The following is an excerpt from George Washington's angelic vision at Valley Forge in 1777, of World War III, and of a military invasion of the USA, as related by Wesley Bradshaw:

"...And again I heard the mysterious voice saying, 'Son of the Republic, look and learn.' At this, the dark, shadowy angel placed a trumpet to his mouth and blew three distinct blasts; and taking water from the ocean, he sprinkled it upon Europe, Asia, and Africa. Then my eyes beheld a fearful scene. From each of these countries arose thick, black clouds that were soon joined into one. And throughout this mass, there gleamed a dark red light by which I saw hordes of armed men, who, moving with the cloud, marched by land and sailed by sea to America, which country was enveloped in the volume of cloud. And I dimly saw these vast armies devastate the whole country, and burn the villages, towns and cities that I beheld springing up.

"As my ears listened to the thundering of the cannon, clashing of swords, and the shouts and cries of millions in mortal combat., I again heard the mysterious voice saying, 'Son of the Republic, look and learn.' When the voice had ceased, the dark shadowy angel placed his trumpet once more to his mouth, and blew a long and fearful blast.

"Instantly a light as of a thousand suns shone down from above me, and pierced and broke into fragments the dark cloud which enveloped America. At the same moment the angel upon whose head still shone the word 'Union,' and who bore our national flag in one hand and a sword in the other, descended from the heavens attended by legions of white spirits. These immediately joined the inhabitants of America, who I perceived were well-nigh overcome, but who immediately taking courage again closed up their broken ranks and renewed the battle. Again, amid the fearful noise of the conflict, I heard the mysterious voice saying, 'Son of the Republic, look and learn.'

"As the voice ceased, the shadowy angel for the last time dipped water from the ocean and sprinkled it upon America. Instantly the dark cloud rolled back, together with the armies it had brought, leaving the inhabitants of the land victorious.

"Then once more I beheld the villages, towns and cities, springing up where I had seen them before, while the bright angel, planting the azure standard he had brought in the midst of them, cried with a loud voice: 'While the stars remain, and the heavens send down dew upon the earth, so long shall the Union last.' And taking from his brow the crown on which was blazoned the word 'Union,' he placed it upon the Standard, while the people, kneeling down, said 'Amen.'"





































(Note: John Koyle was the founder of the "Dream Mine" -- aka "The Relief Mining Company" -- near Salem, Utah. This mine was "re-ecavated" following some vivid dreams and visions that John Koyle had of the future of America. He saw that an ancient Native American mine existed just south of the mouth of Spanish Fork Canyon, and that deep below there were six large chambers filled with golden artifacts of this ancient civilization, and that there was also huge viens of gold which have yet to be mined. Many of his prophecies indicated what the miners would run into as they dug deeper into the ancient [collapsed] mine, and these prophecies have been amazingly accurate to date. This mine, Koyle saw, would begin producing gold following a major economic collapse, and help those in this western heartland of America -- at the base of the western Rocky mountains -- to re-build and re-establish an economy based on spiritual principles. Even though he lived in the early 1900's, some of Koyle's visions involve a Russian-Chinese invasion of America, which has been seen by so many other Christians and which, like piece of a prophetic puzzle, paint a clear picture of what is to come)

In the words of one familiar with Koyle's many prophecies:

"...Political authorities would search the length and the breadth of the land to find a strong man who could cope with this chaos (economic collapse), but no such man could be found and there was no presidential official possible.

"By the time it was time to collect taxes (April), there would be no Federal Government left to collect them, and consequently the paper dollar became worthless, having no intrinsic value...

"He spoke of Russia invading Turkey at this time to gain the Dardenelle-Bosporus Water-way. He said that at this time there would be trouble in Palestine or the MidEast, which in turn would cause war to erupt in the Balkans as Russia made a great military push toward Palestine and practically wiped Turkey off the European part of the map. This war would be brought to our coast line, but we would not be invaded at this time. However, a Russian invasion of the U.S. and Canada would come later.

"He said that after the Reds took over most of Europe, Asia and Africa, they would invade the United States and Canada, and because of our chaotic condition, we could offer very little organized resistance. He said the Reds (Russians) would get as far as the Missouri River before they were stopped by divine intervention. (George Washington said that this divine intervention comes in the form of angellic armies fighting with the Americans - BW).

"The Chinese would invade the West Coast and get as far as the Sierra Nevadas before they were stopped by divine intervention, and that these invasions would not reach us here in these valleys of the (Rocky) mountains."


If America is invaded by a collectivist 'New World Order' seeking to destroy the America Republic because of its individualist-independence philosophies [as exemplified in the BILL OF RIGHTS] and its failure to submit to it's global government agenda, we must understand that this invasion will come as a result of our spiritual and physical apathy as a nation. In the sense that many Americans have been more interested in living for immediate materialistic gratification to the point of mortgaging the future of their country, this invasion will come in part as the judgment of God upon the lack of spiritual faithlessness of Americans in general.

We should remember the lessons that should be learned in regards to the consequences of the rejection by the Jews of the savior Jesus Christ. The Jews -- motivated by those who were using their 'religious power' to exploit the Jews politically, economically, and spiritually -- were motivated by the Pharisees to kill Jesus Christ. This is not what angered God the most since Jesus of Nazareth WILLINGLY laid down his life as the LAST Passover lamb, in that he was crucified on the Jewish Passover [the first Passover being when the angel of death moved through Egypt to kill all of the first-born, however this destroying angel passed-over those homes who had painted the "blood of a lamb" on their doors. The sacrificial plan dates back to Abel, who offered a lamb as a sacrifice for his unrighteous deeds, showing that there is a perfect God who must judge 'sin' in order to protect His pure and perfect nature, yet loving enough to turn the wrath for our imperfect deeds upon a 'substitute'. God accepted Abel's sacrifice of a little lamb, yet when Cain offered his sacrifice of fruits and vegetables, God was displeased. Since God is perfect, even one little expression of imperfection is infinitely detestable from his pure and holy perspective. It only takes one spark to burn down an entire forest. It only takes one AIDS virus to replicate and kill millions. God Almighty sees 'sin' the same way.

