PSOPC Bot and Strange Thoughts Evil K-Mart...
Duck, Duck Goose! (Guest Rant) "Meg": Barbies=Reality TV!

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