How paranoid are you?

I got this quiz from Insanepirate297, thanks!

Code for this test has been adapted from the "Inner Dragon Quiz"

Feel free to take it from me as long as you link to me

True of False: Humanity has been to the moon.
False. Any idiot knows that the so called "moon landing" was just a distorted desert video. They used advanced 60's special effects to make it "look" like the moon.
I doubt it...I still think the moon is home to dozens of fierce mutant hamsters.
We must have. How else would we have know it wasn't really made of cheese?
We did. End of story. *mutters* Freaks.

How many people assasinated JFK?
My estimates lead me to believe that the entire population of earth had a hand in it.
I don't know...but I'm positive that Kodak was involved.
One. Unless he was just following orders.
One. Why can't you people just face reality?

Do aliens exist?
No, that is a myth created by our communist rulers to distract us from the impending destruction of the American Way.
Of course! It's the biggest governmental cover up since they told us that the world was flat. And look how wrong that was!
I don't know. I guess something has to exist in all that space, right?
No. For the last time, ALIENS DO NOT EXIST!

Are "skwerels" and other rodents plotting humanities inevitable downfall?
Of course. And the tree-hugging, forest saving liberals are their allies.
I don't think so...after all...aren't dolphins smarter? that's just a little too weird for me...No..."skwerels" aren't gonna take over the world.
Finally! Someone sees reason! Of course "skwerels" aren't gonna take over the world!

Last question, so make it count! Do you consider yourself paranoid?
No. But everyone else insists that I am.
A little.