So the Jews should have known better when the Messiah who was prophesied by old Testament prophets arrived. They were looking for a Lion who would save them from the political bondage of the Romans. True, a conquering messiah was prophesied, but so was the merciful messiah. In other words he would come first as a Lamb and second as a Lion. They rejected the 'Passover Lamb' that was prophesied in Isaiah chapter 53, and as a result they rejected the divine blood-transfusion that might have been 'painted on the door of their hearts' so that the destroying angel would not take them away. Instead they rejected the Messiah, and in 70 A.D. the Romans came in and destroyed Jerusalem and scattered the Israelites to the nations, until they were restored as the nation of Israel in 1948.

The Jewish 'generation' is 50 years, so it would be reasonable to believe that 1998 -- one 'generation' after the restoration of Israel as a nation -- would BEGIN the fulfillment of the prophecies of REVELATION. For instance, the book of Revelation declares that Europe will form into a ten-nation alliance or "United States of Europe". Around the year 2000, eight European nations adopted the same currency. This sounds like a "start" to me. However when the Jews rejected their Messiah, they rejected the protection of their God. In the same way Americans have, to a large degree, rejected their Divine protection because they have rejected the message of the BLOOD OF THE LAMB which would otherwise protect them from the 'destroying angel', as in the first Passover in Egypt. Instead they have allowed things like abortion, false religion, and homosexuality to infest America...

The book of REVELATION states that many of the judgments during the "Tribulation" period will be a repeat of the judgments that fell upon Egypt. Also, the only defense from these judgments will be the same as it was in Egypt -- that is, faith in the 'Passover lamb' [Exodus 12:23]. The blood of the Passover lamb, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, is the only protection from these deadly curses [it does'nt matter whether that blood was sweat, bled, or shed -- what is important is that it is the Divine LIFE-blood that was meant to represent a divine "blood transfusion" of Divine Life and Spirit into the lives of those who would appropriate it. Blood is a mysterious thing, it is both physical and spiritual. It is the blood that binds our bodies and souls and spirits together. It is our blood that holds and contains the LIFE essence of our beings. If we lose our BLOOD, we lose our LIFE. God the Father chose his only begotten son Jesus, the SAVIOR, to 'bear' this divine life-essence into the world. We all must look to the CROSS, which is where God's perfect judgment and God's perfect mercy meet as one! Since Christ took the full brunt of our 'judgment' upon himself on the cross, then Calvary is the ONLY place that has already been 'judged'.

Calvary is the ONLY place where the transformation of the human spirit can take place, as the fallen physical and carnal nature of man goes to the cross to be "crucified with Christ" so that the old "shell" can begin to fall away [symbolically] as the renewed spirit, like a re-born butterfly, emerges from the "cocoon" into a new resurrected life. There are three steps to this spiritual regeneration. Faith in the blood sacrifice of Christ for the crucifixion of the "flesh"; baptism by immersion for the washing of the "soul"; and the baptism of fire or the Holy Spirit for the regeneration of the "spirit" of the believer.

Those who do not "crucify the cocoon", so to speak, in this life will have to LIVE with their corrupted flesh for eternity in a place that is outside of the life-giving presence of God, since God cannot dwell alongside of corruption. They will experience ALL of the insatiable desires of the flesh for eternity without ever being able to satisfy those desires, in a place "where their worm [flesh] dieth not, and the fire [desire] is not quenched." They will have become like spiritual black holes, ever trying to consume, in order to feed their desires, yet like a black hole the more they consume the emptier and 'hungrier' they will become. Having rejected Christ's law of perfect CHARITY, they will have succumbed to beings of perfect GREED. There can be no worse hell than having an insatiable desire that can NEVER, EVER be satisfied. We can not even begin to imagine it.

We must all learn this lesson in this present life as well. Those who through these hard times succumb to greed and keep all that they have to themselves will die, simply because they will eventually run out of life-giving resources or die trying to steal them. Those who are anti-God are focused only on serving their own carnal desires, regardless of whom they say they "serve". Those who however WORK TOGETHER in Christian charity will be far better off, since they are giving and receiving in return. Charity seems to go against all the laws of logic. How can you get something by giving it away? However cells in a human body know this truth, that is that they MUST devote themselves to the health of the whole body in order to maintain their own well-being. Ask yourselves: Why does a spring have more water when it gives out more water? Why does a diamond receive more light when it reflects out more light? Why can a blood cell receive new LIFE from the heart only after it has emptied or given some of its own life to another part of the 'body'? Is it any wonder that the "meek" [those who learn the laws of charity] will inherit the earth? The simple fact is that the MEEK will be those who - through faith - are SHARING their lives with others and in return receiving life back in return; whereas the VILE will implode into beings of total greed and fear who will seek only after SELF preservation and "look out for number one". Since they will insist on living alone and for themselves, they will die alone. And, as we've said, the MEEK shall inherit the earth.

If we by FAITH go to Calvary and grab ahold of the 'horns of the altar', in this case the altar being the cross, then we are by faith abiding in a place that has already been 'judged' and we do not need to fear the wrath of God upon a wicked world any more than the Israelites who were hiding behind doors painted with the 'blood of a lamb' had to fear being struck dead by the destroying angel.

Now for a background on those forces working behind the 'New World Order' and just what motivates them to revert to a system based on greed, conquest, and violence in order to feed their insatiable appetite for power:

As a result of investigations made by many faithful researchers, it has been discovered that the Jesuit lodge of Rome was not only behind the Dark Age inquisitions of Europe during which hundreds of thousands of Protestants were slain, but the Jesuits were the cult that was responsible for creating the 'Scottish Rite' of Masonry from out of the Jesuit college of Clermont in France. The founder of the Jesuits, Ignatius Loyola, had formerly been arrested in Spain for subversive activities as a gnostic. He and his cult had infiltrated the Roman church, offering their services as a 'militia' which would 'humbly' defend the Vatican from it's enemies, and therefore gained the confidence of the Popes through flattery. Thus was spawned the "Jesuit lodge".

