What Kind of Evil Overlord Will You Be?

Woot! These are my 'Memegen' thingys! My results are displayed, all you have to do is fill in your own name and you'll get your results! There are thousands of different results, and as I add more, they will change, so you can almost never get bored. I'm entertained just typing random names in^^;; Have fun:) If you're a bit fuzzy on your goals/persona as an Evil Overlord, try the Evil Overlord Story to focus on your goals.

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More Evil Overlord Prophecies! by eon337
Evil Overlord Name
You will:Incinerate
(continued)A police Chief
Your arch-enemy will be:a furry animal
You will use this to defeat your enemyWeather Machine
Your minions will be:Ninjas
Your Death Traps will be:Mysterious
Your ultimate goal will be:to have a giant statue of you
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The Evil Overlord Prophecy Thing! by eon337
What is the name that shall strike fear in the spleens of the multitudes?
Date you will usurp power:January 13, 2367
You will usurp power from:The only person on Antartica.
Your trusted second in command will be:Spam.
Your base of operations will be:On the moon.
Your secret weakness will be:Kryptonite.
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