Now the 'Scottish' rite of Masonry had no more to do with Scotland than did the 'Society of Jesus' or 'Jesuits' had anything to do with Christianity or faith in Jesus. The supposedly 'Christian' basis of the Jesuits was and is all an unholy LIE. They are wolves in sheep's clothing or rather dragons in doves clothing, since their cult uses the dove as it's emblem. Very clever, and very deceptive. However the Jesuits' Scottish Rite began infiltrating the Masonic lodges of the world and began to gain dominance over the traditional Judeo-Christian YORK RITE lodge of Masonry. This is why many of the founding fathers who were Masons, like George Washington, left the 'lodge' once they realized that this 'philanthropic fraternity' had been infiltrated by subversive forces.

At the core of the Scottish Rite's 33rd degree is the philosophy of the Jesuits themselves: that is, the philosophy of evolution or that man is an evolved animal without a soul, that all 'family' institutions should be destroyed and all children made wards of a world state, and that all independent sovereignty's or national boundaries should be destroyed to make way for a 'New World Order' wherein everyone would be ABSOLUTELY CONTROLLED... the ultimate dictatorship.

This entire plan was conceived and carried out by the ancient German Trade Guilds who controlled the German-based [Un]Holy Roman Empire, which in turn had grown out of the residue of the earlier Roman Empire, and which had kept Europe in feudal darkness throughout the Middle Ages. Their Luciferian beliefs were rooted in the ancient Egyptian sorcerer cults and later brought to Bavaria, Germany following the 'Holy Roman' occupation of Egypt. They tried to impose a world government in World War I and in World War II, and they are the very powers working behind the scenes to use World War III as a means to destroy any remaining independent sovereignty's -- especially the Constitutional United States of America. They do this through supporting Corporate Socialism [International Banking], Communist Socialism [of which the U.N.O. or the United Nations Organization is an outward manifestation], and National Socialism [Nazism or Fascism] or 'collectivism', which is the direct opposite of the independence movement.

Collectivism teaches the Luciferian doctrine that mankind has NO right to maintain free agency, and that every act, thought and movement should be absolutely controlled by the leaders of the global government. Their Scottish Rite has, according to reports, INFILTRATED EVERY SINGLE MAJOR RELIGIOUS DENOMINATION IN THE WORLD -- NO EXCEPTION! Their goal is to sabotage any true spiritual power in these denominations by diverting attention from the CORE precepts of 'Christianity' -- which are JESUS CHRIST, THE BLOOD OF HIS CROSS, AND THE RESURRECTION.

There are MANY so-called Christian denominations which no longer focus on Jesus Christ, Calvary, and the Resurrection. They have become lifeless empty shells as was the clergical, dogmatic, legalistic, stuffy, idolatrous, liturgical, self-righteous organizational structure used by the Pharisees who crucified Jesus. They have become denominational structures having a form of Godliness but denying the power thereof. They have reverted from CHRIST-ianity to CHURCH-ianity, as unnoticeably and as subtly as the proverbial frog in the boiling pot. So although Political events in this world are visible and tangible, they are nevertheless the physical manifestations of a war that is taking place in the spiritual realm.

Since any invading force out to destroy the American Republic -- a republic that is based on the Judeo-Christian beliefs held by the founding fathers -- would be serving a Luciferian agenda, then they would in turn be backed by Luciferian beings. So then, mere physical warfare will not suffice. We must have the assistance of Jesus Christ and the angelic hosts to fight this joint physical-spiritual army of darkness. If we do not humbly petition for divine aid and pray to the Father in the name of Jesus Christ for that divine aid and protection, then we WILL lose. Simple as that.

Any enemy that invades America will understand the power and influence that the spiritual realm holds. But will WE [of the western world] who often scoffs at the supernatural, understand the spiritual implications of this apocalyptic warfare as well? The German's during World War I and II were HEAVILY motivated by satanic Germanic occult societies such as the THULE society, out of which Nazism emerged. Few have been told the truth about the REAL occult motivation of the Nazi's. All leading Nazi's were involved with sorcery, seances, witchcraft, satanism, and communing with dark spirits in order to gain guidance for their inhumane warfare against the rest of Europe and the world.

During World War III, IF we ignore the spiritual aspects of this war -- essentially a war between the "Cult of the Serpent" and the "Church of the Lamb" as prophesied in Revelation chapter 12 -- then we WILL lose. I cannot stress this enough, and this is why I have been so bold as to include this at the beginning of this document. In order to understand the spiritual implications of World War III [which will be evident to an even greater degree than it was during the last two world wars], carefully study the Vision of George Washington.

So now then, having addressed the spiritual-supernatural aspects of this war [remember, our Chaplains will be JUST AS important for our military defense as is our commanding Generals], let us go on to more tangible-physical aspects of the battle. It is my belief that if America is invaded by a foreign power, the Rocky Mountain area of the United States, east of the Sierra Nevada mountains, would be the most favored place to establish a core defense, as well as those regions west of the Mississippi river. The reason for this, especially in the case of the Rocky mountain range, is that in battle those who hold the 'high ground' are at an advantage. Also the most important commodity during war, even more important than food, is fresh water. In addition to fresh water the Rockies provide many sources of wildlife which could feed an army and enhance the food stuffs already available. In addition to this, the mountains also provide favorable shelter in the form of canyons, caves, mines, and already established underground military bases.

According to 'reliable sources' a NEW WORLD ORDER invasion will probably consist of a MASSIVE Chinese amphibious invasion of the west coast, a Russian invasion via northwestern Canada and landings on the east coast, a German invasion via northeastern Canada, and other United Nations or New World Order forces landing on the east coast.

On both sides of the Rockies we have four 'fronts' where the MASSES of enemy armed forces can be held unless or until the sheer numbers of forces are about to overcome the front-line forces. Preparing defenses at each of these "lines of defense" would be necessary since some 'reliable' sources have stated that a New World Order invasion will probably come in three or four invasion 'waves'. So if one wave is stopped, do NOT be overconfident, since another wave may be coming on its heels. If these lines of resistance are stressed to the breaking points, front-line forces can retreat to the next line of defense which should ALREADY be organized with machine-gun and mortar turrets and other common military defenses.

On the west coast,

1) the coast itself would be the first line of defense, that is, those enemy troop carrier ships that survive torpedo-induced sinking by American submarines which survive the initial enemy nuclear strikes on U.S. submarine bases on the west (and east) coast... once these enemy carriers have been CONFIRMED to be carrying enemy solders

2) followed by the second line of defense being the Nevada Military complex and the Sierra Nevada mountains,

3) the third line of defense would be in the west of the valleys running along the base of the western Rockies -- at Dugway, Hill AFB, the Military facilities up in Idaho as well as down into Arizona [we should try to keep enemy forces from going up over the top of the Rockies or down under the Rockies by heavily defending these passages, holding them west of the Grand Canyon, etc.], and

4) the LAST LINE of defense -- and people must PRAY that the enemy does not make it this far -- would be the CANYONS leading INTO the Rockies.

Note: These military defenses would be ESSENTIAL in order to 'buy time' for the MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of refugees -- men, woman and children -- who will be heading towards the Rockies from the west coast and who will be heading across the Mississippi river towards the Great Plains from the east coast.

On the East coast,

1) the first line of defense would be the coastal region of course [just remember that strategic areas near the coasts would probably be the worst hit with decisive nuclear strikes in order to make way for amphibious invasions],

2) the second line of defense should be the Mississippi River. It will be ESSENTIAL to have at least a few military personnel manning EACH AND EVERY BRIDGE on the MISSISSIPPI river -- there are MANY, MANY bridges crossing this river -- in order to assist in the safe crossing of refugees. HOWEVER IT IS ALSO ESSENTIAL that when the enemy is on the horizon these bridges should all be blown [destroyed] before they fall into enemy hands. Detailed maps should be used to locate each of these bridges [including train crossings] and national guard centers at each of these locations could be used to oversee this action. COMMUNICATION WILL BE VITAL TO COORDINATE THIS ACTIVITY. Backup communication may be necessary in the event of EMP interference, etc.

Not ALL of the bridges should immediately be destroyed. SOME of the key bridges might be preserved for the sake of continuing to move refugees west of the Mississippi. These could be defended by military force yet if there is a danger that enemy forces are about to take these bridges they could before-hand be set with remote-controlled explosive devices, or if this fails they could be bombed from the air. Some of these 'protected' bridges could be: St. Paul, Minnesota; Davenport, Iowa; St. Louis, Missouri; Memphis, Tennessee; and Jackson, Mississippi. ALL OTHER BRIDGES SHOULD BE BLASTED IF THEY ARE IN DANGER OF FALLING INTO ENEMY HANDS, and we will just have to hope AND PRAY that those refugees who are still arriving are able to make it to the bridges that are being defended by military force.

3) The third line of defense would be the Missouri River, especially in the event that enemy forces move up and over the Great Lakes and down through Canada into the central US region. The Missouri river could be used in the same manner as the Mississippi to defend the great plains, and in the same way -- as with the Mississippi River -- military forces should be stationed at EVERY bridge [via communication with local National Guards] and rig them for remote explosion IF they are in danger of falling into enemy hands. Some bridges that could be defended with FORCE on the Missouri would be Great Falls, Montana; Bismark, North Dakota; Mobridge, South Dakota; Sioux City, Iowa; Omaha, Nebraska; and Kansas City, Kansas-Missouri. As stated, the smaller bridges should be kept open until absolutely all hope of holding them is gone, and then blasted by remote explosion or bombed from the air. Part of the third line of defense would be a FORTIFICATION of the main bridges that are being held along the lower Mississippi River.

4) Of course the last line of defense on the east would be the canyons along the eastern base of the Rockies, or a "FIREWALL". Again, we must PRAY that the enemy does NOT make it that far, and some of the prophecies seem to indicate that America does have a good chance of stopping the invasion at the Missouri river, however some prophecies are "conditional" depending on our response to a given situation. We must also remember that in Washington's vision, WE eventually emerge victorious as a result of Divine intervention. However the question is not the outcome, the question is HOW MANY OF US men, women AND CHILDREN will SURVIVE to the end? I believe that THIS will depend on our spiritual and physical decisions and efforts in the future. In other words certain things in the future ARE NOT SET, and the preservation or loss of SEVERAL MILLIONS of lives may very well depend on the spiritual and physical choices we make. Of course the spiritual choices will be the most important. Study the warfare of the Israelites, and why they won wars and why they lost them. May God help us all.

We must also realize that other enemy forces aside from ground forces may very well arrive using passenger jets [see the movie RED DAWN for more possibilities] or other air transports. All civilians should be encouraged to keep armed, to organize local militias, and to keep on the defense for such a possibility. Also nuclear weapons used on both sides may be a very real possibility, especially on the western and eastern coasts according to some visions in order to make way for a Chinese invasion of the west coast and Russian invasion of the east coast, etc., so major metropolitan areas and military-industrial facilities should be avoided as much as possible.

Some further ideas for potential implementation:

-- The Rockies could be defended by establishing 'forts' in a ring surrounding the HEART of 'free America'. These fortifications could be coordinated through the National Guard centers at each site and serve as staging areas FROM WHERE troops could be sent out to the FRONT lines [the firewall is NOT necessarily to be the battlefront line, but a last-line defense and the location for coordination-supply bases FOR front-line troops]. Troop movements could also be directed from these vanguard positions via a Grand Junction command center to other areas of the battlefront that are being stressed. It is hoped that the battle-lines would never reach the Rockies, but if they did, then the defense perimeter would already be in place.

In the event that the "defense parameter" is sealed shut tight, an outer "firewall" might be established WITHOUT considerably detracting from the inner firewall. These firewalls can be continually extended until the final victory envisioned by George Washington in his vision.

As an example for an OUTER firewall IF the inner parameter is brought under the full control of central command and sealed tight, here are 21 sites which may be considered as being a possible EXTENSION to the perimeter defense or an outer firewall -- again by 'CONNECTING THE DOTS' so to speak. These have been chosen based on major and strategic transportation intersections surrounding the Rockies, and are not necessarily SET, in that it might be decided to extend the parameter outward even further -- for example if the westward advance of enemy forces from the east are stopped at the Missouri or Mississippi Rivers, etc. -- or bring certain parameters inward, all depending on current enemy positions and actions. However this plan for a "firewall" would be a logical place to "begin"...

Denver, Pueblo, Trinidad - Colorado

Las Vegas, Albuquerque, Deming - New Mexico

Tucson, Phoenix, Yuma - Arizona

Riverside, Barstow - California

Las Vegas, Caliente - Nevada

Delta, Salt Lake City, Ogden - Utah

Pocatello - Idaho

Butte, Billings - Montana

Casper, Cheyenne - Wyoming

The selection of these sites by myself as stated were based on major road convergence's that would serve as efficient transportation lines for enemy troop movements... this of course does not take into account the possibility of paratroops or the use of lesser traveled roads or trails, which should be considered at all times. Where there are 'natural' obstacles such as large deserts and mountain ranges, there would be less of a military presence, yet at the same time contingency plans for the swift movement of military forces to secure any potential 'gaps' in the perimeter that may occur between the 21 'forts' -- and sub-forts in between them -- of the OUTER firewall. The forts may not so much be to station friendly troops as it would be to coordinate troop movements and communication between all fronts.

The whole CORE of the operation as indicated could be Grand Junction, Colorado since this lies in the middle of a main road or 'vein' leading from Denver Colorado to Salt Lake City Utah. If the western front is threatened, forces from the eastern front could quickly be sent west, and vise versa if the eastern front is threatened. Other east-west passes could include the one between Pocatello Idaho and Cheyenne Wyoming to the north, and the pass between Barstow California and Albuquerque New Mexico to the south. It would be hoped however that the battle-lines are not stressed to the point where it nears the perimeter of the 'ring'. However if this is the case we would have the advantage of being able to "dig in" on the high ground and target enemy troop movements up through major canyons for instance, from our natural fortresses. Troop movements MUST BE STOPPED at the mouths of the canyons, as this is the LAST LINE of defense before the mountain communities are reached. Careful plans should be laid out for potential ambushes -- that is to hide troops among the brush of canyon slopes and wait until the enemy troops enter the canyons to the point where they can be ambushed en masse and 'executed' for their murderous crimes against the people of the USA. Their supplies and weapons then can be distributed among the "Free America" forces. Plans should nevertheless be made within each community for the emergency evacuation from one area to another IF that interior area is being threatened.

As young men who are not actual members of the military are formed together in platoons, such inexperienced young men should be under the leadership of, perhaps, three TRAINED members of the military who could quickly teach these young men the basics of warfare. When necessary, a single platoon might defend a particular canyon or pass, however when the need arises they could be transferred to fronts that are being threatened. Yet we should WATCH OUT for diversions... that is a small enemy attack "here" in order to divert attention from a major enemy attack "there". For this reason ABSOLUTELY NO SECTION of the firewall should be vulnerable at ANY time, as there may be traitors in the midst who would be more than willing to betray our troop movements to the enemy. This is why I suggest that the free flow of communications between the various fronts and central command remain open and operational, and that all those who serve at central command orchestrating troop movements and their contacts within the firewall points, undergo regular voice stress analyzer type lie detector tests -- which are much more reliable than old polygraph tests -- in order to ensure their loyalty. It is ESSENTIAL that the young men are taught by the trained military personnel - or reservists - how to maintain wisdom, discretion, and patience. Going out into the open in patriotic zeal to "die for their country" will do more harm than good. As General George Patton once said, an American soldier should not be willing to die for his country, but to make the "poor Hun bastards" die for theirs! Besides, a father and a husband should not be willing to DIE for his family, but to LIVE for them. When he is dead and gone he can do them no more good. Also, provide clear travel for troop movements from one end of the Rockies to the other in the event that one side of the "wall" is being stressed. Based on many prophecies, it would seem that the western Rockies would be the region most needed to defend, and perhaps the northern and southern Rockies as well.

--- Within this defense ring or "firewall" there exist several underground bases that the New World Order has to some extend been depending on, even though they may have been used for basic military purposes as well. If loyal American forces could fully commandeer these bases and use them for their own defense, this would add considerably to the common defense. By "commandeer", I mean those bases which will NOT submit to absolute and full Congressional oversight and control. "National Security" must NOT be used as an excuse to maintain secrecy FROM Congress. IF CONGRESS or it's equivolant in a besieged America IS NOT IN FULL CONTROL OF SUCH UNDERGROUND BASES, THEN THOSE BASES ARE NOT UNDER THE CONTROL OF THE CONGRESSIONALLY ELECTED GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES AND THUS SHOULD BE CONSIDER ENEMY TERRITORY UNTIL SUBDUED!!! I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH, ESPECIALLY SINCE "NATIONAL SECURITY" and "SECURITY CLEARANCES" HAVE BEEN USED IN THE PAST AS "COVERS" TO HIDE TREASONOUS ACTIVITIES CARRIED OUT BY unelected INDUSTRIAL-MILITARY-EXECUTIVE agencies!!!

--- Special projects should be devoted entirely to mapping out the locations of caverns, mines and established underground facilities that could be used for civil defense, shelters, or other purposes.

-- Major dams should have special security placements within the area in order to prevent the dams from being sabotaged by enemy infiltrators, or in the event of an earthquake IMMEDIATE warning to those who may be in danger should be provided.

-- In order to prevent enemy infiltration of the ranks, especially within the higher military positions, all such individuals should be required to swear absolute devotion to the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence... and undergo regular V.S.A. (Voice Stress Analysis) tests. The Bill of Rights (first 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution) should be memorized by all major guiding authorities, and all swearing-ins by Congressional, Senatorial, and Military leaders should be accompanied by lie-detector evaluations which they should be required to pass to a reasonable degree or percentage.

-- Deep within the 'ring' or firewall, farming and production colonies should be established, and other methods devised for the widespread production of food stuffs in every form. All throughout the war, the highest standard of living possible should be afforded to ALL citizens-soldiers to ensure strength and high morale on the battlefield and within the citizenship, however it should not be forgotten that reality sometimes calls for sacrifice...

-- Caution should especially be taken against biological amd chemical attacks, with a special scientific committee established for just this purpose... to study and counter-act virulogical and chemical attacks.

-- Religious freedom should be maintained and encouraged in order to provide an atmosphere of hope and confidence in a higher Divine power, and a motivation to put forth 100% towards the war-defense effort with the confidence that the heavens are on our side, IF we are fighting to defend a way of life that has been inspired by the Divine, and hold to national declaration that "IN God We Trust!"

-- All existing roads within the firewall 'ring' should be upgraded, and every possible means of transport between the various 'fronts' surrounding the ring should be available in the event that the perimeter is broken in one or more places. This would allow forces from one front to move more readily to another front efficiently. The Core command should operate in effect as an Air Traffic Control center, keeping tabs on all of the friendly and unfriendly troop movements in order to prevent friendly fire or being ambushed by enemy troops, and knowing exactly which routes are available and sufficient to carry out the necessary movements. Uniform identification (wearing similar uniforms) could also be used to prevent friendly fire incidents... THIS IS WHY CONSTANT RADIO COMMUNICATION WITH CENTRAL COMMEND IS ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL. In most wars that America has fought in the past, friendly fire has resulted in the deaths of many citizens and soldiers.

-- Roads within the firewall 'ring' might be numbered or designated from one-to-ten within the central display, "1" constituting a well-traveled highway and "10" constituting 4-wheel drive trails for instance. A full collection of the latest USGS maps should be available at the central command. A large number of such maps are available at many university campus libraries for instance.

-- Anti-aircraft guns and missiles should entirely surround the perimeter and be positioned between the 'front points'; and squadrons of fighter jets should be available in the event that enemy aircraft make it through the parameter. Large telescopic, laser and anti-aircraft batteries and accompanying operators should be established near the tops of strategic mountain ranges near the outskirts of the firewall, with special regards to providing strong portable living structures able to stand severe weather changes; structures and equipment that could be carried to such high-altitude positons via helicopters, etc.

-- Measures should be taken, in connection with SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative), to protect our satellite network so that troop movements, etc. can be observed in real time. Efforts should be taken to establish or maintain a digital cellular phone network throughout the heart [Rocky Mountains and Great Plains?] sector of the free-zone, with concealed transmitters atop major ranges so that all a troop commander needs to do would be to connect to the command center via cellular-enhanced laptop computers and recieve instructions, diagrams, etc. [encrypted, of course], with the understanding that if electrical disturbances upset this type of communication, other back-up systems of communication should be in place. It should be strongly understood that diverting resources and energies AWAY FROM the development of hi000-tech advantages in order to redirect those energies for use on the battle-front would be self-defeating. The continued development of hi-technology should be of paramount importance!

-- Regular raids should be made on small enemy camps. If the enemy does not die in combat or attacs on these positons, then the enemy personnel can be taken and used as servant-labor within guarded factories producing necessary materials for the war effort. All possible weapons and materials used by the enemy should be TAKEN and contributed to the common defense.

-- 'Clean' nuclear devices and fuelair [fuel-air] bombs should be considered to be used against large enemy movements or encampments when the opportunity arises. Non-Lethal weapons might be used in order to secure more manpower, weapons, supplies, and servant labor for the war effort, or just to disarm the enemy by knocking them unconscious and taking whatever weapons and supplies they possess before placing them in internment camps. Prisoner servant labor would be justified in the sense that the enemy would be forced to MAKE-UP for some of the damage they have contributed to by taking part in a non-provoked invasion of North America.

-- During the war period, all available scientists should be engaged in developing further technologies which could be used for the war effort. The already-established underground military bases within the parameter would be most useful in this regard. Once Congress and Senate have full regulatory control of all activities taking place within the underground military systems, care should be made that the new resident personnel are loyal to the American Union and to the ideals upon which this Republic was based by its founders.

-- If an area of the United States is being stressed, measures should be made to remove before-hand all available materials from the cities or military bases so that these materials do NOT fall into the hands of the enemy. IT WILL BE ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL TO COORDINATE THE EVACUATION OF COASTAL AREAS AND RESOURCES TO INLAND AREAS AT THE FIRST HINT OF COASTAL INVASION, especially since many visionaries have "seen" limited nuclear strikes against coastal cities from submaries in order to open the way for amphibeous invasions of enemy forces. These sub-launched nuclear warheads may not be able to be intercepted in time, as would be a launch from another country, which would offer us much more in the way of warning time. IF NUCLEAR STRIKES ARE MADE AGAINST COASTAL AREAS YOU CAN KNOW FOR ABSOLUTE FACT THAT AN ALL-OUT INVASION WILL FOLLOW SHORTLY THEREAFTER. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO 'HELP' THE SUFFERING PEOPLE WITHIN THESE SITE, BUT EVACUATE SUCH AREAS AND ALL POSSIBLE RESOURCES INLAND IMMEDIATELY BEFORE THE AMPHIBIOUS TROOPS ARRIVE, AND THEY WILL ARRIVE IN THE MILLIONS. As for those further inland, local populations should not remain in an area if the enemy front is within 100 miles of their abode [at the VERY least]. ALL materials and refugees -- and there will be millions of refugees -- should be moved in an orderly fashion into safer areas where lakes, reservoirs and rivers exist. If they are west of the Rockies, they should move eastward through the valleys at the western flank of the Rockies that are surrounded by smaller ranges, and move deeper into the Rocky mountains if possible. In the same way, those east of the Mississippi amd Missouri Rivers should move westwards into the Great Plains, which according to many visions will be a "relatively" safe place. One should focus more on the smaller farming communities rather than the bigger cities, which would be much more vulnerable in a time of war.

--- Remember, water is the key to everything. Communities can be established, with the lakes, reservoirs, rivers, etc. being the 'life-blood' of those communities. In this manner several colonies could be established throughout the Rockies in areas that have not been fully developed. SPECIAL CARE should be taken to prepare the refugees for winter weather, including methods to prevent colonies from being 'cut-off' by snowstorms, etc. Also, accessible caves and mines should be considered as temporary shelters for mass refugees, as well as new developments for the construction of large and stable underground [earthquake-proof] communities within these mines. Public, Junior High, and High School gymnasiums and other city-state-federal facilities should be considered to house refugees as well. Underground shelters and "fallout shelters" built beneath valley floors with 1-3 feet of soil on top, providing insulation, would seem to be most favorable if an earthquake or other disaster should occur which destroys homes yet leaves such shelters in-tact. These shelters could be specially fortified, and if they did collapse, only the topsoil on the roofs would fall, minimizing injury. In other words we are referring to large "trenches" which might be ecavated by bull-dozer and "roofed" with stable platform material that you could cover with 1-3 feet of soil. Also efforts should be made to develop portable prefab domed 'cabins'. Special insulation materials should be considered. For instance, using the concepts of insulation resident within thermal drink containers (those which are intended to keep coffee 'hot' for instance), these and other super-insulated domes could be experimented with in order to keep citizens and soldiers safe from the cold. Also uniforms, materials, living 'tents' or domes should be specially designed to offer not only insulation but also camouflage to 'blend in' with the surrounding terrain in the event that enemy units are in the area. As we see in the movie 'Braveheart', we must USE OUR 'WITS'. Such a battle can only be won by combining SPIRITUAL strength [and faith in God and in the destiny of America], mental or INTELLECTUAL strength and wisdom, and physical strength and stamina. All three of these levels of our nature should be developed in harmony with each other.

-- Untapped oil and gas reserves should be opened for the war and civilian effort, however experimentation on alternative forms of energy production should also be continued even in war time. New developments in technology will be NECESSARY in order to deal with the growing problems that will arise with providing for the war effort as well as the large number of refugees who will no doubt be coming east to the valleys of the western Rockies a west to the Great Plains of the mid-West if an invasion occurs. Remember, "Necessity is the mother of invention."

-- The center of all military operational organization in Grand Junction, Colorado AND IN surrunding communities (perhaps the main headquarters could be within nuke-proof deep mines in the area) could also serve as a center where the chairmen of the various Congressional committees remaining in "New America" meet to discuss options for America's future at a 'Round Table' -- that is IF the war is stressed to the Rockies from the western invasion. If the enemy is stopped at the Mississippi river for instance, then the center can be moved closer to Denver, probably within one of the canyon areas near the Eastern base. The actual meeting site should be near but not IN Grand Junction, but a secured area nearby such as a deep mine shaft. Aside for being a center for the Congressional operations of government, this could also be a center for Scientific and Military branches of government. This place might be chosen for it is indeed a "grand junction" of several travel routes through the Rockies.

-- Establish a radio broadcasting station and translator towers [Radio Free America?] for the purpose of encouraging those patriots fighting outside in the occupied zones and inform the listeners of various eemy troop movements and strategies, and also to offer ways in which our society can better itself, along with news and other information which is first cleared so as not to threaten national security if intercepted by the enemy.

-- Establish fortified machine gun turrets at the mouths of strategic canyons where major roads exist or lead into the high ground.

-- Near the canyon mouth of each canyon river, place nets to catch any fish that might otherwise drift down into an occupied zone below. Why let the enemy eat OUR food?

-- Coordinate with the military/militia so that any and all possible supplies might be brought up the canyons, until the last possible moment.

-- Be CAREFUL of possible infiltrators and enemy sympathizers in our midst who might sabotage our defense parameters or security. If one is suspected of treason, they should be confined and undergo a fair hearing. Voice stress lie-detector tests should be used to evaluate their intentions.

-- All train tracks within the free zone should be used for the mass transportation of troops, refugees, supplies, etc., and at the first sign of invasion ALL trains themselves should be moved into safe areas, lest we risk them falling into enemy hands.

-- The establishment of a new Congressional headquarters, possibly in a deep mine facility near Grand Junction, should be well away from the Eastern and Western fronts. Also other representatives of other allied countries who are on our side can meet safely with members of Congress when necessary.

-- At every possible opportunity encourage militias to take the supplies and weapons of defeated enemy units. When it is not expedient to take prisoners, do not kill them but "skin" them. Or rather, strip them down to their underwear and send them on their way disarmed.

-- Use Native Americans positioned near military emplacements at the various "firewall" points to coordinate troop movements through radio contact with the main coordination center near Grand Junction, or wherever it is to be. This will provide security in the event that radio communications are monitored by the enemy. The native Americans can speak their own unique languages and the enemy will not be able to crack the code, as the Navahos have been used for this very purpose for wars of the past. Every month or so this duty can be turned over to a different tribe. We will need 21 native American radio operators to cover the main firewall vanguards at each point, and others to man the communications terminals at HQ. If a particular "point" is moved outward or inward at any given time with the movement of the battle-line and of the defending and offending forces, these Native Americans should move with it and maintain distance from the battlefront, yet close enough to gain intelligence on what is taking place. The firewall would be a place to START from, not necessarily the ultimate SET positions. Dialects which are relatively rare should be used for security purposes, unless larger tribes like the Navaho have relatively rare forms of communication such as might be used in a fraternal society settings.

-- Any oil/gas wells within Free America should be used/opened/activated for the military forces to use first... and then second for the citizens.

-- Prisoners can be given a life sentence of hard labor, and early release for good behavior AFTER the war has concluded, IF they undergo and pass a process of reorientation from false belief systems and also pass the various voice-stress-analysis lie detector tests that would be needed to determine their loyalty. Prisoners should retain ten percent of all that they produce in the work camps, which should be an incentive for them to work more efficiently. If they do not produce food, then they starve. Simple as that... as there will be plenty of other Americans stressed for food because of the invasion.

-- Use balance and be attentive. If you shoot too soon, you can kill one of our own citizens or soldiers [friendly fire]. If you shoot too late, you may lose your life.

-- The National Guard and ROTC units of various high schools and colleges and also servicemen in nearby military installations can defend the large cities within the paramiter from gang-mob forces. HORSES should be used and acquired as much as possible, since gas may be limited and in short supply.

-- The Rockies and Colorado plateau must be held at ALL COSTS in the event of an invasion. Reasons: The mountains afford natural shelter; Fresh water is essential! They can be used as bases to defend the wheat fields of the Great Plains, and also because of this great efforts should be made to halt the western invasion (from the east coast) at the Mississippi river -- which is ESSENTIAL even if all but a few of the bridges have to be destroyed in the process. The remaining bridges - presumably away from large cities - should be heavily fortified; The canyons of the western Rockies can serve as natural fortresses to prevent west coast enemy advances eastward as a last resort; Mountains provide wildlife, fishing, many fresh water lakes for refugee colonies, mines, caves, etc.; There are several underground military facilities within the firewall, and although some may have had New World Order / United Nations connections, these MUST be brought under the control of the remaining Constitutional Congress. Find these bases and root out ANY NON-LOYAL elements.. THIS IS ESSENTIAL!; The Grand Junction AREA should be a refuge for ELECTED Senatorial and Congressional personnel -- FORGET the EXECUTIVE branch save for the President and Vice President, since the UNELECTED/APPOINTED Executive branch of government are the ones who sold us out to the U.N./N.W.O. in the first place; In warfare those who possess the "high ground" have the advantage.

-- Establish telescopic lookouts within the ridges all up and down the western front of the Rockies, as well as the western shore of the Missouri river, in order to report the movements of large gang 'armies' or, in the event of invasion, foreign armies.

-- Volunteer teams of 2-3 snipers might comb the upper hills of the Rockies or other mountainous areas near the battle front to provoke a firefight with a few well-places shots from long-range telescopic rifles. These teams can be used to create DIVERSIONS and provoke the enemy to use up their ammunition [the 'rope-o-dope' strategy]. They should be cautious and shoot from a safe distance and position, and have an escape route prepared in advance.

-- Protect ALL hydroelectric dams within the FREE AMERICA zone, in order to maintain electrical power.

-- Set up the firewall as quickly as possible at the first sign of invasion, which would probably be select nuclear strikes against coastal cities and military sites.

-- Maintaining communication between all fronts within the firewall will be essential, especially if EMP weapons are used to disable our electronic net. Telephone lines might be useful in this regard, or other more secure communication methods.

-- When establishing the parameter points of the firewall, we should be careful since non-loyal and non-elected enemy agents have infiltrated the executive-military-industrial complex. Military personnel may recieve conflicting orders from these traitors and also from loyal Congressional representatives of the TRUE 'elected' government. Having taken an oath to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution from all enemies foreign AND domestic, use your best judgment in this. For instance if you are instructed to do house-to-house search and seizures of weapons, food, etc., this is an UNCONSTITUTIONAL act supposedly 'justified' by dubious 'executive orders' which violate the U.S. Constitution. All such executive orders should be null and void, and were implemented as a result of a fascist coup d'etat which took place within the Executive branch of government with the death of John F. Kennedy. This fascist coup, as carried out by the CIA which was jointly created by Allen Dulles [who served the Rockefeller international banking agenda] and Nazi S.S. Commander Reinhard Gehlen [whose Nazi party was FINANCED by the Rockefeller's who wanted to use Adolph Hitler to help impose the foundation of a 'New World Order' in Europe]. All of the documentation concerning this is too much to go into at this point, just take my word for it. Also most of the U.S. "Presidents" who came after Kennedy were servants of the International Banking Elite [Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Bildebergers, etc.] and any loyalty they have for American independence is compromised by their loyalty to International Banking interests who desire to destroy national boundaries and replace them with a global corporate technocracy in that THEY have absolute control. Do not underestimate the dictatorial power OF PEOPLE WHO CAN NEVER BE SATISFIED, WHO CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH WEALTH, POWER, AND CONTROL. The International Bankers helped to establish the U.N.O. or United Nations Organization under the false pretense of preserving world peace, at which they have failed miserably. Actually it was intended to be the framework of a global GOVERNMENT. The International Bankers have intentionally made loans to third world countries, knowing that their greedy leaders of those countries would squander the money and not be able to repay the loans. These "Banksters", whose center of power is in Bavaria Germany [the Rockefellers are German immigrants] pressured these countries into giving up land and mineral rights, economic resources, and even certain political powers in order to 'pay back' the loans. So through economic manipulation, they have taken over several countries at the subtle levels for use in their United Nations / New World Order conspiracy. The CIA in turn has aided the New World Order by assassinating the leaders of some of these countries who would not capitulate, replacing them with CIA-backed military juntas. And much of this has been FINANCED by American tax dollars. The very core of the enemy alliance, according to the findings of numerous researchers, the LUCIFERIAN banking cults of Bavaria Germany, which are run by families who claim direct descent from the early leaders of the [Un]Holy Roman Empire of Germany. They backed Vladimir Lenin in his "Communist Socialist" Revolution in Russia, and Adolph Hitler in his "National Socialist" revolution in Germany. The LEFT and RIGHT wings are therefore the "left" and "right" wings of the SAME BEAST. Two sides of the same coin and part of a Machievellian-Hegalian scenario [create two opposing political forces to wipe away the old inter-national structures, and then merge them into a single political force -- the New World Order]. These European "Nobility" families who run much of the international banking and trade, believe that being descended from the early Holy Roman ruling elite, they have the RIGHT to rule the world. Note: Germany has more economic reserves than ANY other nation in the world including America and Great Britain. It's reserves amount to over 80 billion dollars which is remarkable considering the heavy price America and her allies paid in blood and resources in two world wars. Largely because of Germany, near the turn of the century 8 European countries had adopted the same currency. We read in the book of Revelation that thirteen European countries will be involed, however three of them will separate themselves from the "United States of Europe", leaving ten remaining. Since as of this writing eight European countries share the same currency, two more countries adopting this currency echange will make ten, or as the book of Revelation chapter 13 says, the "ten horns of the Beast". Germany has 35 percent of the economic reserves of the E.C. or New World Order countries of Europe, and the reunified East-West Germany has led the way for European re-unification, and is in fact the mastermind behind the whole global Socialist/U.N.O/U.N. revolution, regardless of the involvement of Russia and China, being that Global Socialism began in Bavaria when the Banking Nobility smuggled Vladimir Lenin into Russia via train to stir up revolution, following which the German Rockefeller family installed their trained Russian-speaking agents into the Russian government as the first 'Politburo'. Why do you think Lenin violated his own 'Communist' philosophy by saying that he didn't believe that the common worker could handle being in control of the government, so instead he would choose a select group of individuals who were exclusively 'trained' in carrying out the Communist Revolution. However it was the international Mega-banking ELITE who they were really working for, the very 'evil' that Communism supposedly hated. This is a strange irony. Do not mistake Capitalism with Democracy, in many cases UNRESTRAINED Capitalism is the WORST threat to Democracy that one can imagine. Corporate imperialists who are more interested in a controlled Monopoly-based World Government than in a free Democracy-based American Republic, have 'bought' their way into the Executive branch of government and the military and have subverted this nation's National Security at every turn. Also, according to many of the visions that people have had concerning the impending invasion of America, GERMANY will be right alongside Russia and China assisting them in the invasion of America.